Stars on Ice Perform to Adam Lambert’s ‘Strut’ – VIDEO

The Stars on Ice skaters perform to Adam Lambert’s “Strut” at the Bank Atlantic Center in New Jersey yesterday.

Stars on Ice is the new ice skating tour featuring many Olympic and world champion ice skaters. More info HERE.

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  1. Yay! Thanks mj, that was fun.

    Now we just need the full version, as that was very abrupt! :-)

  2. Darn I want to see the whole thing, I am sure someone on this tour will tape it all. The skaters need to get together better they arent into the song at all, darn Adam could do better and I bet he doesnt even skate. I am sure they will get better as the tour goes on, remember Adam on his first nite of his tour??

  3. Yesss! My two loves combined…Adam and skating! I bet Adam will love this. “Sure Fire Winners” would be another good choice for this show since the skaters are all winners and that’s such a great song.

  4. Love the costumes, skating not so much. Kinda boring. Adam is everything but boring.

    Love, love, love the Gaydar interview. Love how he seems to learn and grow from not wanting to be a poster child to where he’s at now. He mentioned about Glee and other roles (said SNL) and then said the roles/skits need to be right, and not about the stereotypical joking, etc.. and that it’s passe. I couldn’t see him doing something where’s he’s portraying a character like Jack from Will and Grace. He’s a smart boy.

  5. That was a great interview, his honesty still amazes me after all this time. I am so glad that the British are liking him and hopefully will buy his music.

  6. Miss Chaos:
    04/03/2010 at 10:17 am
    Darn I want to see the whole thing, I am sure someone on this tour will tape it all. The skaters need to get together better they arent into the song at all, darn Adam could do better and I bet he doesnt even skate. I am sure they will get better as the tour goes on, remember Adam on his first nite of his tour??

    I thought the exact same thing. I thought they weren’t interpreting the song correctly (for my taste anyway).

  7. I believe the one skater was Charley White-the one who skated to David Cook’s BJ! :)

  8. I agree with the above re: Strut on Ice. It’s very cool that they’re skating to Strut and I like the costumes, but the choreography leaves me a little flat. Maybe they’ll tighten and brighten it up as they do more performances.

    I really really LOVED the Gaydar interview. He is so open, honest, articulate, funny, thoughtful, interesting. Gah– I just find him endlessly fascinating and entertaining. Still. After all this time and after all these interviews.

    Sounds like there have been discussions with SNL but that he’s pushing for non-stereotypical non-caricatured portrayals of gay. Good for him.

  9. Johnny Weir should be skating in this show with this song!

    As I said in the last Adam thread…agree with most everyone…the choreography is a hot mess.

  10. SOS…how hilarious. :)

    And btw…congrats to Adam for still hanging on in the VH1 Countdown. #2 this week is excellent…I’m perfectly okay with the fact that it took GaGa and Beyonce to knock him down. :)

  11. This is OT, but certainly Adam-related. I’m having trouble downloading the mp3 for Chalice from the Citizen Vein (originally posted way back on the Glamkilt in Scotland thread). smeggs, sr4mjc, or anyone else– Do you have a working link for that mp3?

    Also, I’ve downloaded the Circle and Avoid, but are there any other good Citizen Vein recordings available?

  12. Do you visit IDF cwm? They’ve got all of the MP3’s for all of the Citizen Vein songs organized in a thread. I’d go grab links for you, but I don’t go there when I’m on my home computer because a virus gets me every time…I only go there while at work since we have much better virus protection there.

  13. Is this for real? This seams really big or am I wrong?

    As far as I know it is, it was posted by a German poster

  14. Article on Adam Lambert in an Indonesian newspaper: – Unexpected but happy making. Adam’s #4 on the Swedish iTunes chart.

    hooplamagnet RT @jeyhawk: – And, hey, FYE climbed up to #10 on top albums.

    lol not sure what FYE is in Top ten of…maybe they should put that somewhere ahahah we can make a game of it I say it is Top 10 album’s with Titles containing the letter E

  15. Smegs – that’s awesome! He is definately getting around! ;-)

    I just find him endlessly fascinating and entertaining. Still. After all this time and after all these interviews.

    Ditto! I was laughing so hard about the gay friend he wanted to make-out with but who was like…nah I don’t think so! HAHAHA

  16. I successfully found a working link for Citizen Vein’s Chalice, so never mind! Thanks tls62.

  17. Thanks smeggs.

    Are there mp3’s available for other The Citizen Vein songs besides The Circle, Chalice, and Avoid?

  18. Love this! The only thing that would make it better would be Johnny out there skating! Oh, forgot, wasn’t he banned from this “family friendly” show?

  19. Well I have a few more songs but I got them from another source. Trying to figure out how to post them here

  20. Brilliant! Thanks so much, smeggs. My hero. I had found those links to Rough Trade and Turning On and could play them but couldn’t figure out how to save them to my computer. I thought it was appropriate that the original links were here at MJs!

    ETA: And now I see you’ve added two more! Wee! Thanks :-)

  21. cwm if you right click on the green text next to the word down load and pick Save target as…
    you can then paste it to any folder in your computer

  22. Ok loved that they used Strut in their group number.
    So from what I have heard the group number was a musical mash up so only part of it they were skating to Strut. So I don’t think there is really more and a sec or 2 we are missing.
    That said the choreo was really kinda lame. I think with that song they could have been doing jumps or lifts or something, not that hodg podg of unsyncrinized arm waving….

  23. Got ’em. Thanks again so much smeggs! By the way, I have been hoping that others here are benefiting from all of the wonderful mp3’s that you’ve posted in the last 12 hours at my request, and that it’s not just me being greedy! ;-) But I’ll stop now in any case. :-)

    Thanks for the info that the Strut on Ice was a musical mash-up. I hope that they liven up that choreography some as they do more performances. For being top-notch skaters, it’s not very exciting choreography.

  24. OK I flove that gaydar interview. The only thing that makes me glamsad is that unless SNL gets some really good writers we probably won’t be seeing Adam on SNL anytime soon. But the fact they there wa talks is awesome.
    I also loved the story about him coming out and on to the guy in the theater group and he wasn’t having any of it. hehe Do you think he would say yes now ;)

    Thanks for posting that vid Miz Furball

  25. SNL gets some really good writers we probably won’t be seeing Adam on SNL anytime soon

    He could still be on as a musical guest! :-)

  26. He could still be on as a musical guest! :-)

    My thinking exactly……
    And good for Adam for being careful and selective about the material he might be subjected to.

  27. Im sorry but if Adam is on SNL I wanna see the funny :) he would be soooo awesome if they just get good writers for him. So once again I am forced to take measures in my own hands


    p.s. if you can’t I guess I can settle for just musical guest but I make no promises about the kitten

  28. SNL gets some really good writers we probably won’t be seeing Adam on SNL anytime soon

    He could still be on as a musical guest!

    * * * * * * * * *
    I have envisioned Adam, being on SNL. Not only as a musical guest, but in a couple skits, that are really funny, but not gay related.
    Adam would be able to sing 2 songs, as the guest artist.
    If they wrote a skit, about going to a concert, and funny stuff that could happen there. Women fainting, bra throwing, soft core whips, etc.
    Adam could hypnotize the audience, and do his “voodoo” magic. Could be hilarious Stuff. Maybe more like the “Pied Piper” fairytale.

  29. I wanna see the funny :) he would be soooo awesome if they just get good writers for him.

    I agree that I would love to see Adam’s great sense of humor shine through. However, not at his expense…….
    Yes, they do need some top notch writers for their skits!

  30. dcglam
    no I totally agree hence the push for better writer not pushing him hosting if they can’t :)

  31. They could have some guys coming on to Adam and him rebuking them by “your not my type” “sorry honey but just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I find you attractive” type humor. It would be putting the funny on the thinking that gay men are attracted to all men. Hopefully that makes sense. They could even poke fun of tommy kiss by blurring out the madonna/britney kiss and show Adam / Tommy kiss (hehehehe)

    Personally, I vote for Adam looking at the back of some guy drooling – like “he’s so hot” type comments with some girls at a table…then the guy could turn around and it could be Kris!!!! HAHAHAHA

  32. How much fun was that listening to the Gaydar interview. They just love him and why the hell not!!! Glad he could just be himself totally and enjoy the discussions. He is definately going to buy a place there, it’s too inviting for him. Plus if he is going to be traveling internationally all the time, it’s so much better to have a home to stay in than a hotel. Love the Shack of Show discussion, too cute. He never NEVER ceases to intrigue and entertain me whether he is performing or just chatting. He has charisma and boatloads of it.

    Smeggs, one of these days I just have to meet you. I want to see the in the flesh face that puts a gun to a kitty cat and makes me laugh over it…you are one sick b***h and I love you. There are alot of you I would like to meet sometime. I am way down here in South Florida hoping Adam comes our way on his tour. We have a HardRock Live Arena connected to a big Seminole Indian Casino complex. You know the place where Anna Nicole Smith died? (I used to work there in security actually, lots of stories) It seats about 6,000 so I don’t know if that is too big…crossing my fingers anyway.

