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The season finale of The Amazing Race airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

The episode begins with Alex & Conor learning they must fly to Hong Kong, China. Once there, they must make their way to Victoria Peak. We see the teams at the airport. Cody & Jessica, Kristi & Jen, and Alex & Conor are hoping Henry & Evan will be the next team to be eliminated. They want to be the Final 3 teams.

At Hong Kong, the teams rush outside to catch a taxi. Alex & Conor are the first to leave the airport, and they’re followed by Kristi & Jen. Cody & Jessica rush past Henry & Evan, resulting in Evan telling Henry they need to be more aggressive. Henry also speaks Mandarin, and he’s hoping that will help him and Evan during this leg.

At Victoria Peak, Kristi & Jen are unsure where to go, causing a bit of panicked scrambling. Alex & Conor are the first to arrive at Victoria Peak, and they have to their picture taken with the Hong Kong skyline behind them. The other teams arrive, and Henry & Evan start their Speed Bump. They have to hang up decorations on wires before they can continue on. Alex & Conor, Cody & Jessica, and Kristi & Jen get their photos taken before Henry & Evan complete their Speed Bump.

It’s time for the Detour. They can do either Hairy Crab or Grub Grab. Hairy Crab requires teams to work on a boat to gather live crabs, tie them, and place them into a basket. Grub Grab requires teams to take eight restaurant orders in Cantonese, recite it, and then figure out which dishes those are. The three teams in the lead all choose Hairy Crab, and they’re all on the boat at the same time. Conor gets especially frustrated working with the crabs; he wants to switch Detours. As they leave, we see Henry & Evan get their next clue. They choose to do the Grub Grab Detour.

Henry & Evan and Alex & Conor get started on the Detour. Henry and Conor takes the orders, and they realize how difficult the challenge is. Conor tells Alex it’s impossible, but Alex says they cannot switch Detours again. Meanwhile, Jessica is getting frustrated with the Hairy Crab task; she wishes they did the other Detour.

Henry is the first to get his eight dishes correct, putting him and Evan in first place. However, Connor gets the orders right too, allowing him and Alex to leave for their next location too. Cody & Jessica and Kristi & Jen are still working on the crab task, but Cody & Jessica are the next to get their clue. They are in third place as they make their way to a roof where the Roadblock awaits. One team member must use a baseball bat to break apart electronics to find two halves of a clue. Henry & Evan are the first team to reach the Roadblock, with Henry choosing to smash the electronics.

Kristi & Jen complete the Detour as Alex & Conor arrive at the Roadblock. Conor chooses to do the Roadblock. While they are working on the task, Evan and Alex each get a briefcase handcuffed to their wrists. Before the other teams arrive, Henry finishes the Roadblock. He and Evan can now proceed to Lan Kwai Fong, where they’ll have to find signs to unlock the briefcase combination to open it.

Conor completes the Roadblock as Cody & Jessica arrive at the Roadblock. Cody gets started on smashing the electronics before Kristi & Jen arrive. Kristi chooses to do the Roadblock, but she’s struggling smashing the electronics. Cody completes the Detour, allowing him and Jessica to go to Lan Kwai Fong. Kristi continues struggling with the Roadblock, but she manages to complete it. She and Jen can go to the Roadblock too.

Alex & Conor and Henry & Evan are struggling with the briefcase task. They discuss what numbers they have, but they don’t work together. Eventually, Cody & Jessica arrive at Lan Kwai Fong, and they help each other out. However, they are all confused about what signs to find. Henry & Evan, however, manage to find all the signs and make their way to the Pit Stop: Johnston & Wan Chai Road. As they make their way there, the other three teams are still struggling with the task.

Cody & Jessica are the next to unlock the briefcase, leaving Alex & Conor and Kristi & Jen the last teams trying to unlock their briefcase.

Henry & Evan are the first team to arrive at the Pit Stop. They are Team #1. They are proud to have won this leg, especially after having to do a Speed Bump. They are soon joined by Cody & Jessica. Cody & Jessica are sad that Alex & Conor or Kristi & Jen will be eliminated before the final leg since they’re their friends.

Kristi & Jen arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #3. They’re confident they can win the race despite their struggles on this task. Afterwards, Phil goes to Lan Kwai Fong to let Alex & Conor know that the other teams have already arrived at the Pit Stop. Alex & Conor have been eliminated from the race. They’re disappointed, but proud to have made it so far.

