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SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE: L-R Front Row: Top 16 contestants Jim Nowakowski, Jessica “JJ” Rabone, Marissa Milele, Megan “Megz” Alfonso, Derek Piquette, Jana “JaJa” Vankova, L-R: Top Row: Gaby Diaz, Asaf Goren, Yorelis Apolinario, Virgil Gadson, Edson Juarez, Kate Harpootlian, Alexia Meyer, Ariana Crowder, Hailee Payne and Eddie “Neptune” Eskridge on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE airing Monday, July 27 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) on FOX. ©2015 FOX Broadcasting Co. Cr: Adam Rose

Join me here tonight. Two more dancers go home. Will one of them be Asaf?
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Who was nearly kidnapped? LOL.

Opening Top 16 Dance- Love Is Free- Robyn – This feels like a Sonya routine. Please tell me we’re done with all the new choreographers. Virgil, Alexia, and Hailee stood out the most for me. Asaf did… and he looked… not great.

Click to Watch the Top 16 perform a Sonya Tayeh Routine  – Performance VIDEO

Why are we short a Team Stage member? OMG. WHAT HAPPENED?

Last week’s results by team. Team Stage pulled in 50.5% and Team Street did 49.5%. Team Street is closing the gap.

Derek injured himself in rehearsals. If he survives tonight, he’ll be in danger automatically next week since he can’t dance for his life.

Same judges.

1) Jaja and Hailee- Jazz with Ray Leeper- Endangered Species by Dianne Reeves
Jaja is engaged. Her fiance is a dancer. Hailee is not a natural blonde. Duh. Honey, no one thought that was natural. They’re doing a female empowerment piece. Team Hail-Ja! What a way to show off Jaja’s technical shortcomings. Put her against Hailee. Hailee is slaying this. Jaja’s extensions don’t match hers. She’s trying. For a street dancer who wasn’t good enough for last year, I’m still impressed, but its hard to be too impressed when Hailee is slaying this so hard. I could have used more interaction between the two. There was virtually no interaction between them. Nigel calls Hailee a sensation, and says Jaja is one of the most interesting street dancers ever on the program, and she’s improving so much each week. He thought the choreo was perfect. Paula thought Jaja, from where she got cut last year to now, that her journey is remarkable. Paula says we are lasered into Hailee. Jason thought it was a great opening. He’s proud of Jaja. He tells her to be careful of her leg extension. (WOW! Jason was the only one to critique Jaja. Mad props.) He says Hailee is becoming a star. RESULTS! Both dancers are safe.

Click to Watch Jaja and Hailee perform Jazz – Performance VIDEO

2) Neptune and Alexia- Hip Hop with Dave Scott- Flex (Ooo Ooo Oooh)
Neptune has a four year old daughter. Alexia has a blind toy poodle. Neptune is in his style. He has to kill it. There’s a padded wall on stage. Neptune climbs over it like a boss. I’ve been impressed with Alexia’s journey on the show so far. She’s really going for it. Neptune has swag for days, but Alexia is putting her full effort into this bizarre dance. A very solid dance for both dancers. And… INTERACTION! Yay! Paula calls it a fun routine. She says they both committed to their characters. Jason thinks Neptune is important for his team, and he thinks Alexia is getting better every week. Nigel agrees that Alexia is getting better. Nigel says America is crazy if they don’t recognize how hard they are working. RESULTS! Alexia and Neptune are both SAFE! Cat says seven guys had to hold up that wall.

Click to Watch Neptune and Alexia perform Hip Hop – Performance VIDEO

JJ does an Argentine Tango without Derek… up next! What? No Knock Knock live promo? (Too soon for a joke?) Possibly win a chance to watch the finale… in person!

3) Derek and JJ- Argentine Tango with Miriam and Leonardo- Duo De Amor by Astor Piazzolla
Derek is adopted. JJ loves the top knot. Derek injured his back, and sprained a muscle near his spine, and he had to take the week off. Derek says he’s going to work on getting healthy. Stepping in is Leonardo, her choreographer. Well, she now has the benefit of dancing with a true pro. She looks fantastic. This is the best JJ has done yet on the show. She doesn’t look like a hip hopper doing ballroom, she looks like at least a contemporary dancer who knows how to use her legs and her “beauty and grace”. A completely different side of JJ. Jason says “girl you brought sexy back.” Jason says it was unbelievable. She held her own. Nigel says she would have made the hot tamale train. He calls her a credit to her team. Paula thought it was a beautiful routine, and says it was an incredible transformation. I agree. This is a new JJ. Even though she’s probably in the bottom, I can’t see her going home after that. I’d be afraid to be in the bottom two with her. RESULTS! Both dancers are in danger. Derek would also be in danger next week if saved this week.

