Masked Singer Predictions and Clues: Who Are The Final 6?

Heads up! The Masked Singer will air TWICE this week on Dec 10 and Dec 11. On Tuesday’s show, the remaining six contestants share the same stage for the first time this season! One will leave the competition by the end of the hour. On Wednesday, it’s a special HOLIDAY semi-final. Five masks perform TWO leave the competition. On Dec 18, after a clip show at 8 pm, the Top 3 perform and a winner is crowned!

The Masked Singer Season 2 Schedule

As far as the remaining six masks are concerned, at this point, I think we have figured out who they are. So, let’s take a deep dive into the clues, featured on stage and in video packages  for the remaining contestants. The judges, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger have figured out the identities of several remaining contestants as well! 

The Masked Singer Adrienne Bailon Houghton Flamenco

Flamingo is Adrienne Bailon Houghton – Thirty six year old Adrienne is a singer, actress and talk show host She is a former member of girl groups 3lW and the Disney’s Cheetah Girls. She is also one of four co-hosts for the daytime talker The Real. She’s married to Christian artist Israel Houghton

Jenny guessed the Flaming’s identity after her second appearance! 


  • Spanish music is featured in her first package, along with a pink cross (she’s very religious).
  • She also refers to Youtube. In 2012, she and Jim Cantiello hosted the X Factor USA digital webcast that aired on live show nights. 
  • In her second video package, she yells “Cheetah Cheetah!” referring to her former girl group. 
  • “I went from hood rat to Hollywood triple threat,” she says in a package. Adrienne grew up humbly in the Lower East Side of New York City.
  • “I was discovered by a powerful wizard,” she says  Latin star Ricky Martin helped start her career after he noticed her singing with a church choir at Madison Square Garden.
  • In a clip, a security guard fans himself with a Spanish fan. There’s a Mariachi band playing in one clip. There are tons of Hispanic/Spanish references because her father is Ecuadorian and mother Puerto Rican. 
  • A photo of the Eiffel Tower in France featured in one clip, refers to her Paris wedding to Houghton. The third Cheetah Girls movie “One World features the girls making a Bollywood movie, hence the photo of the Taj Mahal in the same clip. 
  • Adrienne wanted to be a doctor and even did some medical training before she got into show business. On stage she told the judges: “When I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor. I even attended a medical training school.”
  • Flamingo’s “revealing item” was an NAACP award, which Adrienne won twice for The Real.

CLICK for Flamingo’s performances and Clues!

The Masked Singer Wayne Brady Fox

Fox is Wayne Brady – Wayne is an actor singer and comedian. He was a regular on the game show Whose Line is it Anyway? He hosted his own talk show The Wayne Brady Show. He also hosted Don’t Forget the Lyrics and Let’s Make a Deal. Recently, he starred in the Broadway musical Kinky Boots as the drag queen Lola. Wayne has done a ton of movies and TV shows, in addition to voice over work. 

The judges constantly guessing “Jamie Foxx” is pretty funny. They have yet to guess the Fox’s true identity. One thing to know about the Masked Singer, clues are NEVER right on the nose!

  • Wayne is a true triple threat, and so is Fox! He has starred on Broadway, in films and on TV. He can dance AND sing at the same time!
  • In his video packages, Fox reads to a young fox, Wayne has one child, a daughter. 
  • There are drawings of Fox in many guises including wearing a wig. Wayne starred as Lola in Kinky Boots. “I dabbled in many different genres, from Doogie to Doubtfire,” Fox says in a clip. Wayne appeared in How I Met Your Mother, starring Neil Patrick Harris from Doogie Howser MD. Robin Williams, star of Mrs. Doubtfire, appeared on Whose Line is it Anyway
  • Numerous nods to “superheros” refers to Wayne appearing in TV shows Batman Beyond and Superboy
  • Fox shares that he didn’t always fit in, that “the other Fox cubs weren’t so nice, and that did a strange thing to my bark.” As a child, Wayne stuttered, and was bullied in school. Fox says “pretending to be other foxes” fixed his “bark.” Stutterers don’t stutter when they sing–melody engages a different part of the brain than speaking. 
  • In a drawing, Fox is depicted holding up an Emmy. Wayne has won several TV awards for Whose Line is it Anyway, The Wayne Brady Show. and Let’s Make a Deal.
  • A song list has “Everybody Say Yeah” from Kinky Boots on it.

