Survivor Season 43 Week 4 Recap and Live Blog

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The episode begins with Vesi returning to camp. Noelle tells them that she appreciates them keeping her. Cody says it was brutal having to vote out Nneka. He says Vesi is in last place, and they need to start winning. Meanwhile on the Baka tribe, Gabler is annoying his tribe members. In the middle of the night, he places palm fronds on Sami and Elie while they’re sleeping. He explains the palm fronds are to use as blankets, but Sami is irritated to be woken up. The next morning, Elie and Gabler get into a disagreement while trying to start fire. Elie says in her confessional that Gabler is a detriment to both the game and camp life. Gabler doesn’t trust Elie, especially after she rummaged through his bag.

It’s time for the reward challenge. One tribe member must knock blocks with sand bags. Afterwards, they must walk on two block to the end of a path. Lastly, the other three tribe members must each land one sand bag on a hanging disc. The first tribe to finish will win ten fresh fish. In addition, the winning tribe can steal one item from another tribe. The challenge begins, and Cody gives an early lead to Vesi. He keeps the tribe in the lead throughout the challenge. It becomes closer when it’s time for the others to land the sand bags on the hanging discs. Jesse and Noelle land their sand bags, but Dwight is struggling. Jeanine manages to land one for Baka, and Geo lands one for Coco. However, Dwight finally lands the third sand bag. Vesi wins reward! After the other two tribes leave, Vesi tells Jeff they don’t have fire to prepare the fish. They request to trade the fish for a a basket of fruit, which was a previous reward.

Vesi returns to camp and enjoy their basket of fruit. They say it feels good to finally win a challenge again. They discuss what they are going to do about the tribe raid. Cody wants to hit the other tribe hard, but Noelle, Dwight, and Jesse say they need to be diplomatic and think about the long-term game. Later, Cody visits the Coco tribe, and the Coco tribe is surprised to see him. They speculated he would’ve taken something from the Baka tribe since they won a larger fishing gear reward. Cody tells them he wants to take their machete. Coco says the machete is their most valuable tool, so they want to negotiate. They manage to persuade Cody to take some fishing gear and limes instead of the machete. After Cody leaves, Karla says that she doesn’t trust Cody. She points out how Cody left with more than what he initially asked for.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. The tribe members must knock down heavy sand bags and find a key. They must use this key to unlock bags of puzzle pieces and drag them under a net obstacle. Afterwards, they will open the bags of puzzle pieces and put the pieces together to form a square. Next, they must carry the same puzzle pieces up a cargo net to a platform. Finally, they must use the puzzle pieces to form a triangle. The first two tribes to finish will win immunity. The challenge begins, and Baka takes the early lead when they solve the square puzzle first. Coco is trailing behind, but they have a chance at a comeback when it comes to the triangle puzzle. All tribes are working on the triangle puzzle at the same time, but Vesi solves it first. Vesi wins immunity! It’s down to Baka and Coco, but Vesi decides to help Baka. They tell them how to arrange the pieces into a triangle. The help works, and Baka completes the puzzle. Baka wins immunity! Coco will go to tribal council. Cassidy remarks how the two tribes united as the loser tribes to knock down Coco since they have yet to go to tribal council.

The Coco tribe returns to camp. Geo and Ryan are a duo, and they tell James and Karla that the target is Cassidy. Unbeknownst to Geo and Ryan, James and Karla are already aligned with Cassidy. Cassidy and Lindsay want to vote out Geo tonight, and they share this plan with Karla and James. They are on board with voting out Geo tonight. However, Lindsay gets paranoid. She thinks the plan tonight seems too easy. She wonders why is everyone still scrambling around the island if the plan is already in place. Karla and James try to reassure Lindsay that she’s not the target tonight, but she can’t help but feel like she’s the target. Karla and James later discuss that Lindsay may be too paranoid to keep as an ally. James wants to calm Lindsay’s nerves, but he says her paranoia could be her demise. Karla agrees that Lindsay is shooting herself in the foot. Karla and James debate how they should vote. Lindsay may be too unreliable to work with, but Karla says Geo is too power-hungry and needs to go.

It’s time for tribal council. Jeff asks for catch-up since this is their first time together. Ryan says they are a family and have eaten every night. James says Geo and Ryan are providers for the tribe. Jeff asks what have they learned the past nine days. Lindsay says they know what works for them and what it takes to win. She says losing immunity today was a wake-up call. Some people spoke more to others. Ryan admitted he didn’t talk to Lindsay. Geo says he doesn’t care how the vote goes as long as it’s not him, but he admits he’s nervous. Karla tells Jeff she noticed scrambling after the immunity challenge. They had to do fact-checking with each other. Lindsay admits she was getting paranoid and may have done too much fact-checking. Geo just wanted to keep his people calm. He knows someone will be hurt at the end of the day since it’s part of the game. James says they need to chill to show trust. Cassidy says everything can change by the seconds, and only trust will be proven by the vote. Karla says discussion didn’t end until they had to leave. Karla says there are still a lot of questions in the air. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote.

Jeff reads the votes. The first vote is for…






Lindsay is the fourth person voted out of Survivor 43.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Survivor 43. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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