SYTYCD 2019 Recap – Top 10 Perform Part 2- Results Live Blog (Video)

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE: TOP 10 TO 8: L-R: Top 8 contestants Mariah Russell, Bailey Munoz, Madison Jordan, Ezra Sosa, Gino Cosculleuela, Sophie Pittman, Anna Linstruth and Benjamin Castro on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE airing Monday, Aug. 19 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2019 Fox Media LLC. Cr: Adam Rose

Good Monday All :)

Tonight, the top ten return the stage to perform once again for America’s votes. Unlike last week however, at the end of the night, two dancers will be eliminated. This is the final program before the show moves to two-hour editions starting next Monday night.

Last week’s performance show was decent, if unspectacular. The seemingly obvious choice is that Eddie will get the boot tonight for the guys. With the girls, it is less clear. However, as we have seen many times before, America tends to get behind an underdog. Could Eddie survive to dance another day?

I thought the guys overall turned in better performances last week than the ladies, with the exception of our tapper. But with new routines in new styles on deck for tonight, this is a second chance for this season’s crop to impress. Who will catch your eye and compel you to throw them some votes?

Voting commences at the conclusion of the show. Here’s a handy recap of how to vote:

Three ways you can vote:
(1) With the FOXNOW app for mobile phones.
(2) At the website
(3) By using the text number 21523 – Send a text to that number using the dancer’s first name. Example: text Mariah to 21523 to vote Mariah.

A limit of 20 votes for each method. Voting ends tomorrow morning at 9AM Eastern with results announced at the end of next week’s show.

With all that being covered, let’s get this started…

That was a spectacularly good opening number. One of the better ones I have seen in some time. It was quite raw and included lots of athleticism. Very well choreographed by Travis Wall and performed well by everyone. Yes, I am even including Eddie in that praise. Good stuff there you should go out of your way to catch.

Stephanie & Gina (Jive) – Emma & Sasha
What? Are you kidding me right now? Gino isn’t a ballroom expert? That was cuckoo for a jive. So good. Those kicks and flicks were on point. And the energy was matched by the character and emotion. So impressive. I expect it from Stephanie as she is dancing in her style but the shock here was that Gino kept up so damn well. He was actually the star of that routine in many parts. Outstanding job.

Mary says they were hitting with their greatness. She of course, gets up to scream. Dom takes back what he said about Gino last week and calls him a star. He also gives props to Stephanie. Laurie says she smells greatness. Nigel says Stephanie was fantastic but Nigel says all the credit goes to Gino for tonight.

Results from last week- Gino is safe. Stephanie is in DANGER.

Sophie & Eddie (Contemporary) – Travis Wall
Did Travis dumb down that choreography for Eddie? A whole lot of it was him basically dragging Sophie around. I mean, he supported her well but there wasn’t much he was personally asked to do there. On the plus side, he danced better here than he did last week. So good on that. Sophie was fine but the number wasn’t anything special or thrilling. They had a mattress so it was one of those contemporary pieces but it didn’t hit me emotionally like his pieces usually do.

Dom praises Travis and says the emotion was there as well as the chemistry. Laurie calls Sophie an incredible storyteller. She tells Eddie brought it this week with his commitment. Nigel calls Sophie brilliant and says Eddie was there for Sophie throughout the performance. Mary calls Sophie liquid gold. She tells Eddie good on him for picking himself up.

Interesting praise there for Eddie. Is it because he is going home tonight? Hmm. We shall see.

Results from last week- Eddie is in DANGER. Sophie is safe.

Anna & Benjamin (Hip-Hop) – Randi And Hef
Haha. Cute routine. Some nice moves in there. I could have done without those flips toward the end because both didn’t exactly nail them and they actually almost fell. But ignoring that, it was a good piece. It was danced well enough and both had some swagger going. Was it totally authentic from start to finish? Eh, I don’t quite thing so, which is surprising for Anna since this is her style. But it was adequate and Benjamin continues to impress outside of his genre.

Laurie calls it amazing. She says Benjamin’s gift is to dance. But she was disappointed in Anna. Nigel thought they both sparkled. He loves them as a couple. Mary agrees that Benjamin knocked it out of the park but she also praises Anna. Dom calls it a phenomenal performance from both of them and he thanks them for the commitment.

Results from last week- Benjamin is safe. Anna is in DANGER.

Madison & Ezra (Jazz) – Ray Leeper
That was hot. I wasn’t feeling the chemistry at the start but it grew toward the middle and by the end, I was totally sold. It was like an old school cabaret number. Just enough sensuality while still being fun and it was well danced and both were into it. Madison was very strong here and was totally on point with the character. They definitely continue to be a strong pairing when you take into account last week and this.

Nigel praises Ray Leeper. He says the chemistry was there and says Bob Fosse would have loved Madison. He feels the chemistry stood out. Mary says the songs is known as one of the sexiest in history and they lived up to it. Dom agrees and loved the moment when Madison was seducing Ezra as he was sitting in the chair. Laurie is all smiles and all praises, though I cannot understand a word she is saying.

Results from last week- Ezra is in DANGER. Madison is safe.

Someone had to join Eddie in the bottom. I thought Gino’s harsh comments last week would get him there but I am not totally shocked by Ezra. That makes both Sosa siblings in the bottom this week.

Mariah & Bailey (Hip-Hop) – Luther Brown
DAMN. You hear those screams from the crowd during that? Hip-hop dances usually are a crowd favorite but that was crazy. I might be underestimating just how popular this couple is. They could potentially go all the way. This was a fun and engaging number with a whole lot of style and groove. Loved the idea behind it as well. Both were good here, with Mariah being the surprise of course considering Bailey is for the most part, in a style similar to what he does best. Good job.

Results from last week- both are safe. They are the only couple were both partners were safe. I really did underestimate the popularity here. Between that and the judges praise, we could be looking at the last two standing.

Mary says that was everything. She loved how down in the pocket they were. She calls it her favorite number of the night and the couple to beat. Dom is shocked by Mariah and felt Bailey brought the Soy Sauce. Laurie says the hip hop community will be proud of that. Nigel says Bailey strong and says Mariah was incredible. He echoes Mary that they are the couple to beat.

Time for the final results of the evening:
Nigel is taking into account how they danced this evening as well as last week and the audience votes. They are saving Ezra for the boys. It was a three to one vote for the girls and they are saving Anna.

Eddie & Stephanie have been eliminated

New partnerships will be formed next week as now, Sophie and Gino are without their respective partners and will team up.

Stephanie thanks her family and tells the girls of America they can do anything. Eddie thanks the judges and his partner and tells people to never doubt themselves. The eliminations on this show are always BRUTAL to watch. So much emotion when dancers are given the boot. I find it even more so with this show than other competition programs. But no worries for these two as they get to go on tour and are now exposed in the dance world.

Next week- our first two-hour show with two more eliminations. I hope you guys enjoyed tonight’s show and get to voting to keep your favorites safe. See y’all in a week’s time. :)