SYTYCD Season 12 Episode 2 – Detroit Auditions

Samantha Reyes- 19- Bronx, NY- Team Street – She got kicked out of school for fighting. She fights when she feels disrepected, and with a bad home, she feels angry all the time. She dances on the street, and calls herself the parent in her house. Her mom is disabled, and her dad is an alcoholic. This girl deserves a shot. Her dancing in her montage is unreal. She’s gonna freestyle. I absolutely need some female hip hop dancers in the Top 10 this year. She’s great. Her moves are unreal. She sometimes mouths the words, and that needs to stop, but her dancing is sick. She’s a little crazy, but she knows what moves impress. Good for her. Jason loved the spirit and the passion. Jason says she knows its time to grow up. Paula sees a softness in her. Paula says she needs to be taught choreography. Nigel says he sees a girl who has to be tough, but there’s something feminine still about her. Jason says Yes. Paula says Yes. Nigel says Yes. She’s going to Vegas!

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