Click to Watch Leonardo and JJ perform Argentine Tango – Performance VIDEO

4) Ariana and Jim- Contemporary with Sean Cheesman- Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Ariana also wanted to be a makeup artist. Jim loves bubble baths. He calls it “Jim Time”. Jim is struggling with his depression (Ariana) in this dance. Twitch thinks this is the routine for Ariana to finally break through. There are these two round table looking things on stage for the dance. This cover is amazing, first of all. Haunting. Jim’s got the emotion down, and Ariana has this very dangerous look about her in the dance. I think this is my favorite dance of the night. It’s a nice rebound for Jim from last week. Now he’s standing. That wilting pirouette he did was beautiful. Ending up on that table… gorgeous. Standing O from the judges. For those of you hating this years routines, if you hate this… you just don’t have a soul. Nigel thought they both conveyed the message, and calls dance a great weapon against depression. Nigel thinks Ariana is brilliant every week and doesn’t know why she’s not connecting with the audience. Nigel says Jim is not struggling on this show, and says he’s brilliant. Paula says it worked beautifully and seamlessly, and thought Ariana kept up with Jim. Jason says he’s blown away by Ariana. He says he can’t tell what team she’s on, and Paula says “Team Talent”. Jason says he’s never seen technique like Jim’s live. Nigel gives a shoutout to the Lighting Director (Bob) for that routine. RESULTS! Jim is safe. Ariana is in danger again. Damn.

Click to Watch Ariana and Jim perform Contemporary – Performance VIDEO

5) Virgil and Gaby-Broadway by AJ Blackstone- Where or When by Sammy Davis Jr
Virgil has a Jazz Band that plays in Manhattan. He’s the lead vocalist. Gaby would be a chef if she wasn’t a dancer, except she can’t actually cook. Technically, Virgil is in his style… having actually performed on Broadway. Travis thinks this is the week for Gaby. Virgil says don’t underestimate the little guys. Gaby gets to open the number with a little tap. Both these dancers look great in this style. Virgil was born to be on Broadway. He’s so damn cheerful and entertaining. He jumps over Gaby, an impressive feat considering she’s already taller than him, and in heels. So much personality. Another great dance. Very cheeky. Paula says they both make her happy, and calls them a day at Disneyland. Paula calls Virgil a young Sammy Davis J, and says Gaby is impeccable. Jason “went to college for music theatre”. He went to AMDA. Jason tells Gaby not to let Virgil upstage her. Nigel disagrees with Jason and says they were a power couple. Sammy Davis Jr’s son is in the audience. Wow. Nigel says Sammy Davis Jr was his inspiration to start dancing. RESULTS! Both dancers are safe!

Click to Watch Virgil and Gaby perform Broadway – Performance VIDEO

6) Asaf and Kate- Jazz by Sean Cheesman- Braveheart by Neon Jungle
Asaf’s favorite foods are Donuts and Peanut Butter. Together. Kate was almost kidnapped by a famous serial killer when she was 4. She was escorted around by the FBI for a while for her protection. WOW. That’s a story. Kate wins the night. Asaf is worried about his mom watching this routine. Sean is making Asaf do lifts (apparently, because he wants her to die). Kate admits to Travis that she’s scared. This is why Asaf has to go. Kate’s hair tonight is on point. Asaf just kind of stands there a lot, looking hot and strong. His floor work is strong as usual. He has very little upright movement. Most of it is supporting Kate. When he is dancing, it’s inconsistent. Kate needs to learn to hit her moves a bit more. I didn’t like this routine. I feel Kate’s pain, but this was my least favorite of the night from both dancers. Jason thought it was good, and says Kate always brings it. Jason tells Asaf that they got heat for saving him, and he doesn’t regret it, and thinks he worked his butt off this week. He says Asaf is still in the danger zone. Nigel thinks Kate’s technique has never been in question, just her connection, and she connected with him tonight. He tells Asaf that he’s told all the time by the choreographers how hard he works, and that he danced his “asaf” this week. Paula says Kate trusted her partner, and Asaf was there for her. The judges must have seen a different dance. Yes, Asaf has come a long way, but we’re down to the Top 16. RESULTS! Both dancers are in danger. That finishes out Team Street’s bottom three.