  33. I personally would love to see a skit where the sexuality thing was not an issue at all, one way or the other.
    Come on SNL writers, you can do it!! ;)

  34. yeah that is the vibe I am getting is that all the stuff that SNL wanted to do was about the gay and nothing else.

    Planet Feirce
    I can just imagine your stories. I worked in a hotel/casino for only 6 months and I got some doozies. Its to bad we live so far away. I am as far from you as I could get in the continetal US. I live in NW corner of Washington state lol

    I think its great that people form all over are becoming friends (hehe even if only online) with people from all over the world. Even Adam said as much in an interview. It really does show the power of music and especially Adam and his music I think.

  35. hehe I am sure I have said this before but I find twitter hilarious

    Lindajean139: Boston DJ who a few months ago stated how he HATES Adam & would like to punch him in the face today said “and now my man Adam Lambert

    You go Adam!!

  36. Ooooh man!

    Been gone for a few days and it has taken me over two hours now to read all of your comments and listen to the main new interviews that have popped up….

    Sounds like a real tour shaping up! Lucky people!

    But if he goes to Europe in the fall, I might just head especially to see him in concert…

    And seriously, I just don’t understand all the guys that have turned Adam down… SERIOUSLY?????? How do you turn down Adam f****** Lambert??? Yeah yeah, I know he was different when he was younger, less confidence, more weight, red hair and all- but still! He was still this super talented, extremely intelligent, beautiful eyed guy… sigh… I get all frustrated for him, lol…

    I just wore myself down with this Adam marathon, after a day of travelling… off to sleep!!

  37. I personally would love to see a skit where the sexuality thing was not an issue at all, one way or the other.
    Come on SNL writers, you can do it!!

    * * * * * * * *
    That would be best, and the most impact for equal rights for humanism. As long as it funny, and clever. OMG, Michelle Collins should be a writer, for SNL. She is very quick witted, and thinks fast on her feet. But alas, they do need better writer’s.
    Who say’s you can’t submit skit idea’s to SNL? The people here could totally come up with better material. I am mostly a lurker here, but most of you people are pretty hilarious to me. I am addicted to this blog, and to Adam of course.
    Can you imagin, SNL recieving huge amounts of skit material gems, and then following through with some of them.
    It would be a positive humanitarian thing to do, and also peek viewer’s interest. Let it be from the Adam Lambert fans, because they are crazy funny! For reals now, does anyone have any connections?
    You better believe, that Neil Lambert has thought of it!

  38. Miz Furball – Thank you. I have not watched that in some time, absolutely gorgeous.

  39. Lindajean139: Boston DJ who a few months ago stated how he HATES Adam & would like to punch him in the face today said “and now my man Adam Lambert

    You go Adam!!

    Love it!

    Okay no gay stuff on SNL….but still, I’d love one where they are making fun of the media or something.

  40. Planet Fierce: “Smeggs, one of these days I just have to meet you. I want to see the in the flesh face that puts a gun to a kitty cat and makes me laugh over it…you are one sick b***h and I love you.”

    My thoughts exactly! Smeggs, you are a MVP, All-Star Adam Fan and this site wouldn’t be the same without you. Although I don’t post often, I enjoy so much reading all of your posts, along with several others, and ALWAYS look for Bendy Adam on a new thread. Wouldn’t it be fun if we could all get together for an evening of Adam talk and wine????? I sort of lead a solitary love of Adam here at my house – I’ve been accused of having the “fastest minimizing finger in the West” haha!

    Even though we live in Dallas, my husband is from Kirkland, WA and still has family there. Just might have to look you up next time we’re up there! And thanks again for all your contributions – you never know when you’re making someone else’s day :)

  41. Just an FYI, Stars on Ice is NOT a new skating tour. It began in 1986 and is the brain child of Scott Hamilton. Every year the tour has many National, World and Olympic Champions in its cast. They tour each year throughout the U.S. and Canada, and have even gone to Europe and Japan.

  42. Add me to the ” I love smeggs” group!

    Ok,I have like 80 more interviews to watch .Gah!

    But,I don’t mind it,because Adam gives the best interviews ever and he looks perfect in every single one of them.
    No wonder I worship ( more or less) Adam Fu&&king Lambert.

    Also,I was looking at news and Adam came back to LA on 4.1.It felt glittier that day.I just realized,that means,that. I WAS IN ADAMLAND AT THE SAME TIME AS ADAM LAMBERTTTTTTT!!!!!



    Anyway #welcomehomeadam


  43. Something else that came out of the Gaydar interview that I thought was cute…I’ll bet it was fun around the AI set etc with Adam flirting up the staff! Just Adam being Adam as he says.

  44. Texaswannaholdem
    I think we may need to have a quick minimizing contest…I am pretty damn fast lol also have non Adam web pages open and ready to be brought to the forfront at a sec notice lol
    Though now I don’t bother….err unless I am watching that rude boy video lol

    And to be fair Bendy Adam belongs to sr4mjc ijust get to some of the new threads first haha

    It would be awesome to meet any of yous if your in the neibhorhood:)

  45. Planet Fierce…hmmmmm Fitness. Witness. Here is my take. I think Adam is going to start fitness training before his upcoming tour. I remember Mick Jagger doing this… saying he had to do it to keep his stamina up for the strenuous staging the Stones had. Yes, he is much older than Adam, but at any age you need to be in shape to do this sort of thing. I didn’t notice but I remember people saying he seemed out of breath when doing Strut on the Ellen Show. The knee bends and all.
    I’m only thinking this because Adam is very literal. Now the witness part has me stumped…maybe a camera in the gym? Yippeee!!!
    Of course I’m wrong on all points!!! Any other ideas??

  46. My first thought was the lyrics to Fergalicious. Maybe he’s listening to music?

  47. Smeggs, my kids have gotten wise to the minimizing feature, and now just look at the reflection of my laptop in the window behind me. I give up … No use fightin’ a lost cause, cuz I just can’t quit Adam! I have three teenagers – another reason I deserve waterwings and a whole lotta wine!

  48. The video won’t play…I don’t care for VEVO very much. The description says it’s a Fergalicious remix.

    Edit: It’s not a re-mix, misread that. It’s just the regular video to Fergalicious. 8 million views…wow.

  49. Well I don’t normally listen to pop music I’m more of a punk, rock, metal kinda girl. I will occationally flip throught the top 40 stations but I don’t buy the music with the exception of pink.
    Heheh I put the shades down behind me when I started watching videos and stuff so my bf couldn’t see. But I to gave up he know he picks on me for it and he has refused to see him in concert. It a good thing I have a few friends from work who are willing to drive to california if need be to see him lol

  50. Fergie does say “fitness witness” in the video while she is exercising, but I don’t understand the point. Maybe something like all the guys who want her are witnessing her fitness.??

  51. Ooo ok lol why am I not surprised Adam is tweeting about Fergie
    And vevo on YT kinda blows though I’m not much likeing the changes to YT either I can’t find things as easy and the comments section is weird

  52. Lots of dislike for the new youtube. Looked at the video again…same thing…Fergie exercising “see my fitness, he’s my witness”. Don’t understand the connection to Adam. Maybe he is just listening to music.

  53. You guys are great. Love the true confessions!

    I too have gotten very fast with the minimize button. I try to keep my email or a work document open behind my Firefox screen so that I can go straight to one of those if my husband or kids walk in the room to make it look like I’m working. I’m pretty sure they’re wise to me, though. LOL

    And yes, it would be wonderful to meet up sometime and chat over wine for real. Until then, though, it is very fun to hang out with you all on MJs and chat about Adam with our virtual wine and water wings!

    Once again, much appreciation to you, MJ, for creating the opportunity!

  54. Simon Curtis is a cutie…what’s his story? I watched a couple of his videos just now on youtube…did I see one off on the side of him trying out for Idol? How nice of Adam to pimp him on twitter. Simon is very cute…did I mention that? :)

  55. Adam’s album is #8 in Sweden, #7 in New Zealand, #8 in Japan on the ITunes pop chart
    WWFM is #4 in Sweden, #3 in New Zealand, #4 in Finland, #6 in Australia and #15 in US on ITunes pop chart
    Yippie Go Adam !!!

  56. Minimize you say? My family knows I’m addicted, and I’m proud of it!! The only time Adam gets minimized is when my son takes the laptop away from me if he needs it. He’s been trained well…he always minimizes my stuff first. When he’s done, he closes his stuff and maximizes mine. We fight back and forth on the screen savers though. That’s a battle that I rarely win, but I sneak one in occasionaly for a day or so. My husband learned LONG ago to just let me obsess and nobody gets hurt!! :)

  57. I haven’t yet changed my screensaver to an Adam one…do I lose my spork privlages??

  58. Adam is sounding quite grateful tonight doesn’t he? Apparently he doesn’t understand his own appeal…well we are here to tell him all about it! LOL

    He forgot Denmark BTW. :-)

  59. Oh, let’s talk about screensavers :) Mine at the moment is one of the pictures of Adam from “Flaunt” wearing cool sunglasses and his “how does he do that” hair! Another one I had for a long time was “Avatar Adam” … still love that one. I guess I can score a small victory because my kids/husband don’t give me any grief about those (not that it would matter – it’s MY laptop!)

