The Biggest Loser 17 Week 5 Live Blog Results

A new episode of The Biggest Loser: Temptation Nation airs tonight on NBC. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

The episode begins with a new challenge. Both teams will have to hold a huge net while opponents on the other team will throw 10-pound medicine balls into the net. The first team to drop their net will lose the challenge. The winning team will get to decide which players from each team will go home for the week. These two players will represent their entire team at the weigh-in. The challenge begins, and it’s pretty even. However, soon Team Dolvett is holding onto 400 lbs while Felicia is struggling to run back and forth throwing balls into Team Jen’s net. Team Dolvett eventually drops the net, and Team Jen wins the challenge! Team Dolvett is expecting Team Jen to send Felicia home for the week since she’s viewed as the weakest member on the team. But what did Team Jen decide? Jen announces that Luis will be going home, but surprises Team Dolvett as she says they will be sending Roberto home with Luis. Now it’s going to be a showdown between the twin brothers at the upcoming weigh-in.

Next we see Luis and Roberto taking a helicopter ride back home. They walk into the house and are greeted by their family members and loved ones. It’s a very emotional moment as they break down crying, and both wives are proud of their husbands’ progress. Their kids are happy to see theirs dads back too. Luis and Roberto announce that they also have lost 64 lbs and 72 lbs respectively. Afterwards, they see the spread of food that has been prepared for the homecoming party, including posole (a Mexican soup). We next see a montage of Luis and Roberto praising their mother’s posole throughout the weeks as they say it’s their favorite dish. However, they resist the temptation and are determined to eat only healthy food.

Back at the ranch, everyone else is still working hard at the gym. Dolvett is determined to not let someone on his team go home this week. Meanwhile, Jen is impressed by Lauren’s strength, but she doesn’t believe she’s making emotional progress. Her mother Vicki was eliminated last week, and Lauren is missing that support system. Jen has a heart-to-heart conversation with Lauren, and she tells her she needs to have better self-esteem and love the life she has.

Meanwhile, Luis and Roberto are exercising with their students at the high school gym. The students are happy to see them taking part in the exercise since they never participated before. While they are leading a workout, Bob arrives and the two brothers are curious why he’s there. The students are dismissed as Bob leads Luis and Roberto in his own workout. Roberto says Dolvett is tough, but Bob’s workout is the hardest he has done yet. Luis says in a confessional that he wants to win since Team Jen cannot afford to lose another teammate. Bob’s workout ends with both brothers having to do a handstand against a wall. Bob tells them they both did really well and are ideal athletes. He says their students are lucky to have them.

Later, Roberto plays outside with his son as they run around with a football, which is something Roberto wasn’t able to do before. We see a flashback of Roberto tearfully talking about how he was too heavy to play outside with his son, but eight weeks later he is finally able to play with him. However, he knows he still has a lot more weight to lose too.

As Luis and Roberto are working hard on their last day in Chicago, we see Team Jen and Team Dolvett working just as hard back at the ranch. Both brothers have been giving it their all, but their teammates have not gotten complacent either. Everyone is determined to give it everything they have.

It’s time for the weigh-in. Luis and Roberto’s progress this past week will determine which team will be safe and which team will lose another teammate. However, before Luis and Roberto are weighed-in, everyone else will step on the scale. There’s also a red line, so the person with the lowest percentage of weight loss on the losing team will automatically be eliminated. All the team members step on the scale.

Rob’s current weight is 259. He lost 3 lbs.

Felicia’s current weight is 187. She lost 4 lbs.

Erin’s current weight is 196. She lost 3 lbs.

Stephen’s current weight is 145. He lost 8 lbs.

Colby’s current weight is 265. He lost 6 lbs.

Jacky’s current weight is 244. She lost 7 lbs.

Lauren’s current weight is 187. She lost 7 lbs.

Erin and Rob have the lowest percentage of weight loss and are in jeopardy of going home tonight. Luis and Roberto’s progress for the week will determine their fate in the game. The twin brothers step on the scale. Roberto’s current weight is 265. He lost 11 lbs. Luis’s current weight is 233. He lost 11 lbs. However, since Luis lost more in percentage, Team Jen wins the weigh-in! Rob has been eliminated from The Biggest Loser.

