Tacoma, WA AI Live! Show – Greenlakedcai08’s Recap and Photos

Greenlakedcai08 attended the American Idols Live! Show in Tacoma, WA. She shares her thoughts on the show and her experience meeting the Idols both before and after the show. She also has some photos to share…Enjoy!

My step-daughter (Drew, 12) and I went to the show together. We decided to make an attempt to meet the buses before the show and see the Idols. We managed to find the buses and waited 2 1/2 long hours in the heat before they pulled up. Initially, there were only about 75 people or so there but as the time went on a few hundred probably were in line. MJ and DC played catch with a football for about 15 minutes or so. MJ went inside (now we know probably because of that hurt elbow) and DC came up to the fence. We were told not to approach the fence or they wouldn’t come out, but fans of course mobbed it.

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I met some other DC fans in line (Robin and Kristin, we spent the afternoon working together for strategy and photos). We decided to send Drew up to see what was going on. She got some great shots of DC at the fence and got David Archuleta’s autograph. DA was on vocal rest so he wasn’t talking to anyone, just smiling and signing what he could. There was official meet and greet, press, etc waiting inside so the idols did not come out to greet the line and we were all instructed to return after the show and they were guaranteed to come out.

The show was INCREDIBLE. Neither of us had been to an AI Live concert before and really enjoyed it. Such a variety and never really got too bored because it was constantly changing.

Chikeze and Ramiele: I wasn’t really a fan of the songs they chose (can’t recall exactly what they sang) but their energy was good.

MJ: AMAZING! Great energy, got the crowd going. The fact that he finished 8th is still beside me, he should have been top 3.

KLC: Not a fan of her song choices but performance on stage was good.
Carly: Her set was very strong. She had some great song choices. Carly’s voice is perfect for big venues like the Tacoma Dome.
Brooke: Classic Brooke. Her songs were sweet and perfect.
Jason: Honest and beautiful performance.
Syesha: She brought the house down with “Listen”. Incredible.

Archie: I wasn’t a fan of Archie before tonight. During the season, I actually put him on mute, but last night simply stunning. He is so great live.

DC: My Cookie, sigh, what can I say, L.O.V.E. Born to be on stage… to be a ROCKSTAR. “My Hero” was spectacular. During Billie Jean , he dropped to the floor and leaned backwards to the audience, guitar in hand. I think I love him more now that before, if that’s possible. He is just an amazing artist.

After the show, Drew and I made a mad dash back to the line where we waited earlier in the day. The line is enormous, probably 500-600 people. Luckily our new friends we met that morning called us on my cell and we found them back up at the head of the line (we are thinking we are gold to meet everyone!) First out was KLC, she is so pretty and so tiny, her waist is insanely tiny. She got through about 50 people at the head of the line (we were like next to see her) and security pulled her to the other end to work her way back. They did this with MJ, Carly, Jason and Ramiele as well. We met Syesha, who was very quiet but super sweet (after reading what was said to her, I guess I see why, so rude). Chikeze was great. He looked every fan directly in the eyes when asked for autographs. Like he wanted to remember every face, that sticks out in my head because it was so great. He stopped for a sec and looked down the line and couldn’t believe how long the line was, “Is the whole Tacoma Dome here” he said, “I’m going too slow”.

DC was of course great, he wasn’t taking pictures with fans, he said if he had time on the way back he would. He did sign Drew’s iPod, which was cool. Brooke White was next, such a nice person. Most of the fans standing around us were Archie fans, and no sign of Archie yet. Archie fans kept asking Brooke and KLC if Archie was coming out and they kind of ignored the question. I remember reading how much they hate being asked that and I said how rude that was to ask another idol that question. I felt good….We were given a 20 minute warning. Archie, Jason, MJ, Ramiele, and Carly never made it to the other end of our line (our end of the line) so disappointing. Turns out that autograph Drew got of Archie earlier in the day was a rare gem in Tacoma. Drew and I had an AMAZING experience chasing Rockstars all day. Although I didn’t get the picture with DC I had set out for, I would do it again in a split second.

Doing the meet and greets and attending the show kind of brought the season to closure for me. It was a great ride! Can’t wait for the albums to come out and tours!

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