  60. tls62… I’m inspired by how you have embraced your Adam addiction and are not afraid to display it to your family! Live open live free — that’s what Adam would say!

    lorismile… I agree — it does sound like Adam is letting the fact that he is charting on iTunes all over the world sink in tonight and he is feeling very grateful. I find it utterly charming that he is still trying to comprehend the depth of his appeal to his fans.

  61. Haha you guys make me feel ashamed that I don’t have a screen saver. But truth be told I have never had a screen saver of and artist or actor or. Anything like that.

    I should change my boy friends screen saver while he is in Az. to the one where Adam is painted all green hahah

    But how do you with the bajillions of awesome photos pic just one???

  62. Smeggs – “I should change my boy friends screen saver while he is in Az. to the one where Adam is painted all green hahah”

    … or the one of Adam painted blue with Cheeks :)

  63. Adam is a big one for giving thanks and showing his appreciation. He probably forgot Denmark because he has had a couple glasses of wine by now.

    The first thing I thought of when I saw the Jack and Diane comment was John Cougar Mellencamp’s song. Just a guess?

    I need to go watch Rude Boy again. BTW, I could give a f***k who sees me on this blog, youtube or where ever checking up on Adam goodness. My husband reaps major rewards from the pleasure and happiness that Adam has brought into my life. And if he is honest about it, he’s grateful. For as much joy as we have been experiencing with our youngest son getting married to a wonderful gal in March, we have been also dealing with major $$$ problems due to the economy, so it has been wonderful to have Adam as a very positive and fun distraction that my husband could not have provided me on his own.

  64. cwm: I find it utterly charming that he is still trying to comprehend the depth of his appeal to his fans.

    I hope he always stays that way (humble). He will never take it for grated then or be arrogant (very unattractive). Yeah, I think about his friends from wicked who pushed him to try out for AI, love them. It has to be such a feeling of validation. I also remember Adam mentioning that his Dad had once told him that someday everyone would know his name…that day is coming, it really is.

  65. Planet Fierce
    The JCM song was what poped into my head the second I saw that too. Then I couldn’t get that frikken song out of my head all night. Thanks Adam…lol

    I have come to terms with my BF picking on me about Adam, he is getting a little less about as times go on but I’m not hiding it any more lol. I think that’s why he was picking on me so much is I was hiding it. Lol
    Hmmm Bendy Adam on my computer….

  66. hi,there.what about fye single?i heard of brazil,argantin.i hope fye single do well than japan,other country.peru.
    i get some comment that hurt me deep.i was watching lady gaga manchester tour,underneth was reply on other comment saying:adam is dont have way of thinking that ladygaga have.hes have great voice but hes follower,shes leader.she write,produce,and shes original.too bad i like adam.

    i love ladygaga and adam.if you put them together like mixing them:for example:sing togather,video clip together,extra…

  67. they awsome togather.its true,i hope hes second album be much acceptable than first album.i dont love the cover of album,because not all country accepted it,im angry,i get in fight with my kuwait its democracy but not all family are.every magazine that have women cover they paint black on it the part that out.before wasent like this.i buy from virjin store,they angry too,because now the guys with big bear controlling the mag from rich family but my style is more europe than them.they follow the tradition but i dont,im free spirit,independent person im tired of our role.

  68. Smeggs, your so right about the hiding thing and I just decided right from the start I wasn’t going to do that. Now when hubbie comes in my office he expects to see Adam on my computer. But I have also been sharing with him how much fun I am having with you guys. I showed him today, your pic of the kitty and he cracked up. I try to pull him in a little here and there. I don’t see him ever getting to the point where he would go and enjoy him in a concert. Or I should say allow himself to enjoy him. He would have to give up a little “control” to allow that to happen not to mention just simply accept that Adam is awesome. I think he doesn’t give the Idols any cred, which is so ridiculous, when there are several of them that are doing so well, but he is one of those that will stand their ground even if they are wrong ( he is very stubborn ). Plus I think he is a bit of a homophobe as well.

  69. thats why im follow him,i love him to death and more than my self,i cant buy his album because i know they gone a throw it away .you lucky to feel free,to do what you want to do.i heard from mtv russia that was post on youtube that fye mv that hes try to copy prince and michel jackson,hes son of hell and anything he do is terrible and hes britney spears male version.

    they stupid :first they show adam pic of american idol tour with dont stop beliven and makeup.

  70. PF
    I think most of my BF’s issues is the AI pop angle I don’t think there is any homophobia thank god, but I don’t he will ever let himself either enjoy let alone go to a concert. Which I think we would like if he could get over the anti AI/pop thing.

    I’m glad you guys thought the kitten was funny:)

  71. hes the only male singer doing full eye makeup now.they didnt know anything about adam,also they didnt know hes from american idol.anything he wears or do ,is unique.michel and prince dont do full makeup.

    thats why im worry.adam must lesson what simon said base on originality and worldwide appeal adam.we going to uture not living in past,im tired of people calling him bad name.i love modern,fresh adam.but i hate when in japan he wears clawn cloth,hes better than that.i dont want people think hes to that.hes following hes zodiac show,its nice .

  72. Yay, I knew it won’t be long before I’ll hear “Strut” being used in dances and runways. And the costumes…wow, so Adam. :)

    Adam is not everyone’s cup of tea. The fact that his album is still selling shows that there are people out there that appreciate his music and aren’t bothered by the OTTness and makeup. I’m not worried a bit. FYE and WWFM are charting outside the US, which says a lot.

    Little slow today…I just finished listening to the NRJ (Sweden) radio interview posted here days ago and I couldn’t believe that those DJ’s really stripped down to their underwears. OMG, I thought they’re just joking around & playing with the listeners until I saw these:
    :)Adam’s laugh…priceless!

    and Lane’s…

  73. I really hope Lane makes a scrapebook of video and photos of that promo tour, I really really want to see that

  74. Wow, you guys don’t sleep. Talking about stamina, just got home from Paul McCartney concert at Sunlife Stadium in North Miami – he played non-stop for 2 hrs 45 minutes, and isn’t he in his 60’s? Fortunately it was a nice coolish night, but he was soaked. Anyway, Adam doesn’t of course do the instruments, but his dancing must be pretty strenuous – it LOOKS like a workout. Great new posts, can’t wait to listen to Gaydar interview. I just finished the Australian 2 hr thing this a.m. Smeggingnuts, you must work two full-time jobs, Adam and your regular job! Speaking of Soaked, I love that song, but it seems to be ignored lately….

  75. Lol actually I guess I work 3 jobs then. I work 1 full time, 1 part, then I guess Adam. And sleep what is that?

    McCartney wow so jealous :)
    Hehehe “Adam Lambert Resistance is Futile”

  76. Yeah, my husband loves McCartney, so Birthday gift from me. I expect reciprocation if Adam comes to town. I sort of convinced him by first making him listen to Brigadoon, then Whole Lotta Love (the classic AI one, god no, not the Fantasy Springs), so he is now persuaded that Adam is a phenom with the talent to sing just about anything and an incredible voice. (I also got him to be a Prince fan). I have a feeling though, that the real live Adam concert might shock him a little, but he’ll live… at least he’s not the least bit anti-gay, quite open minded. McCartney was GREAT, but I just kept wishing it was Adam – I know his voice can fill a stadium beautifully. Hope he comes to the Hard Rock as Planet Fierce said, 6,000 seats, very nice size for him.

  77. Anyway, your Adam work is greatly appreciated, you make it so easy for the rest of us to enjoy so many things we might never see. This blog is the best because of you, cwm, lorismile and others I can’t remember names of. It’s the Adamborg syndrome, as you said, we can’t resist…MUST FEED ADDICTION CONSTANTLY!

  78. I wonder how long he will play. I’m thinking 1 1/2 hrs? I hope he sings PUU on tour, but I am having my doubts. PUU, Loaded Smile and Aftermath are the only songs he hasn’t sung yet, I think.

  79. Hey Riskylady, where are you? Miami or Fort Lauderdale? I’m down in Miami and am probably going to see Adam up in Tampa in September. sr4mjc is going. Even if Adam comes nearer to us this summer, I’ll go to both. Just making sure I get to see him. I was even thinking of going to see Kris in Atlantis on the 17th of this month, but I just realized the Bon Jovi concert is on the 18th.
    Would be cutting it too close.
    Hey smegs, that kitten thing just made me lol. Keep up the good work.

  80. lorismile… add Master Plan and TFM to your list of songs we haven’t heard live yet. I too am so hoping for Pick U Up!

    Thanks riskylady :-)

  81. add Master Plan and TFM to your list of songs we haven’t heard live yet.

    Wow…how could I forget Master Plan?? I wonder if he’ll get to do that as an encour at one of the Canada shows since it didn’t happen at FS. I can’t see him sing TFM live – anytime – since it’s for the movie and not a hit song.