CLICK for Fox’s performances and Clues!

The Masked Singer Seal Leopard

Leopard is Seal – The singer and musician was born in Britain, and was married for many years to AGT judge and model, Heidi Klum. His best known song is “Kiss from a Rose, released in 1994. He served as coach on The Voice Australia for several seasons. Seal has a Fox connection–he played Pontius Pilate in the FOX Easter special The Passion.

After the Leopard’s last appearance, Nicole guessed he was Seal. 

  • In a video package, Leopard refers to himself as a “heavy hitter” referring to the many songs he has charted all over the world.
  • The tabloid headlines referred to in Leopard’s video packages refer to him being a constant subject of gossip, particularly during his high profile marriage to Heidi. His wife’s affair with her bodyguard reportedly broke them up. While Leopard is narrating, there are two security guards pillow fighting on a double bed. 
  • One clip has a shot of a baby being placed on the sidewalk in front of a door with the address “1963.”  Seal was born in 1963. Leopard talks about not being wanted. Indeed, Seal’s London boyhood was rough, bouncing around from mother, to foster parents, to relatives, until he left home for good as a teen. “After being passed from pack to pack,” he says, “I found I could use my talent as my escape.”
  • That British accent is exaggerated, but not fake!
  • In a video package, Leopard stands in a room with a desk in front and four chairs. Seal and Heidi have four children. “As the Leopard, I want to be a hero in their eyes,” he says.
  • “Star strikes a pose” says one headline in the package. Seal has worked as a model. He holds a guitar-a clue to his musicianship.
  • The packages refer a couple of times to “the president” and performing at the White House. Seal sang “My Girl” for the Obamas at a Motown celebration in 2011. Heck yeah, that’s him.
  • Leopard says “Whether I’m in New York, or Gay Paree…” Seal cut a live album in the city of love called “Live in Paris.” 

CLICK for Leopard’s performances and Clues!

The Masked Singer Chris Daughtry Rottweiler

Rottweiler is Chris Daughtry – Chris competed on American Idol season 5 in 2006, finishing in 4th place. Afterward, he signed a record deal, formed the band Daughtry, and had a ton of hits. 

Uh. Robin thinks Rottweiler is Darren Criss. LOL NO. Chris’ secret remains safe!

  • THAT VOICE. Fans of singing shows know that raspy rock voice.
  • In his video package, a cluster of blue roses sits on a cabinet. Chris’ has blue roses tattooed on his body.
  • “Being a hungry competitor is how I rose to fame. It happened almost overnight,” Rottweiler says in a clip. American Idol contestants in the aughts became instantly, and wildly famous overnight. 
  • A vinyl record sits on a turntable, the word “Live” printed on the label. The rock band Live is one of Chris’ favorites. He used one of their cover arrangements on Idol. In addition, leader Ed Kowalczyk dueted with Chris on the final.  
  • “….show the doubters it’s not over,” Rottweiler says in a video package. Daughtry’s first and biggest hit is titled “It’s Not Over.” 
  • “I’ve been judged from the moment I entered the game,” says Rottweiler in a clip, referring to being judged on American Idol.
  • There are several references to Carolina and North Carolina. Chris is from North Carolina and still lives in the state with his family.
  • In a clip, there are shots of Rottweiler drawing and painting. At one point he offers a portrait to guest judge Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Chris is a talented artist who has inked covers for both Marvel and DC comics. Batman is his favorite superhero.
  • “You could say it all started thanks to musical theater and makeup,” he says. In high school, Chris performed in stage musicals. 
  • Rottweiler didn’t take the conventional route to stardom, he says as he is depicted selling a vacuum cleaner. When Chris auditioned for Idol, he worked for a car dealership.
  • In one clip, Rottweiler approaches a crime scene–a chalk outline of a dead guy. Chris guest starred in an episode of CSI:NY.
  • There is a shot of Chris in boxing gloves that literally say “Boxing Day.” Chris was born on the British holiday Boxing Day–December 26. He’s got a birthday coming up!
  • In one shot, the security guard holds up a bracelet that says “Platinum.” Daughtry has had several Platinum records. 
  • “Everything is Zen,” says Rottweiler in a clip. Chris practices martial arts.
  • “September” is circled on a calendar. “September” is the name of a Daughtry hit. Also, there is a line of Grammys. Daughtry has been nominated. 

