SYTYCD Season 12 Auditions 2 – Live Blog & Performance Videos

Join me for more auditions, more Jason Derulo mumbling, and hopefully less awkward power outage auditions!

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Who will join Travis on Team Stage and Twitch on Team Street? Auditions move on to DETROIT!

Christine Shepard- 18- Columbus, OH- Team Stage
Great personality. I love her already. She hopes the judges think she’s cute. I don’t know about the judges, but I do. She’s been dancing since Age 7. She’s fantastic. Her solo flows well, it’s different. She’s not just full of floor work or pirouettes. She might be my favorite girl so far. She’s got personality for days. This girl could win. I’m calling it right now. Definite top 10, possible winner here. Paula calls her “#everything” and “This is how you perform to an audience.” Jason thanks her for blessing the audience. Nigel raves about her before giving her a ticket to Vegas.

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Kenya “Standing O” Sutton- 29- Detroit, MI- Team Street
She’s the Queen Of Detroit. Her other stage name is “Standing Ovation”. She’s super confident. She’s a performer for sure. She’s a great animator with a lot of sexy pop n lock moves. I’m kinda glad she’s not a joke contestant. I’m interested to see how she does in the competition, given that she won’t have to dance out of her style for quite a while. She gets a standing O from the judges. Jason says that she made it “hot, sexy, and feminine”. Paula says that she’s “everything that they’ve been looking for.” Nigel asks why they haven’t seen her before. She cites that she’s not a trained dancer. Nigel gives her a ticket to Vegas. Good for her.

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Next up, the couple that met in line last year. Eeeew. Get a room you two.

Kelly MacCoy- 21- Cincinatti, OH- Team Stage
Started dancing when she was 3. She’s primarily a contemporary dancer. She needs to do something with her hair. It’s a bit of a mess when she dances. She’s a solid dancer though. It’s one of those heavy amounts of turning and floor work contemporary dances. Standard stuff, but she shows that she’s got what it takes to move on. Nigel says she reminds him of Ginger Rogers, and loves her feet. He felt her connection to the music. Paula says it’s in the moments even when she’s not dancing. Jason says it was a stunning performance, and says she’s one of the best they’ve seen. It’s a yes from all three. Vegas! Will her husband make it?

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Tyrell Noll- 21- Cincinatti, OH- Team Street
He’s opted to freestyle his audition, but it’s basically animation. If this is really a freestyle, he’s a terrific freestyler. Paula loved his choice of music, and that he told a story. Nigel didn’t think there was a lot of dancing, and thought he’s seen the same moves but done better. Paula argues and says that he deserves to go through because he’s different. Jason gives it two thumbs up, and says there was an element of acting in it. He gets a no from Nigel, but a yes from both Paula and Jason, so he’s through. He’s not the best animator, but he did bring something special to the table. He deserves to advance.

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We’re treated now to a bizarre promo for Stage Vs Street, turning Twitch and Travis into superheroes. Travman Vs SuperTwitch. #lame

Corey “Mission” Whitfield- 30- Detroit, MI- Team Street
He’s a dance teacher, and has worked with the Detroit Pistons. His students are in the audience watching. He’s not just a hip hop dancer, he’s also a breaker, which we haven’t seen a lot of these past few seasons. He’s got personality. 30? I can’t remember the last time a contender was 30 years old. He’s gonna be up against a lot of kids who are a lot younger and have more energy. Jason loved it, Paula loves that he’s 30 and has oozing spirit. Nigel wants to see him dance with his students. His students are equally impressive breakdancers/stunt acrobatic dancers. Too bad they aren’t auditioning. They look old enough. I wonder why not. He’s through to VEGAS!

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Next up, a montage of some really good Street dancers also getting tickets to Vegas.

Brooke Fong- 18- Dublin, CA- Stage Dancer
Her dad came to see her dance. She’s been dancing since she was two. It’s gotta be weird to do sexy dances with your dad in the audience. She reigns it in, and focuses just on actual dancing and technique, which is great. Her dad is crying in the audience. She’s a solid dancer. Jason loved her pirouettes. Paula loves her control in her core. Nigel says she was sharper than a quill on a porcupine’s ass. He says she’s raising the standard this year. Three yes votes sends Brooke to Vegas.

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And now, a montage of Team Stage hopefuls, including our first tapper of the season.

Two friends auditioning. One for Team Street. One for Team Stage.

Chelsea Harold- 25- Bronx, NY- Team Stage
Her life was difficult. She starts crying, immediately when starting to talk about her life. She was bullied a lot as a kid for having a single parent, and being mixed race. She started dancing when she was 9. Her dancing is OK. I think she showed a lot of technique, but I wasn’t crazy about her lines/extensions. Paula says she’s proficient, but there are areas she needs work in, like her extensions. Nigel says it wasn’t strong enough. Jason felt the emotion was internalized. Good, but not outstanding. It’s a No from all three. She has a good attitude, and says she’ll keep working. In the two second preview we see of her friend before the break, I can already tell she’s amazing.