    Shallow End (not raunchy – just nice) – My Easter present for all you lovely posters:

  82. Happy Bunny Day everybody! Glad to see everyone is still hanging out until the next Adam event. :)

    smeggs, you posed the question of how to pick a screensaver. I solved the problem on my computer at work by changing it every week! I find co-workers now glancing at my screen on purpose to see what I’ve come up with for that week. An office favorite was the retro Elvis looking one in the white t-shirt…can’t believe I’m drawing a blank on which photoshoot it was from. Anyway…another favorite, which I currently have is the still shot from WWFM video with his arm on the back of the sofa looking right into the camera. Occasionally I stick up a Adam/Tommy one too because they’re just so damn cute. :)

    I think I’ve told everyone before how homophobic my husband (and in turn my son) were prior to Adam coming into our home. If my husband was home when Idol was on, he’d literally leave the room when Adam hit the stage. I wisely never pushed Adam on either of them. I also never hid my love and obsession for Adam. Over a period of 6-8 months, the rude comments were fading, and eyes were peaking over my shoulder occasionally to watch a video or interview with me. As it stands today, a year later, I never hear a “gay” comment from either of them. They both encouraged me to go to FS and my husband just asked me a couple weeks ago when he is coming to our area this summer because he wants to go. When I told my son that Orianthi might be opening, he said he and his girlfriend would come with us too.

    I knew from the beginning that the homophobia both of them had was based on nothing real, just being scared and uneducated; which I think applies to a lot of people. I truly believe that as Adam gets out in the public eye more, that people like my husband and son will be able to see him as a “person”. A honest, compassionate, intelligent, humorous, talented person.

  83. tls62…great post.

    A lady that I work with could not stand Adam. But I’ve slowly…very slowly started talking about how generous, kind, etc. etc. person he is. I sent her the Isabel/Adam story…one at a time..from the first one where it’s her alone wishing him a happy birthday and hoping to meet him someday. Then I sent her the beautiful Isabele/Adam meeting. My friend was surprised. Next I sent her Adam at his high school graduation with a little note “maybe you’d like THIS Adam”. She was shocked. The next one was organic Adam “Tracks of My Tears”. And just recently sent her “I just Love You”…for our troops. Her son is in basic training.Now this has been over several months. But I can see her ever so slowly “getting” him. She hates the makeup, etc but is beginning to see the many faces of this entertainer. I’m not sure what next to send her. So if any of you have any ideas let me know. This has to be a slow progression.

  84. luval…
    Maybe one of the clips of him explaining his inspiration behind Broken Open and then one of the acoustic versions. Listening to him talk about people who felt the need to break into him and in turn him talking about how it made him feel so good to be that trusted person they felt safe with is truly tear worthy and heart warming.

    Good for you for taking the time to gently explain Adam to her. People don’t like to be pushed, so you were very wise to approach her slowly and gently. :)

  85. ohhhh tls62 what a great post!!!! To not only hear they have stopped the comments, but to say they want to go to the show, is such a wonderful change. I agree that people are just afraid of what they don’t know. Adam said the same thing about Michael Sarver during his Out interview. :-)

    Progress….one person at a time.

  86. luval…
    I don’t remember who the guy was with, but remember the interview with he and Adam in separate chairs with that round mirror on the wall between them? I think it was from Canada. They talked about politics for a couple minutes at first…I think that’s the one that he went into a lot more detail about Broken Open than usual. His political views at the beginning were very heart warming too. She might really like that one.

  87. Thanks tls62…good idea about Broken Open..I was think about Mardi Gras FYE..codpiece…JUST KIDDING!!!!!

    Just bought the new American Idol Mag. Not cheap..$6.00. Has some nice stuff in it about Adam. One article explains this astrologer’s take on his face and what it means. If anyone is interested I can give a brief description.

    Tried to bring over the Russo Twins Strut video but couldn’t do it. Much cuter to look at than the above skater mess.

    Oh….I sent my friend the “broken” boot sole from Canada. That was a hoot because it’s happened to many people. I think things that make him seem like a “real” person like the rest of us helps those people see he’s not a caricature…he’s an entertainer.

  88. tls62- your post makes me really happy!

    Hopefully, your son and husband will have a blast at the concert and then they’ll spread the word around too!

    And luval- I salute you! I also love trying to subtly convert those surrounding me into Adam fans! My two cents:
    I think you should consider sending your co-worker Adam’s interview with Slezak from a few days after the AMAs. I thought Slezak did a brilliant job interviewing him, and knew how to be both criticizing (mainly the vocals) yet supportive, and Adam was very charming (Ok- and BEAUTIFUL).

    And then you can send her the WWFM video. That one is very digestable and relatable, and on one hand he’s so vulnerable there, but it still shows glimpses of his “glam” personna as well, so that can be a good progression from only the really soft brigadoon and TOMT Adam…

  89. mr…that’s a good one too. I haven’t sent her any interviews yet.

  90. Thanks lorismile, mr and luval…it’s fun to share things like that with other Adam lovers who understand.

    On a lighter and quite humorous note; on Saturday morning, I had the VH1 countdown on. My husband comes walking through the living room in his boxers holding Tootise, our dachshund. He was cutting through to put her outside to go potty. As he came through, it just so happened that WWFM was on. He proceeds to dance with Tootsie around the living room singing “whataya want from me?” to the dog, in his boxers. What a difference a year makes!! :)

  91. tsl62
    *cough* shouldn’t know this *cough* that retro elvis picture with the white t-shirt is from the Details photo shoot. I’m glad everyone is slowly winning people over about Adam. I have only been doing this a few months lol I’m still in my super spastic OMG you gotta hear this guy stage. Never was that great with suttle hahaha.

  92. luval….
    How about the video of Adam at the middle school with the students receiving their new musical supplies from his charity organization? I especially love how he sang along with the students as they sang WWFM. As a matter of fact, at the time I forwarded this video to several of my co-workers (teachers) who are not Adam fans.
    Yes, they were impressed!!! :)

  93. Just want y’all to know I don’t let me family bully me into “Adam-Love Hiding”! As I mentioned, I have a loud and proud revolving screensaver on our family computer, have the poster-sized Rolling Stone cover hanging in the laundry room(my office, haha), and just yesterday, spent the morning gardening in my Adam AI tour t-shirt. I have daily “Adam News” alerts for everyone here, whether they want to hear it or not.

    My 13-year old son is probably the least interested of all, BUT he has an Adam song that he actually asks me to play pretty often when we’re riding in the car, and that song is …. Down the Rabbit Hole. He really likes that song alot (which amazes me, because right now he’s into country music – YUCK!). DTRH is one of my favorites too, and it really excites me to think of the song-writing potential inside BB :)

  94. Haha smeggs! That’s what I did in the beginning, but people started thinking I was bonkers after a while, because “Idol” isn’t seen by most people I know here…

    Now I try to do it as rarely and “casually” as possible, and yes, I am one who still tries to pretend around other people that I’m not as obsessed as I really am… I’m surrounded by snobs, I tell ya!! Which is funny, because I am (used to be?) one as well…but then Adam came along and made me his bit*h, lol…

  95. dcglam…Funny you should mention this. When we had our annual United Way drive at work, I told people I give to Donors Choose and explained what it was about. My friend said she caught a bit of Adam at the school on Access Hollywood. So of course I went into it even more…how it’s his pet project . She didn’t say anything but I knew she was impressed. I have to keep pushing in a gentle way. Thanks to all of you again for your ideas!

    ps..I wish Donors Choose had a booklet of some sort instead of just being on-line. Maybe I’ll check their website again and try to print out information.

    Oh and mr…I’m another one of his b****s. I love it!

  96. Hahaha Adam made me one of his b*tches big time. Lol shall I point out how bad.
    -I have never never looked into an artist past when their next cd or tour is ever. Usually I just wait and find out by other people. I have never been up to date on news.
    -I have never read/watched let alone seeked out interviews
    -I have never watched idol (watched a few performances of blakes on YT) but I now spend most of my time on a web blod dedicated to it just so I can get any little tid bit about Adam
    -I have never looked for anyones music outside of their cd’s *cough I have every thing of Adam’s *cough*
    -I have never listen to a cd straight for more than a month but it only in my car. I have listened to Adam’s music over 4 months straight every sec I get lol I’m surprised my phone doesn’t just automatically start playing Adam instead of me having too. So mcu for having my most hi tech phone.

    I guess I can stop rambleing on I’m sure this is all familar to. You guys…lol at least I hope so.

    p.s. not to mention making those sporks lol and all those pic I have on twitter I post here

  97. Does anyone else but me have this book “On the Meaning of Adam Lambert”. Quite a read. The women are excellent writers, but honestly many of you posters are just as creative. Wish I could be so talented.

    Love Strut…very very curious as to what IIHY video will be like

  98. very very curious as to what IIHY video will be like

    You know, as much as I love WWFM, I am soooo ready for a new single AND totally looking forward to a new video! ;)

  99. Me too dcglam. Thankfully we get another single. I can only imagine how fans of others feel when they only get a couple of singles.

