Taylor Swift Announces New Album Details, Drops “Shake It Off” Music Video


Pop superstar, Taylor Swift, announced some big news during a Yahoo live stream today. The singer world premiered her new single “Shake It Off” for fans around the world.

Katy Perry - The One That Got Away ...
Katy Perry - The One That Got Away | Instrumental Cover With Lyrics

Also, Taylor announced the name of her new album. During her live chat, she revealed that the music is heavily influenced by 80s pop. She appropriately titled the new record “1989” which also happens to be her birth year.

The album cover is a very retro looking polaroid with the title 1989 scrawled on it. Takes you back, doesn’t it? Actually, it reminds me a little of the cover of Vampire Weekend’s debut album.

The new album is available for pre-order and will be available everywhere on October 27.

Oh yeah, there’s a video that’s heavily inspired by candy coated 80s pop girls,  Cyndi Lauper, Toni Basil.

And the song? “Shake It Off” is all about HATERZ. Because. You know. Taylor has NEVER EVER EVER mined that theme before! Heh. Also, I’m fairly certain she will never ever ever EVER be singing country music again….

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  1. The new song is an abomination. “We are never getting back together” is a true pop masterpiece compared to this mess.

    It’s a shame that the moment Taylor Swift goes officially pop, she comes out with a truly crappy pop song.

    Also, now there is officially more room for Carrie and Miranda on the country scene. Three became two. #depressing

  2. I’m very pleased with this song and the direction her new album is going. I’m glad she finally made the switch to pop, something she’s clearly been trying to do for the past 4 years, and she’s still the biggest superstar on the planet even if some people wish she had stayed country. Before ragging on her, just remember that Taylor will single-handedly jump start the almost dead music industry this fall so your favorite singers all owe her some appreciation. (And I’m not even a huge Swift fan!)

  3. Not a huge fan? What size fan are you? lol
    “Single-handedly jump start the almost dead music industry” Did you happen to write Caleb Johnson’s press release?

  4. Even if her current trajectory of topping every single album she’s ever released in first-week sales falls, she is still expected to easily triple the current largest first-week sales of 2014 (Coldplay, 383.000), and QUINTUPLE the highest-selling female debut week of 2014 (Miranda Lambert, 188.000).

  5. Right? At least come out with a good pop song. This isn’t even halfway decent.

    And she’s almost 25. I think it’s time to grow up a little. Hard to believe Adele is barely older than her.

  6. I’m not really a Taylor Swift fan, but IMO this song is going to smash. It’s fun and catchy. Watch it soar straight to #1.

  7. Don’t like Taylor Swift and I wish she’d just stawp with music…le sigh -.-

  8. I’m not a big Taylor fan, but it doesn’t matter what we say. This is gonna be a huge hit.

  9. This song is a prime example of one that would have been better at 2:30 than at 4 minutes. Fluff is cuter when it goes by quickly.

    Also, why must the bits of the 1980s that are revived always be the stupid and annoying bits?

  10. No one artist can single-handedly revive the music industry.

    I do expect Taylor’s single and album to sell in huge numbers. But if Adele’s album is released this fall as rumored, Taylor may not even end up with the biggest selling cd of 2014 quarter #4 :)

  11. This song is fun and catchy, although it also has the potential to grow annoying after a handful of listens.

    I’m sure it will shoot straight to #1 on iTunes and I’m assuming it will get the Clear Channel every hour on the hour spins on CHR stations, so it could debut at #1 on multiple BB charts as well.

    There’s no way country radio can play this, though — right? lol

  12. Say what you will about Taylor that girl knows how to do it right. Her songs are cute and catchy. She’s also growing up to be a beautiful young lady. This song is going straight to #1. She’s a worldwide mega superstar and crossing over to pop was a good choice for her. Not many can successfully do it. I think in another album or 2 she’ll put out a country album just to keep her place in the country music world and they’ll accept her back with open arms. She’s still a country girl at heart. It must be nice to have more than one genre claim you. lol

  13. I think Adele will do well but she’s had only one huge era. Taylor is more consistent and I wouldn’t count her out.

  14. Exactly what I thought. I had enough of the song and video after 2 minutes. After that it just dragged on.

  15. I didn’t hate the song, and enjoyed the video. It’s adorable, fun, relatable. Taylor’s not high art, but I’m not gonna hate on her grind either. Truthfully there’s not much of that on the pop charts anyway. Who are we kidding?