CLICK for Rottweiler’s performances and Clues!

The Masked Singer Victor Oladipo Thingamajig

Thingamajig is Victor Oladipo – He’s a basketball player who currently plays for the Indiana Pacers. He also played for the Orlando Magic and Oklahoma City Thunder. He played college ball at Indiana. 

The judges KNOW Thingamajig is a basketball player, but the their guesses are too famous. They need to move to the NBA B and C list. 

  • Thingamajig is FREAKING TALL. Most of the judge guesses have been basketball related, and for good reason!
  • He played for the Orlando Magic, hence the references to magic.
  • “I’m here because I love to sing, though you may think that’s not my thing,” Victor DOES sing, as a side interest. He even recorded music on the “Feathery Music” label, which accounts for several feather references in the clips.
  • Athletic shoes are featured prominently in one clip. Also there are tons of fashion references in his video packages.. Just do a google search on Getty images. That man’s fashion sense is FINE! He headlined the Express NBA clothing line. In this piece, he talks about being a musician and fashion icon.
  • His post performance hint “My darkest moment was when I went to rehab” could be misleading. It’s NOT rehab from drugs and alcohol. Victor is coming back from a painful injury and surgery. In fact, Victor’s career has been plagued with injuries. 
  • “I suffered a setback recently,” is referring to his injury, which kept him out of the game for months. 
  • Thingamajig’s “revealing item” was an American Sign Language Dictionary. “This book taught me to communicate with others,” he said. Victor’s sister Kendra became deaf in second grade.
  • In one clip, “To: My Love From: Maryland” is written on a pink envelope. Victor grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland. 

CLICK for Thingamajig’s performances and Clues!

The Masked Singer Anna Gasteyer Tree

Tree is Ana Gasteyer – Ana was a Saturday Night Live cast member from 1996-2002. She starred in ABC’s short lived sitcom Suburgatory. She’s been a guest star on many TV shows, including Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Mindy Project, The Goldbergs, Frasier and more. She’s appeared on stage in Wicked and Threepenny Opera.

After weeks of guesses like Amy Sedaris and Zooey Deschanel, Jenny guesses that Tree is Ana..

  • In her video package, Tree uses Christmas as a metaphor. She laments being known for only one thing. Most people know Ana from SNL and don’t realize she dropped a jazz album, and starred in musicals. 
  • “30” is the address of a storage facility–a reference to 30 Rockefeller Center where SNL is broadcast. 
  • A shot of a retro TV refers to Ana’s long career in television.
  • There are references to cooking and sugar. One of Ana’s popular characters on SNL was Margaret Jo, co-host of the NPR show, Delicious Dish. Who could forget Schweddy Balls
  • She refers to herself as “an old school entertainer who can do it all.” followed by, “That’s why I’m here, to jazz up my career.” Ana released an album of jazz standards titled I’m hip.
  • A shot of the White House is featured in one clip. Ana attended high school in DC while her family lived there. Her father was a lobbyist and her mother an artist. At one point Tree refers to them, “My daddy’s a tinsel, and my mom is pom pom, mix them together it’s a holiday rom com.” Also, the White House could refer to her Hillary Clinton impression on SNL!
  • In a video package, Tree steps on a Playbill, a reference to her stage roles in Wicked, and more. A shot of Tree’s sparkly shoes as she lifts off, and in a later package, a purple witches hat on a counter refers to her playing Elphaba in Wicked
  • References to “Smelly Cat” and the TV show Friends, refer to Ana’s impression of Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe in Friends.
  • A shot of a stick of dynamite refers to the Netflix show Ana starred in called Lady Dynamite.
  • Cans of soup stacked up on a kitchen counter: Ana guest starred in the “Soup Nazi” episode of Seinfeld

CLICK for Tree’s performances and Clues!


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