  100. WWFM has moved up 2 spots to #21 on the World Singles Chart yippie move baby move

    Twitter rumor- WWFM has sold over 104k this week worldwide no link to conferm

    Also this just shows I know way to much about Adam. He retweeted a link for Carmit for her new EP and in my search for Adam news to post I saw someone tweet Carmit say (and I’m paraphrasing) “OMG your so lucky Adam retweeted you”. I found that so funny, I thought who doesn’t everyone know their friends. Hahaha I know way to much.

  101. I can’t wait for the IIHY video either – or the release of the song, for that matter. I have a feeling it’s gonna be a great summer hit. I loved vids for FYE and WWFM, and IIHY should be alot of fun and feature alot of Adam dancing, which I never can get enough of :)

  102. luval- if you’re still here- I thought of an alternative to the Slezak interview, wich is fab, but really long, and consists of a lot of parts, and someone who’s not as fanatic as us might get tired of looking for the various parts- you could just send her the Jay Leno Show interview, which I personally thought was one of the best- it showed off his quick witted sense of humour (“safe plucking” haha), and his love for his family, and it had Jay defending him and blaming the network for the “scandal”, while Adam came out like a gentleman and said maybe he should have been more consistent… and, yes, he looks beautiful in it too…

    And yay for #21 on the global chart for WWFM!!! I just really hope it starts climbing the American itunes chart again! What’s up with #26??? He deserves top 10 (at LEAST!!)

  103. crisanne…thanks for the Japan video.

    Never noticed this before but in that video where they show him singing FYE, I saw what I think to be a lot of “man” arms in the front waving while he’s singing. hehe I could be wrong. In Japan and actually most everywhere he went there were many many more male fans than here in the crowds.

    mr…I’m still here…probably will be most of the day in between housecleaning (even though it’s easter). Yes, the Leno interview was great! I will send that one!! (love you Jay)

  104. luval:
    04/04/2010 at 11:59 am

    crisanne…thanks for the Japan video.

    Never noticed this before but in that video where they show him singing FYE, I saw what I think to be a lot of “man” arms in the front waving while he’s singing. hehe I could be wrong. In Japan and actually most everywhere he went there were many many more male fans than here in the crowds.

    your welcome :)yeah also alot of male in Singapore too
    i think Asian ppl not really care about sexuality. If you are awesome, amazing kicka$r3 singer they will love you and support you and become a big fan

  105. Haha Adam is talkative this morning

    Thanks for the wishes, but I don’t celebrate Easter friends. I’m not Christian. :)

    I haven’t celebrated Passover in over ten years. I’m Jew ISH by blood not by practice. I’m not religious. More spiritual. Now u know

    I do believe in a higher power

    but just b/c I don’t celebrate it: i’d like to wish those who do a beautiful Easter or Passover. Hope you day is grand!!

    wow this is rich. RT@GingerPF. @adamlambert Are there any Gayish holidays?

    Halloween? Lol

    woops. I just opened A very sensitive can of worms. Haha Our diversity is what makes us beautiful. Happy Spring. :)

    I can just see the new Adam Gate
    “Adam Lambert disses Christianity and hates the easter bunny. Also thinks he is to good for Passover”

  106. Funny We know more about Adam than he thinks regarding his spirituality. Is it really a “gate” since we already knew this?

  107. Just love, love, love all of Adam’s holiday responses! Perfect!! :)

  108. I don’t think its a gate I was just joking about how everything he says gets spun by the media hahaha
    And I agree very smart classy respones flove Adam for someone with no filter he really knows just what to say

  109. I think maybe “gates” may be fewer and far between. It’s usually something unexpected that causes a “What the Hell?” response. Everything Adam does now seems perfectly normal…at least to us!

  110. Smeggingnuts..You would know this. I am so computer-challenged. I downloaded Leno sleepwalker and it’s now on my desktop. How do I get it on to my ipod? I have itunes too. Thanking you as usual in advance.

  111. luval open iTunes click on file in the top left corner, click add new file and just click on sleepwalker

    so many videos!! I’m still in the uk with videos…

  112. Luval
    Ok not ipod savey but
    You should be able to send it to your Ipod
    -plug in your ipod to your computer
    -right click on the mp3 select send to.. there should be an option for you ipod
    If that doesn’t work try this
    -right click the mp3 select copy
    -open the ipod folder on your computer and find the folder with the music and select paste in the folder

    Either of those should work

  113. Someone mentioned WWFM on the global chart….here is the link:

    Also, his single moved up to #16 on Australia’s singles chart. :-)
    I keep chart position for another site. The Global chart was posted online last week. A new one will come out in a few days.

  114. smeggingnuts… worked! It was a combination of the 2 ways you mentioned. And magically it happened. Gosh I’ve got to get more computer savy. Don’t use it much at work so it’s not necessary for me to figure out stuff. Thank you again!!!!

  115. cher, sr4mjc – Sorry to be so late answering, I did the unthinkable (went to bed at 3:45 am, probably outlasted by smeggingnuts). Anyway, I am in Cooper City, between Pembroke Pines and Davie. I am seriously thinking about going to Tampa in September also, even if the tour comes closer, just because we don’t really know yet, and we love baseball, plus have some family things to clear up in New Port Richey (warehouse with mom’s stuff). It would be good to meet – what part of the stadium did you get seats in? And where is a good place to sit – I’ve never been to Devil Rays location. Happy Spring, all!

  116. Personally I don’t think you sleep.hehe

    added: And thank goodness you don’t because you might just miss an Adam goody!

  117. I don’t think you don’t sleep, smeggs, I know it, haha…

    You’re well on your way to becoming quite a legend yourself, you know, oh Glitteregingnuts!!!

    I would join the group to meet you too, but I’m not sure I’ll get the chance to be in the USA in the next few years… :-(

  118. oh, and have you all noticed? MJ the bloggist(?) of this blog is writing less and less with each new post, this one I think just 4 lines. Smart efficient use of your talents, smeggingnuts, et al and I for one couldn’t be happier!

  119. Hahaha Glitteringnuts sounds kinda dirty……

    Well when I win the lottery I can afford to travel around the world stalking Adam on his world tour :)

  120. riskylady-

    I was lucky enough to see Paul McCartney last year too, and I was ecstatic!!!!

    If we’re talking legends, he’s the biggest one, songwriting-wise IMO. There will never be a band like the Beatles, I’m afraid…

    He’s also a good performer- but in that department Adam has nothing to be shy about- he seriously comes second to none (even Freddie)…

  121. Ha- and I was careful to write Glitteregingnuts, and not Glitteringnuts- but you just went ahead and sailed on with it, heeheehee….

  122. mr, 100% agreed. I just kept thinking how Adam’s voice would just soar in that stadium…I think he’s on a good and careful path to become an iconic international superstar. NO ONE has that combination of supernatural voice, charisma, stage presence, looks, charm…..

  123. Thank you riskylady for some Paul!!

    Adam has said several times he would love to sit down with Paul. If we can’t have David or Brian May, hell I’ll take Paul McCartney any time. I’m sure he’ll be able to give him some great advice. Maybe even help him “pen” a tune. epic.

  124. Hey glitteringnuts….really…when do you sleep…with your 3 jobs?? Or is it a secret? Actually you should keep it a secret…makes it more mysterious……

  125. Oh- and by the way- another Paul McCartney connection- you guys do remember that Paul’s blond guitarist and I think also his drummer played on Adam’s Fever, right??

  126. Didn’t know that mr. And BTW, talk about 6 degrees of separation, does Adam NOT have a connection with everyone? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm smeggingnuts hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  127. Adam out and about last night with Carmit and someone (lol is it good or bad that I don’t know who she is)

    The one with the red hair? That is Adam’s very good friend Scarlett and it was her show that he was at last night. Poor guy still looks totally exhausted. The jet lag has sure kicked him a good one.

  128. Carmit is the girl with the red hair isn’t she? (although Scarlett has red hair too I think). The girl with the dark hair I’ve seen before sometime after Idol. Forget who she is.

    edit: That could be Scarlett holding his right arm…Carmit definitely holding his left arm.

  129. Yes luval- their names are Brian Ray and Abe Laboriel, and for some reason, they came and recorded Fever… If I’m not mistaken, I think one of them even tweeted something nice about Adam during that week… I’m no twitter expert, but I’ll go try to find it…

    Oh- and that picture that smeggs posted isn’t working for me… :-(

  130. I know the red head is Carmit, the internets say the other one is Scarlett. Didnt know that he went to a show. Silly boy he should be resting he has 2 concerts in a few days. Lol I called him boy and he is only 4 yrs younger than me.

  131. Adam is a very dedicated friend to have attended Scarlett’s show last night still suffering from jet lag. It’s good he had today off (except for all his tweeting :)). Hopefully he’s all caught up on his rest before he has to go back to work.

  132. Thanks luval!
    Yep he looks beat… they say it takes the amount of days that equal the hour-difference in the place you’ve been, until you fully rcover from jet lag. So if Europe is about 9 hours (in average) away from LA, it might take him 9 days…

    Then again, that boy (see smeggs- I also call him “boy”) has so much energy in him that I’m sure he’ll be fine for his performances!

    Can’t wait!!

    And on that note- I’ll go to sleep- I’m starting to get jet-lagged myself just from hanging out on the internet with people in an 8 hour time difference away from me, lol….Good night!!!

