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Last week Ta Keo lost immunity again and Shirin was voted out. Tonight the tribes will be extended into three tribes, so anything can happen. How will the castaways adapt to their new tribes to survive in the game? Let’s find out.

After tribal council, Spencer tells the tribe that he is grateful to still be in the game. In his confessional, Spencer admits he’s not the best social player and needs to change. Meanwhile, Terry is happy that he’s gone from the bottom of his tribe to the top of the tribe. He believes he’s in a great spot and knows Spencer will be voted out if they have to go to tribal council again. He says he’s on top of the world.

The next day, the tribes greet Jeff for the challenge. He asks how the tribes are doing. Everyone says they’re happy with how the tribes are. Andrew says everyone loves one another on Bayon, and Woo says Ta Keo has tribe unity. Jeff then reveals to them that it’s time to switch tribes. There will be six people on three tribes. The new third tribe will have to start from scratch and build a new shelter. The castaways then draw wrapped buffs to randomly decide the new tribes.

BAYON – Jeremy, Kimmi, Monica, Spencer, Stephen, and Wiglesworth

TA KEO – Ciera, Joe, Kass, Keith, Terry, and Wentworth

ANGKOR – Abi-Maria, Andrew, Peih-Gee, Tasha, Varner, and Woo

Andrew is upset to be on a tribe with four people from the opposite tribe. He and Tasha are the only ones from the old Bayon tribe. Spencer, however, is appreciative of being given another shot to improve his current position. He knew he was the next on the chopping block back at the old Ta Keo tribe, but now he has a new lease on life.

At the Angkor tribe, Woo, Varner, Abi-Maria, and Peih-Gee already agree to vote out Andrew or Tasha if they go to tribal council. Andrew and Tasha, however, want to try to find out who is the bottom of the tribe to help their current situation. Meanwhile, at the new Ta Keo tribe, everyone is confident that they have a strong team that can dominate challenges. As well, Ciera and Kass are excited that they have the numbers too. Wentworth knows she and Terry will be on the chopping block if they do happen to lose immunity, so she throws Terry under the bus to some of her new tribe mates. She says Terry spent hours looking for the idol at their old camp. Unknown to them, Wentworth already has the hidden immunity idol.

Over at Bayon, Monica and Stephen are thrilled that they have the numbers since Spencer and Wiglesworth are the only old Ta Keo members on the tribe. However, Spencer is already working on his social game. He has a heart-to-heart conversation with Jeremy about his girlfriend. And already, Jeremy admits in his confessional that he’s fond of Spencer and can see working with him in the game.

While it’s pouring down rain at Angkor, we hear from Tasha. She remembers how hard it was for her in Cagayan, so she’s used to fighting for her life. Tasha approaches Abi-Maria about joining up with her and Andrew after learning there is some bad blood between Abi-Maria and Peih-Gee. Abi-Maria is open to teaming up with them, but is still a bit hesitant. She wants to make sure she makes the right choice. Tasha and Andrew approach Varner together, but Varner says in his confessional that he has no interest in aligning with them. He sees Tasha and Varner as two people who are very easy to vote out and doesn’t want to complicate things. He wants to make sure Abi-Maria, Peih-Gee, and Woo don’t flip to join them.

At Bayon, Stephen is confident that they have control since Spencer and Wiglesworth are seemingly on the bottom of the tribe. However, he still wants to find the hidden immunity idol to make sure it doesn’t fall into Spencer’s or Wiglesworth’s hands. Stephen, Jeremy, Monica, and Kimmi then start searching for the idol around camp. After a long time of searching, Jeremy is the one who finds the clue. He learns the idol is hidden at the next challenge.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They must push a cart through an obstacle course while collecting three chests. Along the way, they must retrieve a key from a tower to unlock each chest. Afterwards, they must disassemble the chests and slide them through a barricade. Lastly, two tribe members will use the puzzle pieces in each chest to put together a giant dragon puzzle. It’s the same challenge from Cagayan. Spencer, Tasha, and Kass were on the same tribe back then and lost, but are now competing against one another on different tribes. Two of them will get redemption. The challenge begins, and Ta Keo takes an early lead with Bayon not too far behind. Jeremy also finds the idol tied under one of the chests. Angkor is in last place, but still have a chance as all three tribes work on the puzzle simultaneously. Working on the puzzle are Joe and Kass work for Ta Keo, Monica and Spencer for Bayon, and Tasha and Peih-Gee for Angkor. Jeremy takes Monica’s place and works on the puzzle along with Spencer, and Woo takes over for Tasha. Before long, Ta Keo wins immunity! It’s down to Bayon and Angkor, and Bayon wins immunity! As the challenge ends, Varner goes over to say something to Wiglesworth and Tasha calls him out. “We got a rat!” she says. The entire tribe is now very suspicious of Varner.

After the challenge, Tasha and Andrew plead their case to Woo and Peih-Gee to vote out Varner. Abi-Maria is totally on board with voting out Varner, but is aggressive when telling this to Woo and Peih-Gee. She says she know she’s on the bottom of the four-person alliance anyway. Peih-Gee is annoyed by Abi-Maria’s demeanor and has had enough of her. She wants to vote her out, and she tells this to Tasha and Andrew. Abi-Maria then tells Andrew and Tasha that she is willing to vote out Peih-Gee too. Varner is informed of the new plan to vote out either Abi-Maria or Peih-Gee. He’s on board since he realizes he may be surviving the vote after all.

It’s time for tribal council. Jeff asks Andrew about the swap. Andrew says he’s disappointed to be put on a tribe that needed to build a new shelter, as well as being in the minority too. Jeff asks Varner about the meltdown at the end of the challenge. Varner says he was simply sending a message to Wiglesworth since he cares about her, but Tasha called him out and made the situation more than what it was. Tasha says that Varner was proving to be disloyal, and that he’s someone to consider taking out so they don’t have to worry about disloyalty from this tribe down the line. Varner is very candid and reveals to Jeff that Tasha and Andrew have found their way from the bottom of the tribe to the top. Jeff is surprised to hear this, and Varner adds that his name has been thrown around, as well as Peih-Gee’s and Abi-Maria’s. Varner says Tasha and Andrew will decide who goes home tonight. Abi-Maria is worried about her fate in the game, especially since her name has already been written down before. Peih-Gee says she wants to work  with people she trusts, and Abi-Maria says she’s a hard worker and very committed. Varner reiterates that Andrew and Tasha are in control of the vote.

It’s time for the vote. We see Peih-Gee vote for Abi-Maria and Abi-Maria vote for Peih-Gee. But which one will be voted out tonight?

Jeff reads the votes. The first vote is for…







Peih-Gee is the third person voted out of Survivor: Second Chance.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Survivor. So what were your thoughts on the episode? Post them below in the comment section below and come back next week for another live recap.

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