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Cat explores the crazy names the dancers have, and then we go into a montage, leading into a stage dancer with a stage name. J-South. She’s annoying.

Jessica “J-South” Southwall- 23- Orlando, FL- Team Stage
She’s gonna do tap and charleston today. She’s from Orlando. I’m sorry. She slips and falls during her dance. She’s a mediocre tapper, and a sub-par charleston dancer. Nigel calls it juvenile. Paula says she had a period look, and needs to work on the cleanliness of her taps. Jason calls her a dirty Snow White. She gets a No from all judges.

Now a montage of all the No dancers today. Some of them didn’t look too bad. The BFF from earlier is up next.

Samantha Reyes- 19- Bronx, NY- Team Street
She got kicked out of school for fighting. She fights when she feels disrepected, and with a bad home, she feels angry all the time. She dances on the street, and calls herself the parent in her house. Her mom is disabled, and her dad is an alcoholic. This girl deserves a shot. Her dancing in her montage is unreal. She’s gonna freestyle. I absolutely need some female hip hop dancers in the Top 10 this year. She’s great. Her moves are unreal. She sometimes mouths the words, and that needs to stop, but her dancing is sick. She’s a little crazy, but she knows what moves impress. Good for her. Jason loved the spirit and the passion. Jason says she knows its time to grow up. Paula sees a softness in her. Paula says she needs to be taught choreography. Nigel says he sees a girl who has to be tough, but there’s something feminine still about her. Jason says Yes. Paula says Yes. Nigel says Yes. She’s going to Vegas!

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Yay for female hip-hop dancers!

10 dancers made Team Street, and 5 made Team Stage at the end of the day.

Miranda Wilking- 18- Wisconsin- Team Stage
Our next dancer turned 18 the day of her audition. That’s super convenient. They sing Happy Birthday to her. Jason says it must be meant to be. Odd song choice. She’s not really quite on the beat of this song, or at the energy level. Other than it being a fierce song, I don’t see the point for her. She’s a fighter. You can see it in her dance. She’;s someone who will literally dance for her life. No feedback from the judges, just tickets held high.

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Aaron Viland- Verona, IL- Team Street
He calls his style PopNLockimation. He’s been dancing for five years. He’s not strong enough. It’s not terrible. He’s doing some weird creep walk, but it’s not really dancing. Definitely not popnlock. We’re told to #SYTYCDcreep. What a bizarre turn of events. Nigel thanks him, but says it isn’t strong enough to continue, but it made everyone happy and calls him an entertainer. Paula says he’ll be an internet sensation. Jason says they needed a wake up call. It’s a No for Vegas though.

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Up next, the JIT!

Another montage of dancers getting tickets to Vegas. Leading into, the DETROIT JIT!

The founders of the Jit talk about how they originated it.

Mike Manson- 26- Inkster, WI- Team Street
Mike Manson Dat Be Dancin. He’s gonna Jit in his audition, but also pops. He can definitely move. He lacks the showmanship in his face though. His face is basically stuck in one expression the whole dances. He dances only from the shoulder down. Paula thinks he’s wonderful. Jason says he thinks he has more to offer. He gets a ticket to Vegas.

Click to Watch Mike Manson’s Audition Video

Kelsey Rose Young- 18-Canton, MI- Team Stage
She’s a Tapper. She’s dancing to Bang Bang. She’s an aggressive tapper. I’d love to see her hair controlled a bit more, but she’s the best tapper we’ve seen this season. She’s got personality for days too. Nigel says she’s a born performer. Jason says she’s a mainstream tapper. Nigel thought it was a bit over the top, but she’s still THROUGH TO VEGAS!

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WE NEED ANOTHER MONTAGE! This time, stage dancers.

Up next, is the motor city out of gas?

Gaby Diaz-18- Miami, FL- Team Stage
She auditioned last week in Dallas, and they thought her solo was too busy, and got cut. So, she just went to the next city. She’s clearly taken their feedback and worked out the kind of solo they want. It reminds me of Bianca Revels. She’s got personality and presence. This girl is a contender and a fighter. I’m glad she came back. The judges clearly enjoyed it a lot more this time around. Paula says it paid off, and Jason says it was like she was a new dancer. She’s through to Vegas!

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Roydell Shannon-26- Detroit, MI- Team Street
He’s a krump dancer. His mom and dad both died, and his older brother raised him. He’s got a girlfriend and a son now. I can see why they saved him for last. He’s strong, masculine, and bringing krump back into the competition. He repeats moves a lot though. He could stand to be choreographed a bit. Roydell dances with his son on stage. His son is adorable. He’s like 3, just flailing around, but he’s adorable. The judges praise the little boy. lol. Nigel says that Roydell was just as good as Russell, who won his season of SYTYCD. Paula applauds his commitment to detail. Definitely through to Vegas.

Click to Watch Roydell Shannon’s Audition Video

And that’s a wrap. 55 dancers are now on Team Stage, and 60 are on Team Street. Join me next week for the Los Angeles auditions!

In the meantime, sound off in the comments. Who did you enjoy? Who are you excited about?

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