Leg Summary:

1st place: Henry & Evan

2nd place: Cody & Jessica

3rd place: Kristi & Jen

4th place: Alex & Conor (Eliminated)

The final leg begins in San Francisco. They first must make their way to AT&T Stadium, and Cody & Jessica are the first team there. For their first task, teams must go on a kayak and find three numbered baseballs floating in the water. The numbers relate to how many home runs Willie Mays hit. The numbers they are looking for are 6, 6, and 0. Kristi & Jen ask a local what numbers to search for. While running toward the kayaks, Cody twists his ankle. However, all three teams are working on the task at the same time. Cody & Jessica and Henry & Evan struggle with the task since they don’t know what numbers to look for, but Cody asks a local up on the pier how many home runs Willie Mays had. They search the answer on their phone and tell them the answer. Evan also overhears the answer, so all teams now know to look for 660.

Kristi & Jen are the first team to complete the task, but Cody & Jessica complete it too. They can now make their way to their next location. One team member must take a free fall jump off of a bridge. Kristi & Jen and Cody & Jessica are ahead by the time Henry & Evan find all three balls needed.

Kristi, Cody, and Evan choose to do the Roadblock. Cody takes an early lead making his way up the bridge, but it’s still a very close race. Cody is the first to take the jump, keeping him and Jessica in first place. Kristi & Jen are right behind them as Kristi jumps off right afterwards.

Cody & Jessica ask a local to decipher their clue, which tells them they must make their way to a fortune cookie factory. Their next clue awaits there. Kristi & Jen figure out that’s where they need to go too by the time Evan completes the Roadblock.

Cody & Jessica and Kristi & Jen are at the fortune cookie factory. They each must put together a tray of fortune cookies. Kristi & Jen are the first to complete the task, and they can now make their way to the USS Hornet. Henry & Evan have caught up, making Cody & Jessica and Henry & Evan the only teams left at the factory.

Cody & Jessica are the next to complete the task, but Henry & Evan are close behind. However, Henry & Evan manage to find a taxi before Cody & Jessica, meaning Cody & Jessica went from first place to last place.

Kristi & Jen arrive at the USS Hornet, an aircraft carrier. This is the Finish Line, but they must assemble a plane with twelve pieces before they can complete the race. Kristi & Jen get started on the task, but Henry & Evan and Cody & Jessica arrive shortly afterwards. All teams are looking for the pieces for their planes.

Cody & Jessica and Kristi & Jen find all twelve of their pieces, but Jen and Jessica must assemble the plane since their teammates did the Roadblock. Jen asks for her plane to be checked first, but she is incorrect. While she tries to figure out her mistake, Henry gets started on assembling his plane. Jessica asks for a check too, but she’s also incorrect. Henry is also incorrect. After multiple checks, all three get it wrong as they are all struggling assembling their planes.

After more than two hours have passed by, Jessica is the first to complete her plane. Cody & Jessica can now make their way to the Finish Line.


They are both extremely happy. They say the race validated their feelings for each other. Cody is especially pleased his daughter will get to see him win. Coming in second place are Henry & Evan. They sprint to the Finish Line just a few minutes after Cody & Jessica. He had the correct answer before Jessica, but he switched pieces before he asked for a check. Evan says it’s disappointing to have come in second place, but she’s proud of Henry and herself. Afterwards, Kristi & Jen arrive at the Finish Line as Team #3. Jen is tearful as she feels like she let Kristi down, but they both say The Amazing Race was a great experience.

Season Summary:

Winners: Cody & Jessica

Runners-up: Henry & Evan

3rd place: Kristi & Jen

4th place: Alex & Conor

5th place: Lucas & Brittany

6th place: Eric & Daniel

7th place: Trevor & Chris

8th place: Joey & Tim

9th place: Cedric & Shawn

10th place: April & Sarah

11th place: Dessie & Kayla

Congratulations to Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf on winning The Amazing Race! Neither of them may have won the $500,000 on Big Brother 19, but together they won the million dollars. They started the race as a dominant team, but were fighting for survival in the last few legs. However, they came through and got the win on this final leg. Cody and Jessica have recently gotten engaged, and they now have $1 million to help set up their future together.

And that wraps up this season of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next week for the season premiere of Survivor: Ghost Island.

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