The next morning, Bob greets the teams outside the gym and reveals to them that there are no more teams. They will all be competing individually from now on. After Bob gives them all new T-shirts, he tells them that the gym is closed for the week. They will be learning how to lose weight in the real world. The kitchen has also been cleaned out too. However, they will still have access to Jen and Dolvett. Bob then reveals they will all get into a car and make a decision. The first decision is to drive 20 miles from the ranch to work out with Jen or go wine tasting at a safari winery. Everyone decides to exercise with Jen except for Jacky and Colby. Jen is surprised that not everyone showed up to exercise. It’s Colby’s birthday, so he wanted to enjoy an easy day with some wine. While exercising, Erin succeeds in maxing out a treadmill at Jen’s suggestion. She’s proud of herself for it, but breaks down in tears afterwards. She opens up to Jen and tells her she is worried about failing when she returns to the real world. Jen tells her she will fail if she lets her previous actions define her. She tells Erin to remember how good she feels about herself now and to keep looking forward.

Back at the winery, Colby does not regret his choice since he says “you only live once.” Jacky agrees and says she believes there should be a balance between fitness and indulgence. They drink wine and even eat food that includes bacon. Colby says he is determined to work hard the next day, but he doesn’t think one day off will hurt.

It’s time for the challenge. They will have to race through an obstacle course and collect sand bags with a letter on it. The first person to spell out the word will win the challenge. Erin takes an early lead, but struggles at the balance beam. Luis takes the lead as he realizes he can go across the balance more easily when he runs across instead of walking. He collects the eight sand bags first, but Felicia is right behind him. They need to spell out the word “immunity,” and Felicia spells it first by a fraction of a second. Felicia wins the challenge! Luis is visibly frustrated. He makes a remark about the weakest person winning immunity, which bothers Erin. She views this as sexist, and she tells Luis not to talk like that about women.

Later in the evening, the contestants enjoy a night out. The men go have beers at a bar and the women have drinks at a different bar. The women discuss strategy by trying to get Jacky to convince Stephen to vote with the women. They will then be in the majority and can vote out the other men. However, the men are having the exact same conversation with Stephen. Jacky and Stephen are the swing votes who will decide which alliance they will side with. After talking strategy and drinking a lot, the women decide to go get piercings at Felica’s suggestion. Erin was not excited about this idea, but remarks that it’s a memory and doesn’t seem to regret the decision.

The next day the contestants have another decision to make: go parasailing or work out with a trainer. Luis, Roberto, Stephen, Colby, and Erin work out with Dolvett; Lauren, Felicia, and Jacky decide to go parasailing instead. Jacky once again chose not to work out with a trainer, but she gets in a workout at a Planet Fitness alone earlier in the morning. While Dolvett is leading a tough workout, Jacky and Felicia say they don’t regret their decision. Felicia has immunity, so she’s not worried. Jacky believes this week has taught her how to balance real life with fitness. Lauren, however, has a little regret and worries about falling below the yellow line at the upcoming weigh-in.

It’s time for the weigh-in. Dolvett says this week has been fun and games, but believes this will give the contestants a reality check. Jen says our decisions define us and Bob tells the contestants their results this week is all on them.

Felicia won immunity, so she is the first to step on the scale. Her current weight is 185. She lost 2 lbs. Afterwards, everyone else steps on the scale.

Colby’s current weight is 258. He lost 7 lbs. Roberto’s current weight is 259. He lost 6 lbs.

Luis’s current weight is 232. He lost one pound. He is very disappointed, especially since he worked very hard and did not go wine tasting or parasailing. He’s worried about having a target on his back after his outburst at the challenge.

Jacky’s current weight is 238. She lost 6 lbs. Despite not working with a trainer, she is safe for the week. Stephen’s current weight is 238. He lost 7 lbs.

Lauren’s current weight is 184. She lost 3 lbs. Luis has fallen below the yellow line. Erin is the last to be weighed, so it will be either her or Lauren joining Luis below the yellow line. Erin’s current weight is 188. She lost 8 lbs. She is the biggest loser of the week. Lauren and Luis have fallen below the yellow line, and one of them will be eliminated. It’s time for the vote.

Roberto votes to eliminate Lauren.

Erin votes to eliminate Luis.

Colby votes to eliminate Lauren.

Felicia votes to eliminate Luis.

Stephen votes to eliminate Luis.

Luis has been eliminated from The Biggest Loser. Stephen explains Luis is a strong competitor, and he says he voted out a threat that could win the competition. Luis is very disappointed to have been eliminated, especially since he’ll be leaving his brother behind.

It’s time for the update. Rob currently weights 226 and has lost 100 lbs. He says he feels like a 30-year-old again and wants everyone to know that it’s possible to lose weight. Luis’s current weight is 203. He has lost 105 lbs. He admits he was a hypocrite before as a health and P.E. teacher, but now he’s living what he’s preaching. He says he’s now ready to do whatever he sets his mind to.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Biggest Loser. Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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