The Bachelorette: Laine Hardy’s ‘Memorize You’ Song of the Season

THE BACHELORETTE - LAINE HARDY sings "Memorize You" for Katie and Blake

On Monday night, the summer 2021 cycle of The Bachelorette ended with Katie Thurston accepting a proposal from suitor Blake Moynes (Read the Recap). A huge part of the couple’s love story involved American Idol 2019 winner Laine Hardy’s single “Memorize You,” which eventually became the couple’s song.

Currently “Memorize You” sits at No. 17 on the iTunes chart after the show featured the song for a third time on the finale. Congrats to Disney on a successful bit of cross promotion. American Idol and The Bachelorette air on ABC, while Laine is signed to Disney’s Hollywood Records as well as Idol’s recording arm, 19 Recordings.


The couple met when Blake crashed the party a few weeks into the season. He had appeared on Tayshia’s season last summer. She rejected him, but thought that he might be a good match for Katie. When Katie met him, sparks flew and all that jazz and she invited him to stay.

The show set the couple up on a one on one immediately. Blake and Katie’s attraction grew stronger as the date progressed, culminating in a mini-concert featuring Laine singing “Memorize You” as the couple swayed to the romantic song.

A few weeks later, Katie became inconsolable after sending a suitor home after a one-on-one date. Crying in her room, she heard a song begin playing outside her balcony window.

Taking to the balcony, Katie found Blake outside, cheesily holding up a boombox playing what’s become “their song” on the show, “Memorize You.” The gesture was a little cringey. I mean, it was pretty cool when John Cusack did it in the 1989 classic movie, Say Anything. But it’s the cheesy cringe that makes the Bachelor nation franchise what it is amiright?

A ton of drama ensues over the course of the season. Blake makes it all the way to the end. It looked like Katie might pick Greg Grippo to propose. But then he leaves the competition after a bizarre meltdown. Pretty quickly Katie settles on Blake. He proposes. She says yes. And then in front of a studio audience, the couple appear together for the first time.

After cooing and awing through a gushy interview, Blake has one last surprise for Katie. “Memorize You” begins playing as a bunch of guys in the audience hold up boom boxes. Rose petals fall from the season. Katie and Blake kiss and that’s the end.

And that’s how Laine Hardy’s song “Memorize You” became The Bachelorette couple’s “song.”

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