Survivor Caramoan Episode 5 Discussion and Recap *Updated with Polls*


It’s time for another episode of Survivor. It is starting to turn into an entertaining season and this week it looks like we will finally see some drama at the Favorites tribe.

I’m excited to see what sets Brandon off. At this point nothing would surprise me because the Hantz family is crazy.

For last weeks Poll results “strength” won with almost 72% of the vote. Not really surprising at this point of the game but we are only a few episodes away from Loyalty being needed to make it to the end. It will be interesting to see how the fans learn to walk that narrow line.

Come back later for my recap and feel free to discuss the show below.


It’s night at the Fan’s camp and my brain is telling me to get ready for another Shamar shouting fest but then I remember Shamar was taken out by a piece of sand and while I hope he is ok I am glad he is gone. I do not feel the same about Laura. Sure she was a liability in challenges but at least she was a strategic player and talked game play which this tribe is now lacking.

The tribe thinks this will be a turning point now that Laura is gone. Sherri is having trouble with voting out Laura because they had gotten close and Laura was becoming like a daughter but she had to vote with the tribe rather than single herself out.

Reynold says that he is happy the idol was flushed because it had caused a division in the tribe. I actually think that division was caused by him being a douche and creating the pretty people alliance but that’s just me. I also think he should have just found a way to keep the idol a secret but he had to wear his skinny pants. He still says he doesn’t trust the tribe but he wanted to let them know how he felt about their weak people alliance and that they would never win without him.

One thing I am really hoping for is that they do not put the idol back into play. I hated the idea of having more than two hidden idols. I like the idols for when they cause drama in the show but too many idols ruins the effect.

Over with the Favorites Brandon is telling everyone how he feels selfish by going to play Survivor. He volunteers himself to be voted off the next time they go to Tribal Council so he can go be with his family. Malcolm doesn’t like the idea of losing a team member and feels Brandon should have thought about his family before agreeing to go on Survivor again. Of course that train of thought is too complicated for a Hantz family member.

Brandon then goes on to tell the tribe that he is crazy and was thinking about burning down the shelter and/or pissing in the beans. Corinne correctly calls him loco and says she wants him gone.

The next morning he says he changed his mind and now wants to keep playing to make his family proud. It makes you wonder what kind of psychological tests contestants have to go through to be on Survivor.

With that craziness behind us we are off to the Reward challenge. It’s a simple one. Two tribe members will hold onto ropes attached to a net. The other players will toss coconuts into the nets making them heavier. The last person holding the net for their team wins reward.  The winning tribe is playing for a BBQ. We got steaks, sausages, veggies, and some wine. I have a feeling the Faves will win. Brandon plus wine is never a good thing to mix together.

We have Erik, Dawn, and Andrea sitting out. For the faves Brandon and Phillip are holding the ropes against Michael and Matt for the fans. We have Phillip yelling War cries which seems to have the fans missing shots.

Reynold starts picking on Brandon with his shots as he hasn’t missed. Too bad Sherri continues to miss as Probst calls her worthless in this challenge.  Brandon and Matt seem to be struggling to hold on and eventually Brandon falls out. Matt follows Brandon by dropping the net. The Specialist brings home the prize as Michael lets the rope slip out of his hands.

It’s another loss for the fans as they head back to camp looking dejected at the faves taking the BBQ home and they head back empty handed again. Sherri has to be counting on going home now.  For her part she is keeping quiet about Laura being voted out for muscle and they still lost the challenge. She then talks about the idol being back in play and we are treated to everyone searching for the new idol.

Matt says if he finds it no one will know which really means everyone will know. Every one is saying they don’t want Reynold to find it which naturally leads to Reynold finding the idol. He says he will actually keep it quiet this time because last time it put too much attention on him.

He tells Eddie he found it and makes a final two declaration. They might as well have idols falling from the sky. But again if it needs to something dramatic I’ll get over my hatred for multiple idols and how easy they are to find.

Back at the faves tribe Brandon is upset that Phillip seems to be taking credit for the victory all by himself. I mean other than the fact that he was the one who held on it pissing Brandon off to be overlooked and he wants to vent.

You can slowly see Brandon going back and forth between sane and insane. They are doing a great job of showing the crazy eyes.  When they showed him cutting veggies I have expected him to stab someone.

Phillip then goes on to tell Brandon that he was given a gift by being allowed to finish above where he finished last time. He agrees with Brandon that he has bitten the hand that fed him. The Brandon/Phillip war is getting ready to boil over. Brandon is slowing being crazier and crazier. He seems to know what he shouldn’t be doing but it seems like the insane side of him just takes over and he does the opposite of the right thing.

Back on the fans camp no one wants to do anything since there feet are water logged and they all feel weak. Only Michael and Eddie are willing to leave the shelter to try to make the camp better. The fans are wallowing in the rain and wondering when something good will happen to their tribe.