  133. Random but I don’t want to start my homework. Speaking of 6 degree of seperation at a recent sleepover my at 3 am my cuzin and I did this thing where I would connect things she said to Adam lambert an she would connect things I said to Jared Leto (no idea why,but ok).The connections were ridiculous,but Adam really does connect to everything..

  134. Hi everybody…finally back from obligatory Easter festivities and so happy to see everybody still keeping Adam’s thread alive!

    Love Adam’s latest tweets. Wouldn’t you just love to be sitting on his sofa, all stretched out with him while he’s reading his tweets?? I bet his comments are hilarious.

    I’ve said it before, but it bares repeating. Those animal print boots he has on with Carmit and Scarlett are the hottest boots in his collection, imo. I find the heel super sexy for some reason. :)

  135. tls62 …hope the sole on those sexy boots doesn’t come apart like his other boots. They get a good workout! lol

  136. Adam just tweeted “Earthquake!!!!” Hope everything is ok I don’t think he mentioned the first quake in Japan until ppl tweeted him about it.

  137. Adam just tweeted “Earthquake!!!!

    6.9 Quake in Baja California Felt Along West CoastBy RANDAL C. ARCHIBOLD
    Published: April 4, 2010

    LOS ANGELES – An earthquake centered in Baja California in Mexico shook buildings as far north as Los Angeles Sunday afternoon.

    The earthquake was centered in the Baja California, about 108 miles east-southeast of Tijuana, the United States Geological Service said. The quake had a magnitude of 6.9.

    High-rise buildings in Los Angeles and San Diego rocked back and forth as the quake hit. The earthquake shook houses in Los Angeles for roughly a minute, and aftershocks then followed.

    There were no immediate reports of damage or injury. KABC-TV reported some people were stuck in an elevator at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim.

    The Los Angeles Fire Department went on earthquake alert and began inspecting overpasses for damage.

  138. Thanks KB
    From the sounds of all I’m hearing it was S-waves not P-waves that hit. That’s good it the P-waves the do the really bad damage.

  139. Wow. Earthquakes wherever Adam goes! I think he better move back east. (where I am) There are no fault lines here. Seriously, though, I can’t imagine what this feels like. He probably has felt others during his life. Do ya think? It brings us back to the fragility and reality of life.

  140. Sounds like there was a whole string of earthquakes along the California coast today, the biggest one being the one Adam tweeted about. This from

    “A string of earthquakes rattled the Pacific Coast of the United States and Mexico on Sunday, including a magnitude 6.9 quake that could be felt across Baja California, Arizona and southern California, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.

    That quake, centered about 175 kilometers (110 miles) east-southeast of Tijuana, was the largest of at least four that struck from the Mexican desert to the northern California wine country, according to the USGS. There was no immediate report of damage or injuries from the quakes in Los Angeles or San Diego, according to authorities in those cities.”

    Adam has had his share of earthquakes lately, hasn’t he? Having lived in SoCal for most of his life, he’s probably been through a few before, but you never really get used to them (at least I never did when I lived in California).

  141. Hahaha I see your dastardly plot Luval. Trying to get him as close as possible. But that logic won’t work cuz as soon as that large chunk of Canary Island drops into the Atlantic and creates a mega tsunami that will wipe out the entire eastern seaboard. Not to mention the hurricanes. Sorry better come up with a different plan :P

  142. Earthquake has been upgraded to 7.2, with a 5.1 aftershock. The northern California earthquake is a 4.1. Yikes.

    haha Smeggingnuts. I am 250 miles west of the east coast. The tsunami won’t reach me!!!! We have no hurricanes. Just a lot of damn snow. Not this winter, though.

    Quake center is in Baja, California. Funny, I had a Baja veggie omelet this morning for breakfast. Don’t start on me smeggs! lol

  143. Okay, so I leave you gals for a few hours to have Easter dinner with the new in-laws (lovely people) and I come back check in and you two are going at it. If I can’t leave you guys to play nice by yourself, I am going to have to take things into my own hands….que smeggs for the link…..

  144. Hey Riskylady, I’m late coming on. I’m going to call the Rays’ line tomorrow about the tix because they can sell you a parking pass with them and sr4mjc says it’s better to get a parking pass. Apparently the area around is not great. I’m going out for about 2 hrs and will be back home about 10:30pm and will check here to see if you’re on or email me at around that time.
    Planet Fierce what state are you in? Smegs, we really need another spork. Someone give her some inspiration. :)

  145. ehhhhhh?there is stupid writer making rumor and write like that:sweatheart adam and cant write his own song?now hes asking for simon curtis to write for his album?hes need slap in the face the writer.the good thing is that in comments reply to him says that:first check adam twitter first and he write many song with madona guitarist in band name citizen vein and zodiac show .some writers hypocret accuse adam with no info about him and make it scandalism.its funny when they found out that hes write 5 song on his album and he had made many song on cd before american idol,the (pop goes to camera) song is amazing,catchy. didnt he did write song for companys,

  146. why they so mean?he didnt hurt anybody,hes just nice guy .the make rumor,bashing,lying,accusing him that he cant write?didnt he said for his next album hes gone a write song with his band,and maybe collaboration with redone.
    they so annoying piss of shit.

  147. Allrighty then tuti, you tell em. BTW, who are we giving this verbal ass kicking to? Doesn’t matter, if someone is denegrating Adam’s song writing ability they are taking shots at him because he scares them. Aftermath, Broken Open, DTRH, are beautifully written, relevant, even sophisticated songs, and they know it is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his barely tapped ability. Be afraid you assholes, be very afraid.

    And smeggs, I was referring to kitty cat, but thanks for giving me every inch you could come up with.

    And now, I am going to take advantage of my prescribed pain meds, and go to sleep. Did I tell you, that when they put me under (twilight) for my surgery, I was playing out DTRH to scenes from Alice in Wonderland? It was an awesome experience to say the least.

    Good night darlings!

  148. I’m waiting for a DVD. Maybe it will happen after he has the fan club.

  149. If I could figure out how to convert quick time to wmv I can make dvd’s I mean I made an Adam idol dvd lol but I only have access to YT for other stuff and quicktime won’t work on my dvd burner

    Is it sad I made a dvd of Adam on Idol…….lol

  150. Hey Planet Fierce, you interested in going to Tampa too? You’re near to riskylady. If you are you can email me too. My email address is above somewhere. You can get pretty decent seats now. To get onto the field after the game, for the concert, you have to wait until the season ticket holders sell them or release them for sale. That’s a separate price.

  151. Hi Tuti,
    I feel your frustration/anger towards people who bash and tell lies about our Adam..By bashing him they think that they are empowering themselves..They crow and brag and think how great they are but I bet you they are the hen-pecked husbands who cannot vent their frustrations and anger out ..As Smeggs has said before we are all here for the long haul…

  152. it looks wwfm is more popular than fye single?fye must be no.1 around the world now,its catchy.wwfm is normal sure the ladygaga,rihana will pass adam because its catchier like fye single.

  153. Here is another set of videos from Adam’s showcase performance in Stockholm Sweden from a different vantage point — this fan was in the front row so the view is really nice and close up. This link should take you to the person’s channel so that you can see four different songs from that performance (SW, MW, BO, DTRH):

  154. Come on Adam do something in the news this thread is getting a little stale. Though I kinda feel sorry for other idol fans, were pretty lucky we get new threads regularly. So we can be on MJ’s in our own Adam world and chat all we like. I wonder where the others go?

  155. Yeah, I was thinking about that too. We’ve been lucky in that there’s something that warrants a new Adam thread every couple of days at least. And since we’ve all agreed that no Adam thread is dead until a new one goes up, it works out well. :-)

    This might be a quiet week in Adam news, though, as he is probably locked down in preparations for his Vancouver concerts this weekend and the UK/Germany concerts after that.

    I have a question. Has anybody heard anything about what the sales have been like for the bastard Take One album? (This was the album of session demos that Adam was hired to sing pre-Idol for some record label, and then they sleazily slapped them together into an album and released it a week before FYE.) I just wonder how much it has sold, and I also wonder whether Adam has seen any of that revenue. Anybody know?

  156. Boy, I sure don’t, but I’m sure one of you guys can get the info! Why hasn’t MJ posted anything about the Time poll(Adam is now #5!) or the Paper mag Beautiful thing? Anyway, I haven’t even listened to any of that album, is any of it good? Plus, I DID get my tickets for the Tampa appearance, already emailed the info to cher. Hope others from down here go too…Oh yeah, smeggingnuts, those videos are good, hardly any crowd noise (but I still love Leno Sleepwalker – it’s like a perfectly polished little gem).

  157. Cher, I am going to hold out for a smaller more intimate venue as I can’t attend multiple events given my limited fun budget, but thanks so much for asking. I also think he will keep it a little more PG for the Tampa event, and I want full blown Adam…(she coughs). I also have a very dear friend who loves Adam too, but has never been on a blog about anything, and leaves it to me to send her links now and then to pics and performances, so we will be going together. I envy some of you who have been able to get to several appearances already. I did get to see him on tour with AI in Sunrise, but I was in a box, not on the floor, and it was not as good an experience as it could have been. So, this time the focus will be on the total experience. I want to get his autograph somehow (even if I have to stand in a line for hours). I just want to see him in the flesh up close and GOD forbid, I get a whiff of him, as so many have commented on how good he smells. That would be nirvana!

