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A new episode of Survivor: Worlds Apart airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap of the episode here. Plus, there will be a special announcement about next season at the end of the show.

The episode begins with the aftermath of the tribal council. They find out where the votes fell: Tyler and Will were the two who voted for Dan. Mike is glad to see the others scrambling for the first time since he’s been scrambling for the past three votes. However, he still has his hidden immunity idol and is happy the six in the majority alliance are turning on each other. Dan is very angry he has received two votes, but he tells Will he still wants to go far with him in the game after Will confesses to him that he voted for Dan. Tyler defends voting for Dan since he was on the chopping block and had to do what was best for him.

The next morning is Day 30 and it also happens to be Rodney’s birthday. He’s hoping to finally win a reward challenge and enjoy a nice day. Even if he doesn’t win, he’s confident someone will bring him along to the reward. They arrive at the challenge and learn they will be divided into two teams of three. They will have to unspool ribbons from a pole and then retrieve a key. Then they must build a ladder, climb it, and get a bag of balls. Next they must walk across a net sling and then throw the balls at five targets. The first team to get one ball into each of the five targets will win reward, which is to deliver supplies to children in an orphanage and share a feast with them. There are seven people, but only six will play. It’s a schoolyard pick to see who will play, and it’s Dan, Rodney, and Mike versus Carolyn, Tyler, and Sierra. Will was not chosen and ineligible to win reward. The challenge starts, which is pretty even for the first half. However, Rodney forgets the bag of balls and has to go back for it, as well as go through the net sling. But it’s a close finish with four points each at the end between Dan and Mike landing balls into the targets, but Mike gets the ball in first and his team wins reward. Rodney is very disappointed that he didn’t win and was hoping to enjoy his birthday. Someone from the winning team is allowed to give up his or her spot on the reward. However, since the reward is a once in a lifetime experience, Mike, Carolyn, and Sierra are unwilling to give up their spot for Rodney. Mike also says he needs food, and Sierra felt the win was a team effort. She thinks a spot would be open for Rodney if the reward challenge was an individual one. Rodney is now extremely angry that they weren’t willing to give up a spot for him so he could enjoy his birthday.

We next see Mike, Carolyn, and Sierra deliver the toys and supplies to the children in the orphanage and playing with them. They later eat their meal and talk about how they know Rodney will be mad at them when they return. Carolyn thinks Rodney has no right to be so angry since just being on Survivor on your birthday is still a good birthday. We also hear from her in a confessional and she says she’s willing to work with Mike if it means she’ll go further in the game. She knows Mike is strong in the game since he’s good at challenges and has a hidden immunity idol. The six in the majority alliance will have to turn on one another now, so she’ll team up with Mike if it means she stays safe.

Back at camp, Rodney is absolutely livid. He’s cursing under his breath and bitter that he wasn’t given a spot to go to the reward. The other tribe mates are keeping their distance to let him cool off, but Rodney goes back and vents his feelings to them. He’s especially mad at Carolyn for not letting him go to the reward since he was certain she would give up a spot for him. Rodney then comes up with a plan to pretend he wants to go home and Mike won’t use his hidden immunity idol since he thinks everyone will be voting for Rodney. However, no one is taking this plan seriously, and they are sure Mike will be playing his hidden immunity idol if he does not win the next immunity challenge.

Mike, Carolyn, and Sierra return to camp and later that night Rodney is putting his plan into motion. He’s shouting at the three of them and saying he wants to go home. However, Mike sees right through Rodney’s plan and has no plans to not use his idol if he doesn’t win immunity. We next see Tyler and Carolyn talking game. Tyler is hoping Carolyn will be willing to use her hidden immunity idol on him if he needs it, but he doesn’t explicitly asks her to. He just says that she should be bringing her hidden immunity idol to tribal councils from now on in case it needs to be used. Carolyn states in a confessional how she knows she’s the one in charge between the two of them since she’s the one who has possession of the hidden immunity idol.

It’s now time for the immunity challenge. It’s a endurance challenge that requires them to balance on a perch while leaning back and holding onto a rope. As time passes, they will have to lean back even further and hold onto a different knot on the rope, which will make the challenge more difficult. They begin, and Rodney is already talking about how much he’s not enjoying his time and wants to go home after having the worst birthday of his life. Later on, Will is the first person out of the challenge. Right afterwards, Dan falls and is out of the challenge too. Sierra and Rodney drop out right after another next. The rest of the them will now have to move down to the next knot on the rope and lean back even further. They all remain in the challenge, but now they have to lean back even further and hold onto a different knot on the rope. Mike is the next one out and Tyler falls afterwards. Carolyn wins immunity.

Back at camp, Carolyn is thrilled she won immunity, but states that tonight’s vote still isn’t easy since there are a lot of different options. Carolyn comes up with a plan to split the votes between Mike and Tyler. However, she really wants Dan gone due to his two-vote advantage. Later we see Will and Tyler talking, and Tyler says Dan should be the one targeted tonight. We next see Mike and Carolyn talking, and he says he will be voting for Tyler. Carolyn is now torn whether or not she should turn on Tyler now. Carolyn and Tyler talk once again before the vote and Tyler says they will be haunted by Dan’s advantage if they don’t get rid of him now. It looks like it’ll be Dan or Tyler leaving tonight, with Carolyn making the decision.

It’s time for tribal council. Jeff talks to Mike first and he points out how Mike still has his hidden immunity idol and the other six will have to turn on each other. He says Dan and Tyler should be the two worried tonight. Jeff talks to Dan and he says that he realized he’s on the bottom of the six after seeing his name get written down at the last tribal council. The talk turns to Dan’s advantage, but not everyone knows what it is. Carolyn knows, but she pretends not to. Dan says that the fact he has an advantage makes him a big target, regardless if they know what it is or not. Jeff brings up the fact that tonight is a good opportunity to make a big move, which Sierra agrees with. Jeff then asks if now the vote is about who can be beaten down the road. Tyler says now will be the time to take out people who can beat you and bringing weak players. When asked by Jeff, Tyler also admits he’ll be surprised if he’s the one voted out tonight.

It’s now time for the vote. Before Jeff reads the votes, Mike plays his hidden immunity idol. Any votes cast for Mike will not count. The first four votes read aloud are for Mike, but the next two are for Tyler. Tyler is voted out and the fifth member of the jury. 

Next it’s the special announcement. For next season, it’s a second chance season and fans will get to decide who will be part of the cast. You can cast your votes online at the CBS website.

Thanks for reading and come back next week for another live recap of Survivor: Worlds Apart!

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