The Masked Singer 3 Recap – Group B Kickoff Live Blog (VIDEOS)

THE MASKED SINGER: The Elephant in the “A Brand New Six Pack: Group B Kickoff!” episode of THE MASKED SINGER airing Wednesday, Feb 19 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. © 2020 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Greg Gayne / FOX.

The contestants performing tonight in the Group B Kickoff, include Banana, Elephant, Kitty, Taco, Mouse and Frog. Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke sit on the panel, while Nick Cannon serves as host.

A total of 18 celebrities are set to compete in season 3, with the competition proceeding in rounds. Six celebrities will compete for three weeks in 3 sets that will eventually leave 9 celebrities to compete for the win. 


Clues: 1996 Olympic games. Hm. $106.

Performance: U Can’t Touch This by Mc Hammer – I think Frog may be an athlete. He’s rapping so probably not a singer. HE DANCES THO. He’s pretty hilarious, actually. “Man that was terribit. Frogetabout it,” says Robin. STOP THAT. “I feel free baby, I came here to win it all,” says Frog. Jenny guesses Olypic athlete Michael Johnson. Nicole thinks From may be a musician she knows…but she doesn’t know. Maybe Ray J, she says.

Prediction: The Internets are saying Frog is Bow Wow. The 106 refers to the BET show 106 and Park. IDK.



Performance: Friday I’m In Love by The Cure – Interesting song choice. He sounds like an indie singer. He probably isn’t, though. “I don’t do dance choreography at all, but this costume gave me the confidence,” Elephant says. Jenny guesses Lance Armstrong. Nicole guesses Tommy Lee. Ken guesses Beto O’Rourke, because of the political clues. That would actually be awesome, but I don’t think so. Also, the judges are talking about Armstrong as if he’s not totally disgraced. I don’t think FOX would cast him. 


Clues: She feels comfortable among the weird and the wonderful. 

Performance: Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande – OK she’s definitely a singer. She actually sounds familiar. “I am being somebody that nobody has ever seen before, but always been inside of me,” Kitty says. Nicole guesses Julianne Hough. Hm. Nope. She also guesses Paris Hilton. No way. Ken guesses Nicole Richie. These are all bad guesses. Apparently, Kitty is very small. 

Predictions: Hm… I’m stumped. Fans are guessing Emma Watson, From the video package: The rose refers to Beauty and the Beast.  She’s cast in Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Harry Potter hints. But, I don’t know! Other guesses include Sarah Hyland, Mila Kunis, Elizabeth Gillies and Vanessa Hudgens.


Clues: “I’ve been a comfortable part of your lives for decades.” 

Performance: Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra – Taco can carry a tune, but I have a feeling he’s a legendary actor or comic. His voice sounds familiar. He’s an older guy, for sure. Nicole is convinced he’s legendary. “This is how I dress normally. For the first time, I feel invincible,” says Taco Nicole guesses Regis Philbin. No. Regis is too old. Ken guesses Martin Short, because he reminds him of Skeleton from last year (Paul Shaffer). Robin guesses Bob Saget (ETA: SO CLOSE! Heh). 

Prediction: TOM BERGERON! That’s who Taco is. Proof from the video package: Shot of a pile of VH1 tapes relates to Tom’s long stint as host of America’s Funniest Home Videos (Bob Saget was the original host). A boat anchor represents New England where Tom was raised and started his career in broadcasting. AND a Rubiks cube–Tom hosted Hollywood Squares! The toy trolly hints at Tom recording a song for the recent Mr. Rogers tribute album. CASE CLOSED. 


Clues: “I’m small and cute…I’ve always been a leader in my field.” 

Performance: Get Here by Oleta Adams – She sounds like Dionne Warwick. No joke! But the clues point to someone younger? “I think we are in the presence of greatness,” says Nicole. She thinks it’s Darlene Love. Robin guesses Dionne Warwick. IT SOUNDS JUST LIKE HER. Ken thinks she’s  a comedian performing  an impression, specifically SNL alum Maya Rudolph. An actor in costume imitating great singers is a fun costume, but I don’t think that’s happening here. 

Prediction: Unless it’s someone IMITATING Dionne Warwick, Mouse is Dionne Warwick. That voice is unmistakable. The clues from the video package are a little odd but: The gold pom poms in the video package point to the TV music show Solid Gold, which Dionne hosted back in the 80’s. Mouse saying “I love having a walk on role to play” could refer to Dionne’s iconic hit “Walk on By.” The football players are “The Warriors” and 1979 on their shirts is the year she moved to Arista records.


Clues: “I’m a hoot to have a parties.” 

Performance: A Little Less Conversation by Elvis Presley – Banana can carry a tune, but his singing is very limited. He works the stage as if he knows what he’s doing. His kid handed him a banana. He considered it a sign. Jenny guesses Bill Engvall because of the references to “blue collar” in the package. Nicole guesses Ed Helms. Robin guesses Darius Rucker. Oh hell no. Darius’ vocal register is much lower than Banana’s. And he can sing. 

Prediction: Some fans believe Banana is rock musician is Bret Michaels. Clues from the video package: The cowboy hat on the blanket looks exactly like Bret’s ubiquitous hat. He says “I’m late for the stage” refers to his performing career. “Oh, I can’t believe I overdid last night” points to the rock n roll lifestyle. Fans are also guessing comedian/actor Bill Engvall.

Nick says the group got a bunch of blowback after sending home Chaka Khan last week. Uh. Obviously assuming that would happen. Again. Taped ahead of time! The show isn’t done taping, but the schedule is not that tight. 

Results: The first singer of Group B with the least amount of votes is…The Elephant. Final guesses: Jenny: Lance Armstrong. Ken: Beto O’Rourke. Nicole: Steve Aoki. Robin: Travis Pastrana (Motocross)  And the Elephant is Skateboarder Tony Hawk! He says he had one more song in him, but didn’t want to go any further. lol wut?

  • He skated to the White House during a Father’s Day event during the Obama administration.
  • “Canvassing Park Benches” in the video package nods to Tony’s childhood skating in San Diego Parks.
  • The Cure song represented a deep connection between him and his wife. They chose a Cure song for their wedding song.


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