The Masked Singer 8 Week 3 Recap: Who Was Unmasked?


The Masked Singer 8
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The Masked Singer season 8 continues with Nick Cannon as host, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger on the judges panel.

A new format means only ONE mask survives every week. At the end of three rounds, three celebrities will compete in the semi-finals for a chance to compete in the finale.

Tonight, Harp returns for a THIRD week as Queen of the Mask. If she wins tonight’s sing-offs, she will move on the The Masked Singer semi-final. Challenging Harp for her crown will be group costume Mummies and Fortune Teller.

This week’s theme is “TV Theme Night.” The episode opens with Robin singing the theme to his late father, Alan Thicke’s hit 80s sitcom. Growing Pains.  

The opening number is done 80’s opening style, featuring childhood photos of the cast. Robin comes in through the audience. AND POINTY POSE. His mom is in the audience! How sweet. “My dad’s the reason I have good hair, and my mom’s the reason I sing,” Robin quips.


Clues: There are three of them in separate costumes. They enter to the “Threes Company” theme. “You watched us grow up.” A photo of Fox (Wayne Brady) sits on a table. They’ve been “off the grid for awhile.” A picture of movie tickets is also featured.

Performance: Hey Hey We’re The Monkees – But they sing “mummies” instead of “monkees” which is pretty stupid. The three are obviously not professional singer. They perform the elusive second verse. Welp. Harp doesn’t have to worry yet. TV Dinner Clue: Tori Spelling from 90210 delivers a clue: “Blended Berry Brothers smoothie packets.” Gadzooks, Tori can barely move her face. Nicole guesses: Greg, Peter and Bobby from Brady Bunch. Ken guesses: The Lawrence brothers. Martin Lawrence and Joey, who are obviously not related. He’s crazy. I like the Brady Bunch guess. Davy Jones was a guest on the show! He took Marcia to the prom, or something. 

Fortune Teller

Clues: He grew up in Queens. He wasn’t the best singer, so he tried to make it as a dancer. But that didn’t work either. An angel statue. He “Kept up with the Kardashians.”

Performance: Moving on Up from the Jeffersons – Yep. He can’t sing. He’s barely able to catch his breath. Half way through the song he busts out of the Fortune teller booth. So again, Harp has nothing to worry about. She’s a ring-a-ding-ringer. Jodi Sweetin brings out the clue: New York Fresh Pizza dough. “You too can turn dough into your own piece of pie.” Ken guesses: Daymond John.  Nicole guesses Ryan Seacrest LOL NO. The panel has no idea.


Clues: Cast roles. Late night. Christmas cupcakes. 

Performance: Thank You for Being a Friend from Golden Girls. – Time to go home. Harp wins again. She’s a tremendous singer, and her competitors are not. It’s probably by design. This new format is boring. Tori Spelling is back with another clue: “Purple mashed potatoes.” They are almost too beautiful to mash, says Harp. What? Nicole guesses Jill Scott and Fantasia. NOPE. You guessed correctly last week, Nicole. Jenny guesses Ariana Debose. UH NO. Nicole goes back to Amber Riley. CORRECT. 

Prediction: You know it, I know it, everyone one knows that Harp is Amber Riley from Glee. True story: Amber’s fellow Glee actor, Kevin McHale posted a Tik Tok #duet video of himself watching Harp sing Whitney Houston, referring to her as a “new artist.” I returned the tweet and wrote “Could it be Kevin McHale knows who is underneath the Harp mask?” with a crying/laughing emoji. The Masked Singer account had returned it. And then they liked my tweet. They aren’t even trying!


The audience and judges vote. Leaving the show first is…The Mummies. Final guesses. Ken: Lawrence brothers. But Martin isn’t a brother. Jenny: Home Improvement brothers. Nicole: Brady Bunch brothers Robin: Brady Bunch brothers. And the mummies are…The Brady Bunch brothers. Mike Lookinland, Barry Williams and Peter Knight. That’s what I thought! They sing out with the Brady’s song “Sunshine Day.” 

Battle Royale 

The celebrities sing the same song in different styles. This week it’s “Everywhere You Look” the Full House theme. Fortune Teller is pretty terrible. Why are they even bothering. Harp sings the song like a big Whitney ballad. They show an audience member wiping away a tears. Reaction are canned, by the way. Ken is fake crying over Bob Saget. Remember, the judges decide the night’s winner.


Gosh who will be eliminated! WHAT A NAIL BITER /sarcasm. Of course, Harp wins again and will move on to the semi-final. Fortune Teller final guesses. Nicole guesses Ryan Seacrest NO NO NO. He doesn’t dance or sing. And he’s not from Queens! Plus, he wouldn’t appear on this crappy little show. Robin guesses Ray J. Ken guesses Daymond John. And the Fortune Teller is Daymond John. Ken got it right. At first, I didn’t recognize this dude, but I’ve seen him on Shark Tank as a guest shark. 


This new format is horrible. No more guessing. The identities can be seen coming from a mile away. The gimmicks and guest stars add nothing. Masked Singer is going downhill, ya’ll. It jumped the shark when they casted treason weasel, Rudy Giuliani on the show last season. 


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