Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Spoilers (Week 8 Veto Ceremony)

Find out the details of this week’s Power of Veto Ceremony here:

To recap, Frankie is the HoH. He nominated Caleb and Cody for eviction. Frankie won the Power of Veto.

Frankie used the Power of Veto on Caleb. Frankie chose Zach as the replacement nominee.

Zach will be evicted on Thursday. Zach found out about the plan last night and has handled it surprisingly well. He knows he’s gone, as does everyone else.

However, the smarter move would be to evict Cody instead. There’s only a few more weeks until the finale and Cody is a threat to win the game. I’m not saying he will win, but he’s not someone the houseguests should want to compete against down the road. He’s played a great social game and is capable of winning competitions. He has only won one HoH, but he could win more in these next few weeks. Plus, Zach has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way throughout the season due to his antics. So it’s obvious Cody is a bigger threat to win than Zach.  This is only the first time Cody has been on the block, so the houseguests should make a move against him while they finally have the chance. However, I think Donny is the only one who would rather vote to evict Cody, but the rest of the house will just go along with evicting Zach. So once again, they will allow Derrick and Cody to steamroll them through the game before Derrick back-stabs Cody to sit next to Victoria in the Final 2.

Zach will be evicted on Thursday unless something really crazy happens. Nonetheless, Zach will have a chance to reenter the game. Julie revealed that a juror will be returning, which means either Jocasta, Hayden, Nicole, or Zach will go back inside the house. Will a returning player change up the dynamic in the house? Or will he or she just be sent right back out the door? I guess we’ll find out next week.

Edited to Add:  Last night, twitter went crazy with #RenomRule trending #1 worldwide for hours. Apparently, theres a rule in the CBS rulebook that states HoHs can’t tell replacement  nominees that they are going up. It’s been broken already (HoHs aren’t even supposed to tell each other who they are nominating) speculation is that CBS won’t enforce the rule at this point.  However, even Ariana and Frankie’s mom participated.

Also, Arianna is not exactly on board with her big brother’s decisions:

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  1. Zach was seen earlier today in the storage room reading the BB16 Rule Book. He must have been in there a while because Derrick & Frankie were curious about why he was in there so long. Could production have tipped him off?

  2. Zach once again is taking no prisoners & trying to pit each house guest against each other by telling everything about everybody.

  3. They might have. I think they tipped off Frankie that there might be a rule violation because he told Zach that he might not nominate him. I guess theres a rule that says they can’t tell someone they are definately going to be voted off before they nominate them, and that’s what happened last night. Frankie’s sister was tweeting about it because she didn’t want him to nominate Zach.

    I’m thinking this whole thing is a set up so that Zack will be voted back into the house if there’s a public vote.

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