The Bachelorette Recap: Fan Favorite Suitor Is a Gaslighting Manipulator!

The Bachelorette Katie Thurston Greg Grippo

What the heck happened on The Bachelorette this week?

Greg Grippo: Gaslighting weirdo

Greg Grippo started as a sweet, sensitive, emotional suitor and then turned into a total sociopath. THIS SHOW IS SO WEIRD. I mean, producers scripted this stuff, right? Doesn’t Greg have acting aspirations or something? Maybe he decided to leave the show on a scenery chewing high (or low) note. I thought Michael suddenly leaving the competition last week right before hometowns, after an upsetting Facetime session with his kid, sounded kind of fishy. Ditto for this week.

Greg, Justin Glaze and Blake Moynes were Katie Thurston’s final three suitors. set to bring their families to the New Mexico resort for Hometown Visits. Normally, the Bachelorette travelled to each of her remaining suitors’ hometowns to visit the families. But because COVID has kept everyone locked on the ranch, each visit kicked off with a one-on-one date that featured aspects of each of the suitor’s hometowns. And some of that stuff turned out to be pretty lame!

Blake punts on telling Katie he loves her

Blake’s date was first. He’s from Canada, so they played “Truth or Dare” darts at the bar. And they drank maple syrup, at which point Blake hinted he uses the sticky stuff for sex play. TMI! He also declared Katie’s butt his favorite while he squeezed it. Meanwhile, Greg watched the two frolic from a balcony, claiming he caught them “by accident.” SURE JAN. So far it’s been low key, but Greg has spent the entire season jealous of the other guys, He brooded while Katie went on dates with other men. But tonight, his jealousy exploded into full-on psycho possessiveness. If the drama is real, Greg is actually the kind of guy a gal needs to STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM.

Blake’s family seemed reasonable. Mom wanted to know where they “were at” as a couple. Katie spent the night explaining to everyone why she’s not saying “I love you” until she picks her guy. She feels it would be unfair to use the phrase while she’s dating several people. Mom senses her son is smitten. She approves of Katie, which is why she strongly advised Blake to say “I love you” ASAP. Blake’s sister calls him out for his infatuation with every Bachelorette he’s dated so far: Clare Crawley, Tayshia Adams and now Katie. Blake assures her that Katie is different. But as he and Katie said goodbye he whispered “I feel so good about you.” BAWK BAWK BAWK!

No family visits Justin, plus Katie is just not that into him

Justin’s visit is next. On the phone with his parents, they clearly want nothing to do with this mess. Neither will be travelling to New Mexico for “reasons.” While at the same time, mom is all “how can you be ready to propose to a woman in such a short amount of time?” Ya think? Both his mom and and dad promise to support him from afar. Instead, his two best bro-dudes make the trip. Katie is clearly disappointed when she finds out, and wonders if he’s ready to propose. But really, Justin is canon fodder. Talking to his friends, Katie says twice that Justin is a good kisser. Other than that, she’s got nothin. Even Justin’s Baltimore themed one-on-one is sad. A horse drawn carriage ride past a fake wall tagged with graffiti? OK then.

Katie and Greg’s Hometown dated started off so well…

Next, Greg’s one-on-one recreates the Jersey beach town where Greg grew up. They play in the “ocean” which is a child’s giant blue bounce toy. They eat Italian Ices. And then the fake rain begins, mimicking their Seattle-themed one-on-one date,  because “it rains sometimes in New Jersey.” It’s actually just an excuse for them to make out in the rain again. 

So far so good. Next, Katie meets Greg’s mother, brother and best friend. One common bond between Katie and Greg is that they both lost their dads. Greg seems especially broken up about that. Greg watches a video message from his sisters and nieces and nephews. It turns him into a crying mess. Greg confesses to his family that Katie is the one, and that he wants to propose to her. Mom is worried that his “heart is going to get hurt.” Katie responded matter-of-factly, “Everybody gets hurt except for one man, and that’s one burden I have to carry.” But, she promises her that Greg is “a front runner” and will definitely get a rose for Fantasy Suites. Bro tells Katie that Greg has been unhappy since their father died, and that he never shares his feelings about it. 

The family seems to like Katie. Just like Blake’s family, they urge Greg to tell Katie that he loves her. Greg confesses that Katie “fills me up with so much happiness. I haven’t been this happy in a long time.” He’s dying to hear Katie say that she loves him. When the two are alone later on, Greg talks about his dad, and how full of life he was. He begins crying. “I didn’t know I was going to fall in love with you. I am in love with you. You make me the happiest I’ve ever been,” He said, “This is real to me. I haven’t been this vulnerable with anybody in my life.” Katie wipes away his tears, but then doesn’t say the words.

“I poured my heart out to you,” says Greg as he turns psycho

And here is where everything changed. It seems like Greg expected Katie to say YES I LOVE YOU GREG PROPOSE TO ME NOW. I WILL SEND THE REST OF THE MEN HOME. But she’s on the show to finish what she started. She seemed to be leaning toward choosing Greg, but she’s going to continue to multi date. 

Then the emotional blackmail began. Greg is all “I POURED MY HEART OUT TO YOU AND YOU DON’T CARE.” Yikes. “I haven’t been this vulnerable with anyone in my LIFE.” Katie is very confused about Greg’s expectations at this point. She promised Greg he’ll be there next week, he just had to be patient and hold on. “You’re not happy right now,” Katie noted. She hoped it’s something they can get through together. “You’re losing trust in us,” she said. “I can’t be there at the end if I don’t think it’s us,” Greg replied. She reminded him that it’s hard for her too. Greg feels that Katie is holding things back. He is like an obsessed psycho. Really, they barely know each other. He needs to chill. Unless it’s all an act. Which it very well could be! The Bachelorette is so confusing to me. 

The night ends on a negative note. So, the next morning, Greg stopped by Katie’s place to have a chat, and it doesn’t go well. Greg LOVES KATIE SO MUCH. But, he said that “it’s clear to me that she’s not feeling the same.” He  says, “I thought we understood each other. I’ve been nothing but vulnerable, nothing but emptied my heart out to her.” He can’t imagine her as his wife if she’s not ready to commit now. 

I’ve reached my breaking point says Greg, making no sense

“You don’t seem comfortable, you don’t seem happy,” said Katie. Greg explained that he told his whole family that she’s the one. But when he poured his heart out to her, it was like talking to a stranger. “You completely dismissed it,” he said. GASLIGHTING. Katie explained that she won’t say “I love you” until the very end. “I have never given up on you,” said Greg. “There’s obviously a disconnect here. I’ve reached my breaking point with this.” Katie is still confused. She can’t understand how “one night changed everything.” Katie said, “You’ve been my number one from the beginning.” But somehow, that’s not enough for Greg. Really, he wants her to ditch the other men now. “I’m not a number here,” he said. It’s peak manipulation coming from Greg. 

Finally, Greg leaves in a snit. Katie chased after him and gave him a hug. She begs him not to leave. “I deserve more than what I’ve been given on your side,” said Greg, “I’m not happy here any more. I’m done here.” And just like that he walked away. From Katie being the love of his life, to him just ditching her like that. Not normal. Katie is done too. She marched back to her place. She wants to go home. 

Crying in the bathroom, Kaitlyn Bristowe tries to comfort her. “I am just so blindsided right now. It feels like it’s all for nothing.” Katie added, “Michael left, Greg left At this point the confidence and strength I thought I had is destroyed.”

The episode ends, “I want someone to book my flight home.”  Next Monday is the finale. Katie won’t go home. But it appears that Greg left for good. If the drama is real, Greg is a high maintenance weirdo. 


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