The Duggars Megyn Kelly Interview and More on The Scandal (VIDEO)


I’ve been avoiding covering the Duggar family controversy. Frankly, I find the entire clan really gross, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out the fascination with this problematic family.

As most of you are aware by now, one of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s children, Josh, had molested 4 of his sisters and a babysitter when he was a teen. The police report was leaked to InTouch magazine, and in the aftermath, TLC pulled the family’s very popular reality show, 19 Kids and Counting, off of the air. Hulu has stopped streaming the show, and a slew of advertisers have run for the hills.

A couple of items that haven’t been widely reported to the press: When Oprah Winfrey invited the family to Chicago to guest on her talk show in 2006, she received an anonymous letter detailing the allegations. Oprah forwarded the letter to police, and that’s when the Duggars finally brought Josh to the authorities. (The police officer who interviewed Josh is, ironically, in jail on child pornography charges!) Oprah cancelled the appearance.

Correction: As someone pointed out in comments, the Duggars brought Josh in to the police for a talk in 2003, 3 years before the Oprah incident. The Duggars claimed they didn’t know the officer they spoke with. The cop, who, as I mentioned, is in jail on child pornography charges, claims that he knew Jim-Bob from his job and specifically sought him out to speak with Josh. In Touch has a comprehensive list of contradictions from the Megyn Kelly interview. When Oprah contacted the authorities in 2006, a formal investigation was launched.

The thing is…these allegations did NOT stay secret! There were posts on the now defunct Television Without Pity back in 2006 (and other blogs) detailing the allegations. It makes you wonder what TLC knew and when. The network STILL hasn’t cancelled 19 Kids and Counting, due to its status as a veritable cash cow.

This Tumbler post has some really interesting links, to the TWOP comments and more. The Duggars follow a radical brand of conservative Christianity called Quiverfull. The sect forbids birth control and adheres to patriarchal principles, that breaks down thusly: Man answers to God, while women answer to men–whether it be a father, husband, or older male family member.  Females NEVER have their own agency. Children, particularly girls, are taught to be cheerfully obedient.  Marriages happen after courtships, in which no physical sexual contact is allowed, period. Women DO NOT work outside of the home.  The Duggars also homeschool their children according to principles laid out by Bill Gothard. One of the tenants taught in this extreme sect, is that God allows sexual abuse to happen when a girl behaves or dresses immodestly. Gothard, by the way, resigned from his ministry after sexual abuse allegations surfaced.  The Duggars are also proponents of corporal punishment for kids.

In the Duggar’s world, women exist to clean, cook, and spit out babies.  They are taught to always acquiesce to male authority figures. It’s an atmosphere that’s ripe for the creation of male abusers. Consider that Josh was 14-15 at the time of the incidents,  and that the four sisters he abused ranged in age from 5-12. Any normal family would have at least arranged for professional counselling. But instead, the Duggars sent Josh away for a few months–to a friend to do construction work. As far as it’s been reported, Josh nor the girls have ever received counseling from licensed professionals.

Last night, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar sat down for an interview with FOX news’ Megyn Kelly, who threw a ton of softballs at the couple. Jim Bob in particular continually minimized Josh’s behavior “The touching was over clothes, the girls weren’t aware of it,” he said at one point and when there WAS touching under clothes “it was only for 5 seconds!” Also, the parents keep referring to the incidents as “mistakes” as if Josh had wrecked the family car or something. The girls were barely acknowledged as victims, except to blame In Touch and other media outlets for victimizing the girls worse than the original abuse.

ETA: And the couple’s insistence that the police report was “leaked” is bullcrap. In Touch obtained the documents via a Freedom of Information request. Josh was an ADULT when the report was filed.

I heard a ton of shifting blame, and no taking of responsibility.  Josh made “mistakes.” The girls and God “forgave” him, and that’s that, according to the Duggars. Despicable.

Here are clips from the Megyn Kelly interview, in case you’re in the mood for a trainwreck this morning:

The Duggars explain themselves (badly)

On forging ahead with the reality show, and preaching moral values

Michelle has equated trans people with pedophelia. Josh has railed against the LGBT community as part of the Family Research Council. Megyn allows the Duggars to respond to charges of hypocrisy.

The Duggars think their beliefs made them a target

On protecting Josh at the expense of their daughters

The YOUNGEST WAS 5. The Duggars respond

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