La’Porsha Renae – American Idol 2016 – Season 15 Contestant

La'Porsha Renae American Idol 2016 Pictured: Contestant La'Porsha Renae auditions in front of the judges at AMERICAN IDOL. © 2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Michael Becker / FOX.

La’Porsha Renae American Idol 2016 Season 15 Contestant

La’Porsha Renae is a 22-year-old singer from McComb, Mississippi, who is also a call representative. Describing her love of music, La’Porsha says, “when I’m singing I feel like I’m not even in this world,” and she also mentions on her Twitter that she is “very intertwined with my natural culture and heritage.” Additionally, according to her Facebook, La’Porsha lists Sia, Ed Sheeran, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson as the artists she enjoys listening to.La’Porsha is the mother of 7-month-old Nayeli. When Nayeli was even younger, La’Porsha suffered horrible physical abuse so bad she decided to take her child and move into a shelter for both of their safety. Since then, La’Porsha says, “my voice and prayer to God is what got me through it.” Without her music, La’Porsha says she probably would not have survived the abuse.

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Over this past summer La’Porsha auditioned for the farewell season of American Idol. At her celebrity audition, she performed Creep, by Radiohead, to which Harry Connick Jr. commented, “anybody who wants to come and sing runs, she will completely shut them down.” Earning her golden ticket, The Idol Pad reports that La’Porsha survived Hollywood Week and advanced to the Showcase Round, where she performed House Of The Rising Sun, by The Animals. Receiving a standing ovation from all three judges (the first one ever given by Harry), La’Porsha was then admitted into the top 24.


Overall Thoughts: With the judges picking the top 10 this year, I think it is pretty obvious that La’Porsha is going to be in there. I think a lot of people are underestimating just how much the judges love her; Harry Connick Jr. even gave her his first standing ovation since he started being a judge! Moving forward from there, I have seen a lot of contestants like her on these shows (Sisaundra Lewis, Lillie McCloud, Joshua Ledet) and even though they arguably have the strongest voices in the competition, they almost never win or even make the top 3. I’ve been thinking a lot about La’Porsha’s upcoming run in the live shows and here are a few smaller notes I have for her that might help her break this trend. First off (and most importantly) keep it current! I have been watching these shows for 5 years now and I can’t tell you how many times I have heard overdone diva song after the next. My next note is to not become predictable, which means that unless a producer is literally holding your hands tied behind your back don’t go for Adele’s Hello! Try something that will be different and memorable, like you did with Creep! Lastly, don’t start every song you sing at 100%. Don’t show all your cards at the beginning, think about building a songs momentum and then exploding at the end. Other than that, like I said she should be golden until the top 10 and afterwards just should give extra thought to her song choices.

Speaking of locks, in my mind so far on the girl’s side I think the locks for the top 10 are Emily Brooke, Tristan McIntosh and also now La’Porsha Renae. The reason I think this, is because each of the aforementioned singers fit an archetype of past Idol trends in finalists. With Emily, you have the returnee singer who was robbed in a past season (Colton Dixon, Caleb Johnson, Sarina Joi Crowe), Tristan is the story contestant (Nick Fradiani, Sam Woolf, Kree Harrison) and lastly La’Porsha is the big voiced diva (Candice Glover, Amber Holcomb, Jessica Sanchez). While this is in no way meant to take away from these girls’s talents, based on Idol trends I would guess that these three are the current locks. However, with the judges (aka the producers) pushing hard that they want a bookend for Kelly (aka a last girl winner) I think it is entirely possible that we could end up with a top 10 that is 6 girls and 4 guys.

Song Suggestions:

  1. Big White Room, by Jessie J
  2. One And Only, by Adele
  3. Latch, by Disclosure, ft Sam Smith

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