Survivor 33 Millennials vs Gen X Week 5 Recap and Live Blog

A new episode of Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

The episode begins with Gen X returning to camp. David tells everyone they can let him have it now, but they tell him they’re not mad. They’re just curious about the move. In his confessional, David hopes he didn’t make a mistake since he’s vulnerable without an idol now. Meanwhile, Jessica tells Ken she is thankful to him and David. She also tells Ken about the legacy advantage. She wants him to know she can trust him. They also hug it out as she apologizes to him, and Ken seems appreciative of Jessica letting him on this secret. The next morning, Chris tells CeCe there’s no shame looking for the idol today. All the Gen X-ers are now desperately looking for the hidden immunity idol. “It’s an idol search party,” CeCe says. No one is having any luck, but David happens to find a log with the purple tribe symbol on it. He knows the idol is there, but he can’t get it right away since Sunday is right there. However, once she and CeCe walk away, David breaks open the log and claims the idol. David has found the hidden immunity idol!

The two tribes greet Jeff and he tells them to drop their buffs. It’s time for a tribe switch! They’re going to go from two tribes to three tribes. They all grab parcels handed out by Jeff to randomly be sorted into their new tribes.

Takali  – Taylor, Figgy, Adam, Jessica, and Ken

Vanua – CeCe, Chris, David, Zeke, and Michelle

Ikabula – Michaela, Hannah, Jay, Will, Sunday, and Bret

Ikabula must go to a new beach and start from scratch. Michaela is especially frustrated by this, and Jeff notices the displeased expression on her face. In her confessional, Michaela says she felt like flipping off Jeff due to her bad luck. Meanwhile, Taylor is really happy to still be with Figgy.

The three tribes go to their new tribes. As Ikabula gets to work on building shelter, Taylor feels confident about having the numbers on Takali. He thinks he and Figgy can be out in the open as far as their showmance is concerned. However, Figgy thinks it wouldn’t be smart to do that. As well, Adam is unhappy about the swap since he’s not too enthused to still be with Taylor and Figgy. Adam has a conversation with Ken, and he tells Ken all about how he was blindsided at the first vote. Ken hopes Adam will want to work with him and Jessica. Adam knows Ken and Jessica are close too, so he’s aware that he is the swing vote should they go to tribal council.

The next morning at the Vanua tribe, the tribe sits by the ocean after they wake up. Michelle feels concerned due to being in the minority since she and Zeke are the only Millennials on this tribe. Zeke, however, gets to know the Gen X-ers. He and Chris are both from Oklahoma, and they bond over this. Later Chris tells Zeke that things are not as they seem (Gen X vs Millennials) and that he wants to work with Zeke. Zeke is very grateful and seems eager about working with Chris too.

Back at Ikabula, they still don’t have a fire. Jay is struggling with the flint and is getting very frustrated. Michaela takes over, and she manages to create fire for the tribe. Michaela gets emotional, and she discusses to the cameraman alone about how hard she tries to succeed in life and how she has the same desire to succeed in the game too.

It’s Day 15 and time for the immunity challenge! Two tribes will win immunity. They must dive down and retrieve a buoy until they have collected all five buoys. Afterwards, they have a choice. They can either start throwing the buoys into baskets, or they can try to hook the basket and pull it closer to them before they start throwing. Ikabula has an extra member, so Will sits out. Afterwards, the challenge begins. CeCe takes a long time in the water, putting Vanua behind. Takali and Ikabula are doing well collecting their buoys. David follows CeCe, and he struggles in the water. He finally gets to the platform, but he loses the buoy as it rolls back into the water. He has to go back into the water to get it back. From the starting point, Zeke ponders whether David is throwing the challenge. Michelle is the next person from Vanua to get a buoy, but she struggles in the water too. Meanwhile, the other tribes already have all their buoys. Ken pulled the basket closer toward them, but he is unable to land a buoy into the basket. Ikabula pulls their basket closer to them, and they start shooting. Michaela lands a basket, putting Ikabula in the lead. Michaela soon lands four buoys in the basket by the time Vanua starts shooting. Michaela lands all five buoys. Ikabula wins immunity! Vanua lassos the basket to pull it closer to them, but Ken already has three buoys in the basket. Chris is shooting for Vanua, but Ken scores the last two buoys into the Takali basket. Takali wins immunity! Vanua will go to tribal council tonight.

Vanua returns to camp, and they all apologize about their performance in the challenge. CeCe says she feels like she’s in a recurring nightmare due to going back to tribal council. However, she doesn’t believe she’s in the bottom of the tribe due to Gen X outnumbering the Millennials. CeCe and David both tell Chris they’re on board with voting out Michelle, but little do they know that Chris has already planned on voting out CeCe. Chris says he wants a large alliance protecting him come a merge, and he believes David has more connections on the other tribes. Therefore, he wants to vote out CeCe and keep David. Later Chris tells David that he wants to vote out CeCe, and David agrees. David doesn’t want to get rid of CeCe, but he feels like he’s outnumbered. Chris and David even tell Zeke and Michelle that they are safe tonight. Michelle tries to talk strategy with CeCe and she throws David under the bus. Afterwards, CeCe tells them all what Michelle told her. David is now worried about keeping Michelle in the game instead of CeCe. He’s now contemplating using his idol to save CeCe and get rid of Michelle, especially since he’ll be even more vulnerable once CeCe is gone. If CeCe leaves, he’s next on the chopping block.

It’s time for tribal council. They discuss about who is on the bottom and top of the tribe, and Zeke says he’s willing to make a move with a Gen X-er if it will benefit him. Chris says Gen X is down in numbers overall in the entire cast, so he knows that they’ll have to form bonds with Millennials. He also discusses bonding with Zeke due to their Oklahoma connection. CeCe admits that how well Chris is bonding with the Millennials could be a concern. Chris brings up the fact that he was blindsided in the last couple of tribal councils, but David said he proved his loyalty to Chris already. Chris says that if David blindsides him again, he better hope it’s Chris who is voted out. Michelle speaks up and says that it’s risky to trust someone who has already blindsided you. She candidly says that she would vote out David tonight. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote.

Jeff reads the vote. The first vote is for…





CeCe is the fifth person voted out of Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Survivor! Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next week for another live recap!


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