  158. Hope this hasn’t been posted yet…a little something from Japanese TV. What a cutie he is! He needs to be on TV more…can’t wait til his Idol performance!

  159. Riskylady
    From what I understand here at MJ’s polls and stuff don’t get reported by her because that can create fan wars. She doesn’t care if we post but she doesn’t want people to start telling people to vote either

  160. Oh, good idea. I forgot about that “aspect” of the internet (I use the word aspect as a euphemism…..)

  161. So everybody…did you see the pic from the Details photoshoot that went around a few days ago? I don’t remember if it was posted here or not. Holy moly. (Model standing in 6″ stilettos on a table with Adam’s head in front of her “situation” looking up at her.) Wonder how much she paid Details to get that gig… This also makes me curious…how many more shots are out there, just waiting to surface from that shoot??? Wow .O_O.

  162. tls62- Upon seeing that pic, all I thought was “so now BB’s considering being a gynacologist…”

  163. “tls62- Upon seeing that pic, all I thought was “so now BB’s considering being a gynacologist…”

    * * * * * * * * * *
    Oh PLEASE,…Don’t tease! Show the Details photoshoot/or link, with especially that photo. You guys can talk about it, but others here haven’t seen it! Help?

  164. Hahaha when I saw that pic I thought the look on his face was hilarious. It looks like he was busy doing something and she couldn’t get his attention, so she did that. And he’s all like “What I’m busy”.

  165. Urghh.Ok,no homework today until I’m fiannly caught up on Adam videos.see,I have my priorities in order! (even though I was up until 4 am and only got an hour of sleep tonight becuz I spent time in mj’s instead of doing homework)
    my life sucks haha :)

  166. Hi, I didn’t see the photo of the model with Adam “peeking”. But wasn’t there a video of the photo shoot at that time where Adam is lying or sitting down on a table and the model was standing there and he looked innocently up? Is that the one, but a still photo? Thanks.

  167. Not sure luval….in this one, she’s definately standing on a table with her legs spread, and he’s standing on the floor facing her. The table comes to his waist. His head looks to be about 6″ under her situation and he’s looking straight up. He’s got his hands on the table too…just in front of her legs, also spread out.

    mr….can you imagine the waiting list if he were a gynecologist? Can you imagine all the women begging for multiple check-ups per year??

  168. smeggingnuts:
    04/05/2010 at 3:27 pm
    Hahaha when I saw that pic I thought the look on his face was hilarious. It looks like he was busy doing something and she couldn’t get his attention, so she did that. And he’s all like “What I’m busy”.

    IKR??…it’s obviously not a look of being impressed!! The first thing I thought was that he was probably thinking to himself….”Nope..still does nothing for me.” LOL

  169. Well, hell somebody post the link to that pic! Imma dyin’ here :)

  170. Thanks for posting PPP…..I didn’t have the link stored anywhere.

    I give that model major props. I would have been sweating myself to death. If Adam Lambert had his face 6″ from my crotch I’d probably pass out.

  171. PPPofP…Thank you for the interesting pic. I think Adam is going to throw up!! (or fall asleep). There’s gotta be tons of captions that would fit this picture.

  172. Well, he’s not seeing much through her flesh colored thongs anyway, but I would bet with all his female best friends and his make out sessions that he has seen plenty of hoochie over the years. I do love the shot though, he’s just saying “maybe I do and maybe I don’t”.

  173. Hi everyone–

    I found a few Adam goodies…

    Hot Magazine has a poll on whether fans like Adam glammed up or natural looking, or both. Funny, if you read the early comments, fans refused to vote until the site offered up the “both” option. “Both” is currently way out in front…

    Adam featured in one of Mexico’s largest newspapers yesterday:

    “Alive Sydney” interview. He mentions what his favorite songs are on the album…

    We’ve seen this video before, but it’s nice to see the tweet support from SonyMusicGlobal:
    RT @SonyMusicGlobal: We’re loving this new @adamlambert vid of his Stockholm performance! Check it out:

    Finally, a nice update from New Zealand:
    RT @KiwiGlam @adamlambert FYE up NINE places to #6 on last week’s official New Zealand album chart. Woot woot =D

    World domination, in progress… :-)

  174. Wow….he’s 292 followers from 400,000. Seems like he’s added a lot more than usual in the last few days. I bet Sony/RCA is loving the success of the Int’l promo tour. Money well spent for sure.

  175. Yeah, tls62… I too noticed a big jump in the number of people following Adam just in the last few days.

  176. We’re going to run out of crap to talk about if he doesn’t do something soon!! We made a promise though not to let his threads die until a new one starts…I’m up for the challenge.

  177. Me too! I thought it was interesting in the “Alive Sydney” interview (posted above) that he says that his favorite tracks on the album are Fever and all of his “babies” — the songs he wrote. He names in particular Strut and DTRH. And we know he really likes Broken Open because he has mentioned that a lot in other interviews.

  178. I’m a twitter novice…where does it say the number of followers a person has?

    Also, his promo tour is over, but what questions would have been interesting for interviewers to ask? I always wondered if he dreams and does he have a recurring dream. I know, dumb question. I have others, but any takers?

  179. Oh luval…..that’s a great question!! Being very artistic, and having a mind that’s always working, I bet he has great dreams. I wonder if he dreams about new ideas for songs or performances. I loved that those Swedish gals asked him what he sings in the shower…I think that’s the first time he’s been asked that one.

    Look under Adam’s name on his Twitter page and you’ll see how many people he’s following and how many followers he has. I’d love to know what number I was because I just happened to see his account the day he joined. Wish I would have noticed at the time. I’m sure it was in the low hundreds.

    cwm…..I hope he gets to release one of babies. He’s so proud of the ones he helped write on, I’d love to hear one on the radio. :)

  180. Luval if you go to Adam’s page on twitter it says on the top-am I following you??? My twitter is @smeggingnuts

    I totally think he would have loved that dream question. Hmm I can’t think of any questions. I had a hard enough coming up with one for the Ustream live chat in the UK.

  181. Hey guys I just realized I remember he said in an interview or something (can for the life of me remember where) that he believed that you dream when there is something in your life your missing. And he said he hasn’t remembered dreaming in a while :)

  182. As soon as you said that smeggs, I remembered that too. It was quite a while ago. I remember now that I thought it was a surprising answer. I don’t know if I agree with him or not on something missing from your life if you have dreams. Hmmmm…. I’ll have to think that over a little bit.

  183. thanks guys!…saw the twitter number for Adam. So close to 400,000 now.tls62 I joined too when I first saw he was getting an account. I don’t follow anyone else.
    Smeggingnuts…now that you mention it that dream statement he made does sound familiar somehow, but I don’t remember where either. It is very hard to think of questions. You’d think we would have a million. But he is such an open book that there’s not much left. Or so we think. If I had a couple of days I might think of more questions. Especially the shallow ones…what side of the bed do you sleep on…do you ever wear a bathrobe and slippers LOL. Are you really “bendy” naturally or did that hurt? Boxers or briefs? (maybe he’s answered that one).

  184. Woah, if true, this is big. girlygirl just posted on the Headlines thread that this DJ in Iowa says that he got an email from RCA saying that Adam is going to be the mentor next week on AI, giving the “I’ve been there” point of view, and then perform on the results show.

    I look forward to seeing whether this is confirmed or whether it’s just a rumor. If true, I worry that Adam will get bashed for it (this DJ has already started) — that people will say it’s premature, he doesn’t have sufficient credibility yet, why not more established Idol alums instead, etc. On the plus side, I do think that he could provide a very useful perspective having just been through it and he certainly knows how to deal with nerves and deliver a performance “moment” onstage. Hmmmm… not sure what to think about it.

  185. Re: questions for Adam… I would love to ask him to talk about how he prepares for a performance– how much he plans out in advance (vocal runs, dance moves) and how much is left to spontaneity, and what goes through his head while performing and making those spontaneous choices.

    New twitter update: Adam is up to 399,853 followers. He should pass the 400,000 mark tonight or early tomorrow!

  186. I to am worried if its true Adam is going to mentor. He is gonna get will be our new gate :(

    What is weird is I remember back during the 2nd week of auditions I hear a rumor that Adam was going to mentor I thought it was silly back then.

  187. Adam has been in this industry for 18 years. It makes sense that this rumor might be true, He is so knowledgeable about music and the music industry as we’ve seen and heard in all the interviews around the world. So inciteful. I can just hear him..”Belt it out!! Use the stage!!! put on a show!! )Someone said that April 14th would probably be the day he’d perform on Idol because he’s leaving the country again. It all sounds logical.
    Geez, Miley Cyrus was a mentor. What gives her the cred to do this?