  16. Hahaha the song is no. 1 in iTunes and the video could win her a few awards as well. I think the song refers to many of you commented here. Haters always hate, she just shakes it off. Good on you, Taylor.

  17. The song is catchy and a decent message, but the video….Didn’t we already have the discussion (circa Miley Cyrus) about white girls parading around while other women (often WOC) shake their asses in the background? Dear pop stars of America: This is not a good look.

  18. Can the media now stop calling her a country superstar. Maybe that’s why she always had that shocked expression when she’d win those country music awards

  19. It’s like 1D…or Bieber. Or Apple for that matter. The loyal fans would buy anything she releases. Has nothing to do with haters… Just not some people’s taste… But tween girls are the ones who buy music and use social media ad nauseum

  20. Not soon.. And hopefully there won’t be any to judge. She’s still A list

  21. Just heard Shake It Off on Z100 while driving to work. As soon as it finished playing, Elvis Duran said they would play it again in the next hour. It won’t be long before it goes straight to #1.

  22. I liked the playful, self-deprecating aspect of the video. Taylor seems to have shed the last vestiges of any hint of “country” in her music and entertainment persona.

  23. I agree that the song was overly long, but the video was cute and fun, even if the topic was an old one for Taylor.

  24. That would be really strange since this song and video don’t even have a hint of country about them.

  25. I keep wanting this song to be Florence and the Machine. Cute video, tho.

  26. I didn’t realize that Taylor was almost 25. Considering that, the song and video seem to still be targeting the tween demographic.

  27. The song is all over top 40 radio right now. I bet if these record labels want they can make a top 40 hit of Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift singing “Mary Had a Little Lamb”.

  28. It would be really strange – but it seems she has been doing pop music for quite a while, and that didn’t stop the multiple award shows from putting her in the country category.

    Now she’s ‘officially’ Pop – I wonder if it will stop.

  29. There will always be tweens enraptured with a singer…gal or guy or plurals of each. It’s part of tween culture, has been as long as I have been alive. For those singers who choose to pander to that fan group the writing is on the wall the the live for them….at some point their fans grow up and move on or head to the next “new, big, thing”.

    Taylor had every opportunity to have a very nice, very long career in country music but she chose to move to the dark side (top 40) where “age” becomes a hindrance very quickly.

    Of course this piece of fluff will do well (we never said tweens had much in the way of taste or smarts). Moms and Dads will fork out the money for the single, video, album, posters, and the inevitable concert tour (its easier than spending time with your adolescents and introducing them to real music).

    Since Taylor’s foray into acting has proven less than steller, and her song-writing skills have fallen off since she can’t move beyond “tweenie” themes (she’s 25 and still projects a teeny image) I don’t see her growing old in the business. But then, she has enough money to buy the Taj Mahal, so I’m sure she and her team are laughing all the way to the bank. I say…Bring on Adele (can’t wait).

  30. I’m not sure if you’re implying that Swift is also engaging in parody, but I thought Lily Allen’s defense of her choices didn’t entirely justify them.

    If it’s about the fact that pop stars outside the US do it, evs. It’s still not a good look.

  31. It’s a horrible song that will head straight to number one on iTunes when released and she will probably end up with the biggest selling album this year unless Adele drops one.

  32. She’s not country and now that she’s used the country genre to gain success, she can progress into being really pop.

  33. This girl is doing stadiums around the world and making a lot of money from writing her own songs, touring and endorsement.

  34. I really wanted to hate it. I really did. But I don’t. The song is catchy. It’s too repetitive for my taste but it’s definitely an ear worm.

    Also, I really like the message. I like that Taylor doesn’t take herself too seriously. She is still that geeky, awkward girl she has always been and she doesn’t apologize for it. In fact, she embraces it. That’s a message I will totally support regardless.

