The Masked Singer 2 Recap: Semifinal Results Live Blog (VIDEOS)

Tonight’s The Masked Singer is a holiday themed semi-final. Five masks perform. The Top 5 are: Thingamajig, Fox, Rottweiler, Leopard and Flamingo.

Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke sit on the panel, while Nick Cannon hosts and is an executive producer. 

Masked Singer Predictions and Clues: Who Are The Final 6?

TWO singers will be eliminated by the end of the episode. THREE celebrities will remain. Next Wednesday’s (Dec 18) episode is The Masked Singer FINALE, where the last celebrity standing will be crowned the Golden Mask!  NOTE: Next week, a clip show airs at 8 pm. The finale kicks off at 9 pm. 


Clues: The joy of performing behind a mask is a joy Fox has not had in over 20 years. Who is Richard? The word “Richard” is written in red on a piece of paper. General consensus: Fox is Wayne Brady

Performance: This Christmas by Donny Hathaway – Whee! Yay Fox bringing some Donny Hathaway realness.  Ken Jeong wearing an ugly Christmas sweater is an expected thing. Jenny has been a fan from the beginning. “I’m definitely going to see you in the finals,” Jenny says. He’s talked about being a superhero in his clips. She’s beginning to think he’s one. “You sleighed like Rudolph!” she says.  Each singer brings a “gift” to the judges. Fox’s gift is  a photo of Rabbit (Joey Fatone). Oh. Joey and Fox are friends. “My buddy Rabbit came by the Foxhole and he said I’d have just as much as he did. And boy was he right.” Ha. Fox does some Bye Bye Bye moves. Ken guesses Jamie Foxx AGAIN. He insists that Jamie’s real name is Richard Bland. Robin doesn’t get Jamie Foxx he guesses CORRECTLY Wayne Brady. Nicole guesses Tyrese.


Clues: He’s always home with his family this time of year. It’s hard being away from them. Uhm.  This was taped months ago! Oooh. Look. A Christmas tag: To: Cadence. (That’s the name of Chris Daughtry’s first band!) Rottie and the guards are having a fun Christmas celebration. One holds a comic book. (Chris loves comics! He’s drawn several covers for Marvel and DC.) A guard holds up a passport. General consensus: Rottweiler is Chris Daughtry

Performance: Mr. Brightside by The Killers – This is a very different arrangement of the song. It’s more of a ballad than the original. Rottweiler sounds awesome as ever. While the song starts off slow, it explodes in the chorus into a full throated rock anthem. SO GOOD. Jenny loves his passion, “You just brought the house down,” She believes his voice deserves to be in the finals. Aw. It’s a handmade card. It’s a depiction of Rottie and his new friends. He wrote a sweet note!!! Considering that Chris is an artist, it makes sense he’d draw a card. Jenny says James Franco or the lead singer of Journey. Nicole and Robin are stuck on Darren Criss. CHRIS DAUGHTRY DOES NOT EVEN REMOTELY SOUND LIKE DARREN CRISS Chris is a better singer.


Clues: Thingy has had a hard year! (Victor suffered from an injury that’s kept him sidelined)  His parents “came here with nothing” (Victor’s family are African immigrants) A guard wears a black knee brace (Victor injured his knee and needed intense rehab) General consensus: Thingamajig is NBA player Victor Oladipo

Performance: Winter Wonderland by Bing Crosby – This is very pleasant. Thingy isn’t a great singer. But definitely better than most basketball players! He gives the song a bit of island flavor! Robin is a big fan! “You brought your A game.” Thingy’s gift is: A hat and a riding crop from Raiders of the Lost Ark. He’s a massive movie buff. The clue takes some digging, he says. KEN GUESSES IT!!!!! He actually says something smart “Indiana Jones…I think this is somebody who played for the Indiana Pacers…the best singer in NBA players is Victor Oladipo!” Ken notes Victor’s knee injury. Robin guesses Montell Jordan. Nicole guesses Dennis Rodman. He asks if Nicole would ACTUALLY DATE Rodman. SILENCE. “I’m actually happy him being Thingamajig,” Nick cracks,  “Nicole is into furry things.”