Click to Watch Asaf and Kate perform Jazz – Performance VIDEO

7) Marissa and Yorelis- Hip Hop by Christopher Scott- Let Go- Kezwik feat Mimi Page
Marissa used to be a power tumbler. She was training for the junior olympics when she was little. Yorelis is a go-go dancer. Yorelis is in her style. Yorelis is hypnotizing Marissa. Marissa’s tricks look great in hip hop. Don’t forget that Yorelis is new to Hip Hop. She’s come a long way, but these two look pretty evenly matched. Yorelis handles the flow a bit better than Marissa, but Marissa can do some pretty great tricks too. I’d say they’re evenly matched. Not the best routine of the night, but a good one. Nigel thought Marissa’s tumbling skills really worked into the routine, and thought she needed the liquid flow. Nigel calls Yorelis beautiful and sensational, like she hasn’t been choreographed. He thought it was excellent. Paula compliments them both, and thought the choreography was smart. Jason thought it was a good performance, but says it falls a little short. He wanted it bigger and more intense. Why is Jason the best judge tonight? He’s the only one not afraid to critique the contestants. RESULTS! Yorelis is safe. Marissa in the bottom three. That means Edson is safe!

Click to Watch Marissa and Yorelis perform Hip Hop – Performance VIDEO

8) Edson and Megz- Contemporary by Talia- You There by Aquilo
Edson is a cheerleader. Megz has 378 pairs of shoes. Megz says this piece lets her be her true self. Travis says Edson can’t leave any room for error. Yup. This is another great routine. I know why this is closing the night. The lift where Megz is just resting on Edson’s shoulders and he’s not holding her? Crazy. Crazy balancing skills. Where he puts his shirt on her head… really cool trick. Megz looks like she’s in her style. In many ways, she’s out dancing Edson. I think this is the dance that Edson needed though, to help him break through with the audience and avoid the bottom three. Standing O from the judges. Paula got goosebumps and is very taken with the routine. She calls Megz truly amazing. Jason says “easily one of the best performances of the night.” Jason thinks this number will go down in SYTYCD history. Nigel says for the first time a shirt has come off for a good reason. Cat responds “so YOU say”. She deserves an Emmy. I <3 Cat. Nigel thinks Megz and Jaja have become contemporary dancers. Nigel thinks Edson really released his emotions tonight. We already know our bottom six, so Edson and Megz are safe!

Click to Watch Edson and Megz perform Contemporary – Performance VIDEO

Time to twitter save. Who will you save?

I voted to save Ariana and Marissa.

9) Team Street Group Routine- Commas
This will separate the hustlers from the non-hustlers? Asaf dances like Arnold Schwarzenegger sometimes. It’s so stiff. Unusually stiff for a hip hop dancer. He’s got no bounce. Everyone is killing this dance, but him. He finally gets to do some stunts in the middle of the dance. Why do I have a bad feeling like they might save him again? Strong dance, but… not memorable. Sorry.

Click to Watch Team Street Group Routine – Performance VIDEO

10) Team Stage Group Routine- Beautiful Friends by Helen Money
Travis is choreographing this dance, about a ghostlight. Pitch black stage, each dancer has their own light pole. This dance completely owns the Team Street dance this week. I’ll remember this dance. So creepy. So effective. This is what winning looks like. I’m already wanting to see this dance at the finale. Emmy nominate that dance right now! Cat says it’ll go down in history. I agree.

Click to Watch Team Stage Routine – Performance VIDEO

Now for some results!

TEAM STREET: Jaja, Neptune, Virgil, Yorelis, Megz
TEAM STAGE: Hailee, Alexia, Jim, Gaby, Edson

TEAM STREET: JJ, Ariana, Asaf
TEAM STAGE: Derek, Kate, Marissa


Moment of truth judges. Do the right thing. Save Ariana. Send Asaf home. America has TWICE had the chance to save him, and they haven’t. At least Ariana got the save last week. As far as Team Stage, I’d send home Kate, but I honestly can’t predict what they’ll do. It’s a 50/50 split.

SAVED BY THE JUDGES: Kate and Ariana

ELIMINATED: Marissa and Asaf (You could tell he knew he was going home.)

Join me on Thursday for my Top 14 power list. Next week… FOUR DANCERS GO HOME. This is serious. This is not a drill. Don’t forget to vote. Hope you enjoyed the live blog tonight. Sound off in the comments below. Are you sad to see Marissa and Asaf go? Who’s your favorite dancer?

Click to Watch Marissa and Asaf – VIDEO

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