The Masked Singer 3 Recap – Group B Playoffs Live Blog (VIDEOS)

THE MASKED SINGER: The Mouse in the “Mask-Matics: Group B Playoffs” episode of THE MASKED SINGER airing Wednesday, Feb. 26 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. © 2020 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Greg Gayne / FOX.
CR: Greg Gayne / FOX.

The FIVE contestants performing tonight in The Masked Singer Group B part 2, include Banana, Kitty, Taco, Mouse and Frog. Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke sit on the panel, while Nick Cannon serves as host.

A total of 18 celebrities are set to compete in The Masked Singer season 3, with the competition proceeding in rounds. Six celebrities will compete for three weeks in 3 sets that will eventually leave 9 celebrities to compete for the win.

Tonight’s guest judge is…Gabriel Iglesias. He was on All That with Nick on Nickelodeon 20 years ago. 


Clues: Banana is re-branding. He’s the snack. And will be “rocking out” as his authentic self.

Performance: Achy Brachy Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus. This week, banana is real twangy. And a very silly banana. He reminds me a little of David Lee Roth. Favorite subject in school “Art. It has gotten me through some of the toughest times in my life. And I’ve had a few.” Ken thinks it might be Larry the Cable Guy. Jenny says his body is too lean. True! Nicole is sticking with Ed Helms. Gabriel believes he’s a singer. Billy Bob Thornton. That’s a good guess. 

Prediction: I don’t understand the clues, but there are fans who think Banana is Poison frontman and Rock of Love star Brett Michaels


Clues: The stage is like her second home. She likes needle point and romance novels. “There ain’t no stopping me now.” she says.

Performance: This Will Be by Natalie Cole – LOL. This is Dionne Warwick. I mean. C’mon C’MON C’MON. The clues could all be lies to throw off viewers. And I’d still say DIONNE. THAT VOICE. The end. No mas. Robin gushes over her voice (he totally knows who it is). Mouse’s favorite subject in school was math. Hm. Jenny guesses Tracee Ellis Ross. Nope. Ken guesses Tina Turner “Good guess,” says Robin. No. That’s a terrible guess. Nicole guesses Dionne Warwick. And Robin agrees. He’s smiling HE KNOWS. 

Prediction: Mouse is UNMASKED tonight! See the results below.


Clues: $19.00. He’s always shooting to be the prince of his game. He almost croaked. “Not every frog wants to be a prince.” There is a shot of a basketball, and toy soldiers. The old fashioned typewriter keys highlight “CSI”

Performance: In Da Club by 50 Cent – Froggie is a rapper for sure. There’s no doubt that his a performer. Frog is Nicole’s favorite. Favorite subject in school: Gym, because it keeps him in shape. Jennifer guesses Alfonso Ribeiro. Hm. Alfonso can’t rap like that. Ken guesses Ken Hart. No way. Robin guesses Omarion. 

Prediction: Frog is rapper and actor Lil Bow Wow – The “CSI” refers to his starring role on CSI: Cyber. The basketball refers to his starring role in the basketball movie Like Mike. The price tag + Fame in the package refers to his movie Price of Fame


Clues: “You may think of me as a buttoned mild type. But I used to be a bit of a hot head.” A woman made him a softer taco. Taco dips a dancer. Heh.

Performance: Bossa Nova Baby by Elvis Presley – This week, Taco sounds just like Tom Bergeron, which is who Taco is, for sure. The panel is stumped. Favorite subject in school: He was the class clown. Jennifer guesses Seth McFarland. That’s a good guess. Gabrielle guesses Ted Danson. Ken and Nicole think maybe Alec Baldwin.

Prediction: Taco is definitely Dancing with the Stars host Tom Bergeron. In this weeks clue package, Taco talks about his previous life as a hot head. As a young man, Tom had a terrible temper. He used to put his fist through walls, etc. Starting a practice of Transcendental Meditation changed his life. The Whoopie cushion in the package refers to his Hollywood Squares partner, Whoopi Goldberg.  In the package, Taco tangos with a woman, then dips her in front of a ball full of constellations. Certainly a reference to his years hosting DWTS.   That black wig…hm. He’s a huge fan of the Three Stooges? It’s like a Moe wig? Note: Yes, I know an eff ton about Tom Bergeron. 


Clues: Kitty loves to sew. “When I needle a little time alone, whether a pillow for someone special or a modern dress for a family member’s ball.  One of the guards dons a red riding cape, like the fairy tale. 

Performance: Mercy by Brett Young – The judges are freaking out over Kitty’s voice. Her voice is very pretty, but it has no edge. Kitty’s favorite subject in school was English. She used to write science fiction books. Jenny asks Millie Bobby Brown. Gabrielle thinks Amanda Seyfried. Ken thinks its Sarah Hyland

Prediction: HM. I don’t know! Sarah Hyland. She’s in Modern Family and dated a Bachelor. Ken could be correct! Other guesses I’m seeing include Lucy Hale, Ariel Winter and Emma Watson

RESULTSMouse is eliminated! Aw. It might be for the best. No mystery left. Final guesses Robin: It’s an honor and a pleasure to meet…Dionne Warwick! Nicole: Dionne Warwick Jenny: Dionne Warwick Ken: Tina Turner. Ken’s bad guesses continue! Gabriel: Dionne Warwick.  AND OF COURSE THE MOUSE IS DIONNE WARWICK DUH.

  • The prayer hands in her package are a clue to Dionne’s hit single “Say a Little Prayer For You.” 
  • Mouse’s mention of “Anything Less than Gold” is a nod to Dionne hosting the TV series Solid Gold
  • Dionne is a Raiders fan and the football clues referenced Al Davis making her an honorary coach. 
  • The Brazil nuts in Mouse’s package are a clue to Dionne’s years living in Brazil.  

Two legendary divas–first Chaka Khan and now Dionne Warwick–have been voted off The Masked Singer ahead of less worthy singers. I wonder if studio audience members recognize them so quickly, they aren’t interested in them anymore? In season 1, Gladys Knight made it all the way to the finals, though. The divas are less interesting as contestants BECAUSE they are so easy to spot. I had Mouse identified half way through her first performance! It was the fastest I ever ID’d a singer–even faster than Chris Daughtry last season.


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