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The season finale of The Amazing Race 27 airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap and find out which team wins here!

Tonight is the season finale of The Amazing Race 27, and either Justin and Diana, Kelsey and Joey, or Logan and Chris will cross the finish line first and claim the million dollar prize. But which team will it be? Justin and Diana have been a formidable team all season long, but last week they were very close to being eliminated. Will they rebound and claim the prize, or will perpetual second-place finishers Kelsey and Joey or bickering couple Logan and Chris win instead? Let’s find out!

Logan and Chris are the first to depart. They learn they must fly to Long Island, New York. All three teams will be on the same flight. Justin has lived in New York for 20 years, so he’s confident about his and Diana’s chances. He predicts they will come in first place, with Kelsey and Joey in second and Logan and Chris in third. Logan and Chris know they are up against tough competitors, but believe they can win. Kelsey and Joey are done with finishing in second and are determined to come in first this time.

On the way to the Roadblock, Chris says he and Logan will be “warriors instead of worriers.” Justin is bickering with his and Diana’s taxi driver about payment which results in him refusing to tip him. Justin and Diana arrive at the Roadblock first with Logan and Chris right behind them. Justin and Chris decide to do the Roadblock. They must complete a firefighting training exercise, which requires them to put on firefighter gear and go inside a burning building and search for a rescue dummy. Afterwards, they are faced with a memory challenge that requires them to put firefighter helmets with the capitals of the countries they visited written on them in order. Kelsey and Joey arrive third, and they all complete the Roadblock in the order they arrive.

The clue says that they must now go to Belmont Park. Justin and Diana’s taxi driver leaves them after he doesn’t know where Belmont Park is. Logan and Chris lose their taxi, and they try to steal Kelsey and Joey’s taxi. However, Kelsey and Joey stop them and get into their taxi and are the first team to leave. Justin and Diana and Logan and Chris are now scrambling to find a taxi, giving Kelsey and Joey a big lead. Logan is berating Chris for allowing Kelsey and Joey to take back the taxi.

Kelsey and Joey arrive at Belmont Park first and get their next clue. They must now fly to the Hamptons in a helicopter. Logan and Chris and Justin and Diana finally manage to find taxis and eventually reach Belmont Park, with Logan and Chris in second and Justin and Diana in last.

Once the helicopters land, they must go to the Shinnecock Coast and ride on a jet ski toward a boat. At the boat, they must help fishermen load seven lobsters and then do another memory challenge. This time they must arrange the nine country flags in the order they visited them. All the teams are struggling retrieving the lobster pots, calling it the most physically demanding task of the race. Kelsey and Joey prepared, so they knew all the flags already. However, Kelsey and Joey make a mistake, but correct it right away. They can now go to shore and ride a dune buggy to the next clue box. Justin and Diana pass the flag task too. Logan and Chris are struggling with the flags. They didn’t take the time to learn the country’s flags, so they’re simply guessing while trying to arrange the flags in order.

Kelsey and Joey are the first to a dune buggy, and Justin and Diana are behind them. Kelsey and Joey drive to the clue box and read their next clue. They learn they must assemble adirondack chairs with an image from the race painted onto them. Then they must arrange the chairs in the order they visited the images on the chair. Logan and Chris finally finish the flag task and Kelsey and Joey are still working on the chairs when Justin and Diana arrive.

Kelsey and Joey’s chairs are not right the first or second time they have them inspected, giving Justin and Diana hope that they will be able to pass them. Justin and Diana and Kelsey and Joey then get their chairs inspected at the same time. One of Justin and Diana’s chairs needs adjustments, but Kelsey and Joey pass. They can now sprint to the Finish Line, which is nearby.


Kelsey and Joey are ecstatic. After coming in second place five times in a row, they finally came in first place when it mattered and have won the million dollars. They have plans for the money, which involves finding a place to move in together. In addition, Joey also wants to pay off his parents’ house.

Justin and Diana are crying. Justin is bawling as he regrets not keeping their taxi after the Roadblock. He doesn’t think he’ll ever get over that since they were so close to winning the race. Diana says that knowing exactly where they went wrong will haunt them forever. They arrive at the Finish Line as Team #2.

Logan and Chris are still bickering as they’re assembling chairs. Logan points out that Kelsey and Joey’s cab helped them claim the million dollars, once again reiterating they should’ve stolen their cab. They arrive at the Finish Line as Team #3. Phil asks them about their relationship, and Logan jokingly suggests therapy for them. She does admit that the constant arguing is not healthy and they have a lot to work on. However, she doesn’t believe it’s bad enough for them to break-up.

Finale Summary

Winners: Kelsey and Joey

2nd place: Justin and Diana

3rd place: Logan and Chris

And that wraps up this season of The Amazing Race! Thanks for reading, post your thoughts of the episode in the comments section below, and come back in February for another season of The Amazing Race!

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