The Amazing Race 34 Recap – Week 3 Live Blog

The Amazing Race 34
Pictured (L-R): Claire Rehfuss and Derek Xiao. Photo: Kit Karzen/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The episode begins with host Phil revealing to the audience that tonight’s episode will feature a Mega Leg. The teams will have to complete two Detours and two Roadblocks. They will also travel to two cities. First, they must take a charter flight to Bologna, Italy and drive themselves to Arco del Meloncello. The first Detour they must complete is “Head of the Class” or “The Big Cheese.” “Head of the Class” requires teams to take a timed exam. They must identify 16 bones, muscles, and organs in under 90 seconds. “The Big Cheese” requires teams to deliver cheese to a cheese cutter. Afterwards, they must deliver both halves to two restaurants. The teams depart in groups based on the order they finished the previous leg.

We hear from some of the teams as they make their way to the Detour. Glenda & Lumumba walk to the Detour instead of driving themselves as the clue instructs. Emily & Molly are building their confidence. Various teams are struggling driving stick shift. Rich & Dom share that today is their anniversary.

Marcus & Michael are the first to arrive at “The Big Cheese Detour.” Luis & Michelle are working on the same Detour too. Linton & Sharik are the first to arrive at the “Head of the Class” Detour. They must listen to an eight-minute lecture before taking the exam. Will & Abby arrive at the “Head of the Class” Detour too, but they must wait outside until the lecture is over.

Glenda & Lumumba finally realize their mistake. They go back to their car to drive themselves. After Marcus & Michael complete the cheese Detour, Derek & Claire get started on it themselves. Marcus & Michael read their next clue and learn they must proceed to the Ducati Factory. They are currently in first place.

Linton & Sharik don’t pass on their first attempt, so they listen to the lecture again. This time they are joined by Will & Abby, David & Aubrey, and Quinton & Mattie. Meanwhile, Luis & Michelle complete the cheese Detour, putting them in second place at the moment. Derek & Claire get lost to one of the locations. Rich & Dom and Emily & Molly have yet to arrive at either Detour location.

Derek & Claire finish the cheese Detour as the teams at the anatomy Detour finish listening to the lecture. Quinton & Mattie are the only ones to pass the exam. Mattie took a college anatomy class, and it was one of her best subjects. This Detour was easy for her. The others will have to listen to the lecture again.

Emily & Molly arrive at the anatomy Detour, but Rich & Dom are still lost. After the lecture, Emily & Molly and Will & Abby pass the exam. Linton & Sharik and David & Aubrey fail and must listen to the lecture again. Meanwhile, Marcus & Michael arrive at the Ducati Factory. They have a Roadblock to complete. One team member must assemble the wheels and brakes on a motorcycle. Michael chooses to do the Roadblock.

Linton & Sharik and David & Aubrey finish the next lecture just as Glenda & Lumumba finally arrive. They pass the exam, meaning they stay ahead of Glenda & Lumumba as they listen to the lecture for the first time. Back at the Roadblock, Derek & Claire arrive with Claire choosing to do the task. Quinton & Mattie and Luis & Michelle arrive afterwards. Quinton and Luis choose to do the Roadblock.

Rich & Dom finally arrive at the anatomy Detour. Glenda & Lumumba fail the exam after their first attempt, allowing Rich & Dom a chance to catch up. Meanwhile, Will & Abby arrive at the Roadblock. Will chooses to do the task. None of the teams at the Roadblock finish by the time Emily & Molly and David & Aubrey arrive. Emily and David choose to do the Roadblock task. Linton & Shark arrive too with Linton doing the Roadblock. All the teams are there except for Glenda & Lumumba and Rich & Dom. The two teams at the back of the pack are struggling with the anatomy exam. Eventually, they finally pass the exam after numerous attempts.

Michael finally completes the Roadblock. He and Marcus must now drive themselves to Florence, Italy. Emily is the second to complete the Roadblock. She completes it just as Rich & Dom and Glenda & Lumumba arrive. Rich and Lumumba get started on the Roadblock, but the other teams are finishing the Roadblock too. David is the next to finish, and he’s followed by Luis, Linton, Claire, Will, and Quinton. Rich finally completes the Roadblock, leaving Lumumba as the last one working on the Roadblock.

And the episode ends with a “To Be Continued.” Tune in next week to see how the rest of the Mega Leg plays out.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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