Brandon now has full on crazy eyes as he says that no one feds him. Only a Hantz feds him. Phillip contemplates throwing a challenge to get rid of Brandon. He says it would be compassionate to get rid of Brandon as well as save the tribe.

Phillip tells Andrea that he wants to throw the challenge to get rid of Brandon. She then approaches Brandon telling him that she thought their issues were resolved and Brandon figures out that Phillip is thinking of throwing the challenge.

Brandon takes aside Phillip to get talk it out since he thought their issues were resolved. Phillip admits that he does not trust Brandon and says that he expected him to be honest and he was inducted into Stealth-R-Us. For his part Brandon tells Phillip to stop acting like a child and that no one take the spy game seriously. Brandon tells Phillip that no one likes him or their stupid spy names. Phillip counters that if they don’t like him then they will vote him out.

This somehow leads to Brandon totally losing it. He says he will give then a reason to vote him out as he dumps out all the rice into the sand and follows that up with dumping the beans. He then shouts at Phillip as he is walking up the beach to get away. He calls Phillip a bitch and tells him to now vote him out.

Brandon is the author of his fate.

Dawn is trying to calm him down while the rest of the tribe is actually thinking of forfeiting the challenge to ensure that Brandon goes home since no one seems to feel safe. I’m sitting on my couch and I’m worried for everyone’s live. I don’t think I would be able to sleep with him on the same beach as me.

We go on to the Immunity Challenge and we will see what happens. Reynold talks about how even winning challenges doesn’t help fight against the elements and that he now knows how we are all in it together even if the fans are always losing. Cochran says that fatigue damages moral and is not good for anyone. Brandon cops to having his outburst with Phillip and asks for permission to talk to the other tribe.

He tells them that they will now have the chance to get back into the game and he wants them to make sure that Phillip does not win. This leads to Corinne informing Jeff and the fans that the Favorites have decided that they will forfeit the challenge in order to go to tribal council.

This leads to Brandon shouting out everything he feels about Phillip as he melts down about everything Phillip has done to him. He yells at how Boston Rob took Phillip to the end and that Phillip is nothing.  Jeff smartly separates Brandon from the tribes because he is clearly hostile and he is worried about that and wants to talk it out.

After Andrea says that she hates that the tribe is torn about because of two people arguing Phillip says he never did anything to Phillip. This causes a back and forth shouting match that basically amounts to Phillip and Brandon telling each other to shut up. When Brandon starts walking toward Phillip Jeff smartly pulls him back with a smirk on his face.

Brandon says that he will not get physical for Jeff. Brandon says he wants to be the author of his own fate. He tells the fans that he dumped the rice and beans so that the favorites won’t eat either.

Jeff then asks Brandon the question everyone wants to know. Is craziness in the Hantz blood? Regardless of his answer I vote that it is in his blood. Brandon says that Hantz simply speak their mind and that he will tell you the truth every time.

Phillip then tells him that everything he thinks is a figment of his imagination. Phillip then brings up how Brandon left his kids at home which again sets off Brandon. For everything crazy Brandon has done this is one thing I can agree about getting angry. That was uncalled for on Phillip’s part.

At this point Jeff reins it all in and gets confirmation that that faves are forfeiting immunity. He has Erik hand it over to Julia who still hasn’t said a word but gladly takes the idol. Reynold asks Jeff to proclaim that the Fans won and raise his hands and Jeff says he will do it on their way out.

He then says he will just have Tribal Council right now and we will have a vote without the fire and without the torches. He starts with Brandon’s vote and he shouts that he wants Phillip gone. That is followed by everyone else voting for Brandon. I know I lamented the fact that there are too many idols in the game but I think it would have been awesome if Brandon had pulled out an idol.

Jeff wisely doesn’t let him go back to camp. He sends him to the back of the challenge to cool off while he finishes things off. As he walks out he tells the fans to kick some ass and calls Phillip a bitch one last time. I cannot wait for the Reunion show.

Jeff goes back on his word and does not yell that the Fans tribe won as he sends them back to their camp.

Next week Corinne and Phillip start to target each other but the game is turned upside down as it looks like we will be getting a tribe switch up. That means I’ll have to start using the actually tribe names so get use to reading the words Gota and Bikal.

While I am usually against throwing or forfeiting challenges I can agree with it on this occasion. I would not trust Brandon at the camp. Especially since he had voiced having thoughts about burning down the camp. With that said it doesn’t seem like it will hurt the favorites over all since we will most likely splitting everyone up.

The episode was kind of awkward to watch over all as I sat waiting for Brandon to actually punch someone and I seriously hope we are now done with the Hantz family on CBS reality shows. Please do not pair Russel l and Brandon for Amazing Race.

See you next week.

I added more of my own opinions an thoughts into the recap so I’ll be including two polls this week. One the standard question for the episode that I am curious to see how others thought about it and the second is to see if you liked my thoughts and opinions added into the recap of the episode.