Clues: She loved singing in her church choir. (Adrienne sang in her NYC church choir. In fact, that’s how Ricky Martin discovered her). But she was afraid to take it farther. The guards hold a cup of pens, some pancakes and a CHEETAH COVERED SUITCASE (Adrienne was a member of the Cheetah Girls). General consensus: Flamingo is Adrienne Bailon.

Performance: Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen – Flamingo isn’t her typical sassy self tonight. It’s a nice rendition. But I’ve heard better! Still, at this point, everyone left is a good singer. The judges give her a standing ovation. It gave Robin a chill “You are flamingo-ing to the finale,” he says. Flamingo’s “gift” is a globe with an “Israel” sign pinned to the country’s location. “I was baptized in Israel,” Flamingo says. Adrienne’s husband is Israel Houghton! Nicole squeals. She is absolutely certain Flamingo is Adrienne Bailon. Jenny notes the Cheetah print and Israel Houghton. She agrees with Nicole. Ken things everybody is ALL wrong. He pulls Jessica Simpson, pretty much out of a butt. “She loves maps and globes!: he says. Oh well. He got one right tonight. And it was a tough one!

Robin thinks Thingamajig and Rottweiler are going home NOOOOO. 


Clues: He came to Masked Singer initially because he wanted his “cubs” to think he was “cool.” (Seal has four young kids with Heidi Klum). His “long and storied career” began with a “nativity play” at 11 years old. There is a shot of a cancelled CD. (Seal recorded a CD Together Land, in 2001, that was never released). Leopard holds a Snowboard. Snowboarding. He loves being a father. General consensus: Leopard is Seal

Performance: Big Spender by Shirley Bassey – What an odd song choice. He performs a rock version of the song. Doesn’t change pronouns. I think Seal was a drag queen in another life. “This cat came to fight” says Jenny. Leopard’s “gift”: A blueprint of a dream home. (Seal studied architecture for two years).  It’s for him and Nick. They recently “married” (after their “engagement” a couple of weeks ago). Jenny is sticking with Eric Benet as a guess. Ken again: I KNOW EXACTLY WHO THIS IS. He thinks it’s Jeff Goldblum. An interesting guess! But no. Leopard says “If you were any colder, you’d be in Alaska.” Nicole is sticking with Seal. Robin agrees.

RESULTS: The first of two singers who must take it off is THINGAMAJIG! Final guesses: Jenny guesses Paul George. Nicole guesses NBA player Markelle Fultz Robin guesses Montell Jordan. Nick throws Ken’s “You know exactly who this is” line to him. Which makes me think Nick has it figured out too. Ken guesses Victor Oladipo. The other judges make fun of Ken’s “very wrong answer.” JUST WAIT! AND YES THINGAMAJIG IS VICTOR OLADIPO Ken is a huge fan! Victor says it’s been a rough year, but he’s loved putting smiles on people’s faces. And yes…he’d love to go on a date with Nicole! 


  • The shoes in Thingamajig’s packages are a nod to Victor’s sneaker collection worth around 2 million dollars.
  • The feathers in Thingamajig’s package are a nod to Victor’s nickname “Mr. Feathery.”

And the second singer who must take it off is LEOPARD!!! The judges are shocked. I’m not. That last performance was not his personal best. And he’s been in the bottom before. Aw. Leopard is crying. Such a great character. Seal played it to the hilt, and it was great. He gets it. Last guesses: Robin guesses Seal He recognizes his “very magical tone.” Nicole also thinks it’s Seal. She knows he has an architecture degree. Jenny guesses Eric Benet. Ken guesses Jeff Goldblum. AND YES LEOPARD IS SEAL! He says it was a lot of fun and he’s kind of sad it’s over. His kids are big fans of the show. He did it for them. He tells Nick he was a really good sport. What a fun character. Leopard would have been fun in the finale. 


  • The blueprint that Leopard gifted Nick is a clue for Seal’s associate degree in Architecture.
  • The baseball bat in Leopard’s package hints to Seal’s No 1 hit “Kiss from a Rose” from the Batman Forever soundtrack.
  • The photos of four white grandmas in Leopard’s package are a nod to Seal’s four grammy wins. (That is obscure as hell!) 

Fox, Rottweiler, and Flamingo HEAD TO THE FINALS! A certain doggie has officially made it farther on The Masked Singer than he did on that OTHER singing show. Heh. 


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