  35. Meh, what constitutes “real music?” Music taste is, and has always been subjective. Jazz is considered cultured now, but was garbage when it first came out. The Beatles? Adults felt the same way about them as you seem to about Taylor.

    While I agree that she is setting herself up for a shorter shelf life by not adapting, I think it a bit hyperbolic to whinge about “real music” when there is no such objective notion. (Frankly, I am not all that impressed with Adele, either. She’s a bit one note herself, stylistically and subject-wise) That said, I personally will be glad when she finally burns out. Never been a fan of her songwriting or voice.

  36. Me too! It’s about time for some real music :)
    (don’t tell Caleb I used his favorite adjective)

  37. like the video but the song is just meh to me…not nearly as strong or catchy as her last lead single…the verses are very reminiscent of I knew you were trouble…no doubt it will be a huge chr, hac and hot 100 hit, because any lead single of hers would be at this point. Her team is really A ++++++.

  38. Frankly I can’t stand the commenters who criticize Taylor Swift or other pop artists as not “real music”. Real music is whatever the hell you want it to be. It’s subjective. It ALWAYS baffles me when people don’t understand the purpose of pop music. Evaluate it on that basis as fun, feel-good music and how well the song accomplishes what it sets out to achieve.

    With that said, I’m still critical of “Shake It Off”. It’s just so boring, and the hook is so weak in my opinion. I was expecting something more from Taylor’s newest lead single tbh. The single is just so generic. I feel like Taylor intended the single to be this big kiss-off anthem to the “haterz” but it just doesn’t succeed IMO.

    “Problem” and “Fancy” remain unbothered as the pop singles of summer/year thus far.

  39. What is “real music”? Because as much as I love Adele’s voice (which is slightly overrated tbh, Kelly C, Beyonce, heck even Gaga are much stronger vocalists tbh), she’s just as one note as Taylor lyrically and stylistically. Both albums were very much relationship centered.

    Her most interesting songs were the ones where she deviated from her well-trodden territory (i.e Hometown Glory, Rolling in the Deep, Rumor Has It, Skyfall).

    With that said, I definitely feel like this album will be a stylistic shakeup so I’m eager to see what she’s cooked up. She’s pulled from old school country music which should be interesting to see at the very least.

  40. Totally agree. “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” really is a pop masterpiece. Heck Pitchfork even acknowledged how strong of a song it was in their “Best 200 songs of the decade (thus far)” list.

    Completely, completely agree. If you were gonna take the plunge and fully embrace your pop side, at least do something interesting. This just feels like a cheap Ariana Grande knockoff.

  41. The video is the only good part of the song. It helps strengthen what is, to me, a very weak song.

    Liked the playful aspect of it (although the whole adorkable schtick was tired 5 years ago; now its just unbearable).

  42. I’m sorry, but Taylor is NOT a geeky, awkward girl. She just plays one on TV.

  43. Taylor’s music is as real as Adele’s. I happen to like Adele’s more than Taylor’s but there’s no point to discuss musical tastes.
    Anyway, you missed my point. I was just making fun about Caleb’s favorite adjective “real” :)

  44. Maybe Taylor isn’t “geeky”, but from her dancing and moves in that video, she’s definitely “awkward” (or at least very good at pretending to be). lol

  45. I think “real” has its limits when auto-tune (fully evident in this recording, especially when we all know Taylor can’t hold a tune to save her life) is the main feature of the piece.

  46. But without auto-tune Taylor, like Katy Perry, can’t sing. They benefit completely from all the new fangled recording electronics. Taylor has not proven, to me, that she is anything but a tweenie songwriter who came from money and had someone to back her trip down the musical lane. When she performs with just her guitar it is absolutely painful to listen to. A “real” singer can at least “sing”.

  47. Just like all the “tweenie” favorites from by-gone days. It isn’t Taylor they revere…it is the thought that they “could be” Taylor with a little luck. Just like the “boys” idolized by the tweenies are psuedo boyfriends. When her fan base “grows up” she will feel the heat of rejection big time.

