The Amazing Race 34 Recap – Week 4 Live Blog

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The episode picks up from last week’s Mega Leg. Lumumba finally finished the Roadblock and he and Glenda can proceed to Florence, Italy. All the other teams are already making their way there. Marcus & Michael and Emily & Molly are the first teams to find the clue box. They learn they have a Roadblock to complete. One team member must chisel a block to reveal an art sculpture. Marcus and Molly choose to do the Roadblock. The rest of the teams eventually arrive. Choosing to do the Roadblock in the order they arrive are Michelle, Sharik, Abby, Mattie, Aubrey, Derek, and Lumumba. Rich & Dom are lost on the drive to the Roadblock.

Molly is the first to finish the Roadblock. She and Emily now have a Detour to complete: “Eye for Fashion” requires teams to memorize details of models’ outfits from three fashion shoots. “Window of Opportunity” requires teams to pick up food from different windows and then deliver it to diners. Emily & Molly choose to do “Eye for Fashion.” Marcus finishes the Roadblock next, and he and Michael choose the same Detour.

Rich & Dom finally arrive at the Roadblock. All the other teams are far along the chiseling task, and Dom in convinced she cannot do the task. She believes she has to chisel a sculpture herself instead of just revealing a sculpture underneath the block. Dom wants to take a 4-hour penalty, but Rich persuades her to try the Roadblock for at least fifteen minutes first. While teams are still chiseling at the Roadblock, Emily & Molly and Marcus & Michael are already working on the “Eye for Fashion” Detour.

Aubrey, Michelle, Abby, and Mattie are the next ones to finish the Roadblock. They choose which Detour to do next. Will & Abby, Quinton & Mattie, and Luis & Michelle choose to do “Window of Opportunity.” Aubrey & David choose “Eye for Fashion.” Derek completes the Roadblock next, and he and Claire make their way to the “Window of Opportunity” Detour. Sharik is struggling with the Roadblock. She has her sculpture checked multiple times, but she needs to fix up the holes with plaster. She finally completes it, and she and Linton can proceed to the Detour. They choose “Window of Opportunity.” Sharik is feeling down about her struggle with the Roadblock and chiseling for an hour and a half. She says she wants to go home.

Emily & Molly and Marcus & Michael take the exam to see if they memorized the models’ outfits and locations correctly. Marcus & Michael fail after their first attempt. They didn’t pay attention to the locations; they only focused on the outfits. Meanwhile, Lumumba completes the Roadblock. He and Glenda proceed to the “Window of Opportunity” Detour. Only Dom is remaining at the Roadblock. She breaks down in tears as she’s feeling overwhelmed. Emily & Molly pass the exam and can proceed to the Pit Stop: Piazza Ognissanti.

Emily & Molly are Team #1! They win Expedia Reward Points for a trip to Sydney, Australia. Marcus & Michael arrive later as Team #2. Meanwhile, teams are working on their Detour tasks. Luis & Michelle and Quinton & Mattie work together on the “Window of Opportunity” Detour. Sharik keeps telling Linton that she wants to go home. Back at the Roadblock, Dom is still crying and apologizing to Rich. She finally completes the Roadblock, but she and Rich may be too far behind to catch up at this point. They choose the “Eye for Fashion” Detour.

Will & Abby greet Phil as Team #3. Arriving afterwards are Luis & Michelle and Quinton & Mattie as Team #4 and Team #5 respectively. Aubrey & David arrive later as Team #6. Derek & Claire greet Phil next as Team #7.

It’s already nightfall while Linton & Sharik, Glenda & Lumumba, and Rich & Dom are working on their Detour tasks. Sharik repeatedly tells Linton that she wants to go home. Rich & Dom keep failing the “Eye for Fashion” exam and wonder if they should go back and revisit the piazzas. While they go back, Glenda & Lumumba arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #8.

Rich & Dom are putting their final answers on the exam at the same time Linton & Sharik deliver the food. Linton & Sharik are only slightly ahead as Rich & Dom finally pass the exam. It’s a close race, but Linton & Sharik arrive as Team #9. Phil tells them they have the choice to go home or keep racing. Linton wants to keep racing, and Sharik reluctantly agrees to keep racing for her father. Later, Rich & Dom are the last team to reach the Pit Stop. Rich & Dom have been eliminated from the race.

Leg Summary

1st place: Emily & Molly

2nd place: Marcus & Michael

3rd place: Will & Abby

4th place: Luis & Michelle

5th place: Quinton & Mattie

6th place: Aubrey & David

7th place: Derek & Claire

8th place: Glenda & Lumumba

9th place: Linton & Sharik

Eliminated: Rich & Dom

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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