SYTYCD Season 12 Episode 2 – Detroit Auditions

Corey “Mission” Whitfield- 30- Detroit, MI- Team Street – He’s a dance teacher, and has worked with the Detroit Pistons. His students are in the audience watching. He’s not just a hip hop dancer, he’s also a breaker, which we haven’t seen a lot of these past few seasons. He’s got personality. 30? I can’t remember the last time a contender was 30 years old. He’s gonna be up against a lot of kids who are a lot younger and have more energy. Jason loved it, Paula loves that he’s 30 and has oozing spirit. Nigel wants to see him dance with his students. His students are equally impressive breakdancers/stunt acrobatic dancers. Too bad they aren’t auditioning. They look old enough. I wonder why not. He’s through to VEGAS!

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