  48. But she is definitely not the sharpest knife in the kitchen…nor does she seem to possess much in the way of common sense. She is the epitome of a Barbie Doll…and even at 25 she hasn’t disproven, for me, that assessment.

  49. It’s a horrible song, but I usually hate her lead singles. I tend to like her albums in and of themselves, though, so I will probably purchase it. I remember laughing out loud when I first heard “Getting Back Together” the first time.

    The thought of her doing 80s pop music makes me laugh though. It doesn’t sound like her voice.

  50. I am looking forward to Taylor, Adele, Carrie and Kelly (if she releases this year)

  51. Yes, this will make only 2 successful women in country music now :(

  52. So anything which utilizes electronics is not “real” music? I still don’t buy it. I can see it not being one’s taste, but I fail to see how electronic methods somehow invalidates something as “real.” It’s just another means of producing music.

  53. I must be the only one who didn’t buy Adele’s album. I find her voice unappealing and grates on me. I also think she’s overrated.

  54. If you listen to actual recordings before the 90’s, there was a lot of mediocre singers that were still popular. There are plenty of singers who are only mediocre. This is nothing new, and existed long before autotune. It’s revisionist to somehow claim that every singer before autotune was pitch perfect or technically great singers. It’s just factually incorrect.

    It may not be to one’s personal tastes, which is certainly valid, but this notion of “real” music/singers is rather subjective.

  55. She got a contract because she can write. I know that not everyone cares for her writing, and I personally feel that she can be repetitive, but when she’s on, the writes killer melodies and sharply observed lyrics.
    Singer-songwriters with a greater skillset on the latter side aren’t at all unusual.

  56. I see she is #1 on US iTunes and #2 on UK iTunes…

    it’s quite a catchy little tune… though if you played it to me without telling me who it was… I would assume it was a generic pop princess (Cher Lloyd or Ariana Grande)… and not Taylor Swift… so I guess she really is giving up country…

    I agree with comments that she should now be a bit beyond bubble gum pop…

    ETA… while listening to it, for some reason (maybe the video?) I had flashbacks to Avril’s Girlfriend…

  57. She could have titled the song “Laughing All the Way to the Bank”.

  58. Completely, 100% disagree. She is very smart. She knows how to play the game, and how to keep it fresh. In an era of singles, her albums have a theme, flavor, whatever you want to call it, and a cohesiveness. She changes it up every album. I think she’s brilliant and even if shes not the one making all the decisions, she is surrounding herself with people who are very smart when it comes to marketing. She writes catchy songs and knows how to market her brand. I will probably never buy a ticket to one of her concerts, but she knows what she’s doing.

    Also- way to devalue her by calling her a “Barbie Doll.” A cheap, sexist insult.

  59. This is my #1, biggest issue with this song and video. Another white woman benefiting from WOC, this time its a spin on the “awkward white girl” who can’t dance… and yet she still benefits from the appropriation.

    I’ll never go to a Taylor concert but I have liked many of her songs. I was really disappointed by this video, but it is not surprising (see: Katy Perry, Lily Allen)

  60. Taylor has been around for eight years. Her fan base already has grown up. The tweens have grown into teens and young adults and obviously new tweens have come along.
    By the time she finishes this album era, she will have been getting hits and selling massive amounts of albums for a decade!
    Who knows? Maybe she will continue to have a fanbase that grows with her.

  61. Yes, it would be. Especially since Taylor herself is calling 1989 her “first official pop album”. “Red” was hardly country but got nominated for Album of the Year by the CMA and ACM. I was just kidding – if Taylor herself is labeling this era as pop then hopefully these award giving bodies agree.

  62. Electronics and auto-tune are not one in the same. Auto tune doesn’t make you sound like an alien…just a bad singer “dubbed” to be in tune.

  63. And her songs aren’t cheap, sexist insults to the male of the species?

  64. Its exhausting having to explain this day after day, but sexism does not go both ways. Its a power structure that privileges male-ness and masculinity. Therefore, Taylor’s “anti-man” messages are a lot less harmful than your sexism against a young woman.

  65. Right, let the male bashing continue unabated.
    That will show ’em women really aren’t more nurturing.

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