The Idols Love to Blog…David Archuleta, Ramiele Malubay, Brooke White and Syesha Mercado

…So much it’s kinda hard to keep up! I’m a few days behind, so let’s catch up!

The latest (Today!) from David Archuleta-Ha ha! He’s cuter than a basketful of puppies!

Greetings from INDIANAPOLIS

Hey all! We’re here at the Indianapolis venue and I just finished signing stuff for everyone who’s outside before the show. They were really laid back and organized so it was really nice to sign stuff for them and not hectic haha. Actually the last few cities we’ve gone to have been like that, so thanks guys for keeping things nice and smooth for us to get to everyone outside! Well at least before the show because I never get to everyone after the show, it’s always CRAZY after the show haha. Anyway yesterday we had a big marquis/net jet meet and greet signing yesterday in Columbus Ohio. I’ve never signed so many pictures in my life haha. We all shortened our names to like 3 letters at certain points because they were just coming so fast.

More from David Archuleta’s blog, plus some bits and pieces from Brooke White, Ramiele Malubay, and Syesha Mercado…After the JUMP…

When we got to Indianapolis Brooke, Carly, Kristy, Jason and I had dinner. I got a salad which was really good haha. Then Carly, Kristy, Jason, Michael Johns, Chikezie, some other people from tour and I went to see The Dark Knight. So that Batman movie was pretty much AMAZING. I can’t believe how good it was and so well done. It’s a movie I would go see again, which is weird for me because I rarely see movies again, but that’s one heck of a movie. I can’t get over how good it was. Oh and there was a big thunderstorm too, so Kristy and Jason ran through the rain back while the rest of us went through the mall here that is like connected to the hotel. But it was a blast. So I’ll try to get another video blog up sometime, but I’m not too fond of them since it took me forever to figure out how to do it last time haha. They also don’t load up until like a day late so it’s not really up to date when it comes out. But I still like doing them haha. Anyway I’ll let you guys know what else is up again. Hasta luego.

Speaking of Archie: Seriously, Brooke White loves her fellow Idol David Archuleta, so all you fantards bombarding her My Space with messages freaking out about the fact that he’s NOT in her Top friends, well, Chill Out Peeps! Brooke just has problems with the My Space. In fact, she tried to post Part 2 of her Big Behind the Scenes of Idol Blog, and the internet ate two whole copies! She started to write a new one but then…she got sooo sleepy… Brooke, about that white lettering on the light blue background? It sucks to read.

Poor Ramiele Malubay. Remember when she announced that she’d get backstage passes to her friends who brought signs? And remember when I said that fans of other fans would pretend to be fans to get those passes? Well, I called it. From Ramiele’s blog dated 7/20, titled “I might have been misunderstood”

I may have been misunderstood about my giving fans after-show meet and greet passes. If I feel that you are a genuine and sincere Ramiele fan I have no problem giving out a pass to you. However making a sign for me but wearing a David Cook or David Archuleta shirt, just to get to the after party doesnt come across as being a sincere fan. I feel like I am being used. There are those true fans who deserve to meet everyone after. Please dont use me it really is not a good feeling and I dont appreciate being used. Thank you again and for my fans who dedicate their time and effort to make signs and wait for autographs I LOVE YOU and I can deffinitely feel you arent just using me.

Also, there appears to be a rash of fake Ramiele sites. Mean people suck!

Syesha Mercado is just a BLOGGING MACHINE! Syesha loves sharing her “insights” with her fans! And just so you know, SHE is the one-and-only inventor of the “Oh Lo”! And lastly, please don’t misunderstand her, she loves the gifts from her fans!

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