  188. Planet Fierce, saw your post about Tampa. I will be up for a smaller venue too, hopefully something close like Hard Rock. What else is there around here with 3000 – 6000 capacity? Anyway, we’re taking advantage of Tampa to motivate us to clean out an old warehouse in New Port Richey (been avoiding it for a long time).
    Cwm, I was reading some of those twitters – Boy, people are just mean. Certainly Adam had good success in picking songs, costumes, arrangements, something these poor kids have really struggled with, and can advise them on that. Why does it have to be about a “recording career” yet? I didn’t watch Idol last year (wish I had) – I got interested in Adam after reading about him in EW, and then started looking up all the performances and saw how amazing he was. No one really amazing this year, maybe a few decent voices so far.

  189. Of course Adam himself has said he probably wouldn’t be a mentor. That he hasn’t been around long enough or something to that extent. But he does everything and anything just to try it…like the fashion correspondence (which wasn’t that great except we got to see him on the red carpet). I’m a little nervous too, but I guess we have to have faith in our boy.
    Why do you guys think he’ll get bashed?
    edit: just re-read your post cwm. I see what you mean.

  190. okay – i’m gonna admit I know this….

    he said in an interview or something (can for the life of me remember where) that he believed that you dream when there is something in your life your missing

    is from his Rolling Stone interview. :-)

  191. Didn’t a DJ on the promo tour straight up ask him if he was going to be a mentor? It’s usually really obvious when he’s holding back info. Unless of course he didn’t know it yet. But I remember he answered “no” very convincingly.

    I know he’d take a lot of shit for it, but seriously….he knows way more about putting on a kick ass performance than the other mentors they’ve used. He’s honest, his musical knowledge is superior, and he’s definately a big pulling name right now. I guess I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out true. There’s also no denying the camera eats him up. He’d be a natural. I just don’t want to think about what people on Idol boards will have to say about it if it’s true. Won’t be pretty.

  192. Yeah I think Adam would be an amazing mentor I just am uncomfortable with the negative backlash that would result. I am sure we all cringe when people bash Adam. But if it does happen we would get 2 days of Adam instead of 1 performance. Though Greenhippo is gonna be pissed she is outta town and can’t watch idol this week.

  193. tls62 and smeggs… My thoughts exactly. I actually think he’d be really good and that he would have a lot of useful insights to share from his experience. But he would get majorly bashed for it in the blogosphere and possibly on radio.

    I too remember when he answered that question about being a mentor with a “no.” But maybe this is a new development?

  194. on other front….any ideas what the backdrop for his IIHY video should be? We’ve already seen the club aspect. Not sure what else may work for that song. Maybe he can be an entertainer who gives it all up and takes his boy up to Planet Fierce hehehehe

  195. Haha lorismile I am sometimes amazed at what I remember I was thinking it was that live chat he did with the top fund raising group for Donor Choose, guess I’m wrong hehehe

  196. I am now going to take the “I don’t give a rat’s ass” attitude on what people may think…like Adam would…regarding the mentoring. If it’s true, good for him and hope everything goes fine. The mentoring part is all taped isn’t it? He’ll be a hoot and will be very gracious. WWFM on Wednesday will be epic. Hope I’m not just dreaming.

  197. Yeah….I was pretty vocal about him NOT mentoring, but like many things regarding Adam, after I’ve thought about it I’ve changed my mind. I don’t care either way. He’ll be on my TV again! :-)

  198. IIHY – when I listened, first thing came to mind was South Beach. You’ve got all these hip clubs in a long strip, the Maseratis, Lamborghinis, etc. all cruising up and down, models everywhere, it’s the ultimate sensory overload in a contained location sort of. And plenty of flatlining possibilities going on…

  199. Hey, my last question for the evening. I’m going to iron-on transfer those ADam (japanese?) eyes on a shirt. Should they be on the back or the front?

    IIHY…yes South Beach

  200. Thanks for posting that Mike Ruiz clip, lorismile. That was cool to hear him talking about what it was like to work with Adam and how he envisioned the concept for the shoot.

  201. Hmmm I would say front med sized, errr but depending on your *cough* rack that might look like head lights lol

    Maybe back would be better lol

  202. I agree luval….let’s all just say to hell with the negative opinions. If it’s true, the contestants will be guaranteed a thoughtful, considerate, insightful critque. Remember the studious look he had when listening to those 3 songs during the Swedish interview?

  203. South Beach & IIHY — Love it!

    luval… my vote is for the front. :-)

    smeggs… you love Adam’s lip freckles don’t you? I’ve noticed that about you. ;-)

    Glad to see this thread back in action!

  204. Yes!!!! I feel much better tls62. If we can get through the A**’s last November we can get through anything. Onward and Upward.

    Smeggs…the rack isn’t much, but I think the back is better. The glitter on his eyes would blind anyone walking towards me. LOL!!

    cwm…see above note regarding glitter!

    This thread will never die!!!!

  205. Twitter followers update– Adam is up to 399,931! I think he’ll be up to 400,000 within the hour.

  206. Luval you know what you should do is transfer the pic then put real glitter and rhinestones over it

    Hey people we all have our fetishes :P

  207. If we can get through the A**’s last November we can get through anything.

    Truer words were never spoken.

    South Beach & IIHY — Love it!

    Ohhh that’s an excellent idea. At a beach…summertime…Adam cruising in a nice white shirt (I vote for wet…hmmm)..

  208. “Welcome to the masterplan, don’t care if you understand.”

    (My personal answer to any negativity that may arise as a result of the rumored mentoring) LOL

    60 more followers to go smeggs!! Got your fingers ready?? :)

  209. The point of mentoring is to help the contestants compete better. Be the best they can be. Adam has been doing just that in the BIZ for 18 years, AND competed on Idol last season AND got to second place while being gay and very theatrical and HUGELY talented. That pretty much makes him an expert as far as I am concerned. He has never shown anything but love for Idol and if they are going to capitalize on that with him, I say do it now…the show really needs him. He will be awesome!!!

  210. I’m new to commenting but not lurking and enjoying MJ’s blog! I too live in south florida and was planning on waiting to purchase my tickets for the Tampa game being that it’s not until Sept. Is that a bad idea? From what I”ve been reading, I might have to purchase them now. I also think the Hard Rock would be a great venue for a concert and I’m hoping the Beacon Theater in NYC is on the list.

  211. Riskylady, the other thing with HardRock, they have the capability to have smaller groups via other venues on the property. It wouldn’t have to be at the big arena there. The property was open and had alot of concerts there before the “HardRock Live” arena was ever built, so hope, hope, hope!!!! I still think it would sell out though, peeps will come from everywhere.

  212. Don’t worry smeggs….I’m on an iPod and the battery is moments from dying!! Looks like we’re both SOL!!

  213. Adam just passed 400,000 followers, and now he’s trending at #2 :-)

    Congratulations Adam!

  214. 20 more to go!!

    Quickly because my battery is dying….welcome to the convo libralady…join in with us, no need to only lurk! I don’t know anything about when you should get tickets, but wanted to say hello!

  215. Thanks for the welcome guys. I don’t twitter but it’s been fun watching Adam’s numbers steadily climb. It’s amazing how much Adam stirs us all.
    Riskylady – I live in your town.

  216. Totally agree with your post, Planet Fierce. I think Adam will be an exceptional mentor…perfect gig for him! I say f**k the naysayers…let’em bitch all they want. Adam will be just fine!

  217. Bwahahahaha saw this on twitter

    I think Adam Lambert is addicting! It’s all the glitter! Somekind of intergalactic space crank!


  218. Have you considered a full band set of sporks smeggs? Tommy and LP’s hair could be fun to play around with. Monte’s facial hair could be fun too.

  219. lorismile… you posted this picture upthread yesterday, and I just wanted to thank you. It is so lovely!

    smeggs… I’m likin’ tls62’s idea of making the band in sporks. Other ideas: glitter and rhinestones, or peacock feather.

  220. smegs, you around? hi riskylady. welcome libralady. If you or planetfierce want to ride up with me, that’s fine. I bought my tickets yesterday directly from the Rays line. The lady told me not to spend a lot of money because after the game is done, you can move anywhere around the stadium except the field. She sold me $26 tickets because the concert is open seating. You can’t beat that price, eh? Section 132, I think. I still have to find a hotel/motel nearby. aa618892? can you help? I believe Adam will do a concert in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area and it may very well be within a night or two before or after this concert in Tampa. That would be logical because he’s in South Florida anyway. I know he would like to hit some of the Miami Beach hot spots, so I definitely would go to both, right sr4mjc? lol
    planetfierce/libralady, my email address is a few pages back if you’re interested in going with me or if you want to ask me any questions.

  221. Re: Adam mentoring

    First of all- I don’t believe a word of it yet. For me, it’s just a rumour, until someone official (or he himself) announces it! I’ll be overjoyed if does happen, though, haha, just don’t want to get my hopes up…

    BUT- If Adam were to mentor, yes, he would get a lot of heat from people within the idolsphere, but I would get such IMMENSE PLEASURE from seeing him mentor, cause you know he’d be brilliant at it, and just to have more Adamness would be FAB.

    And I think it would do him alot of good in the majority of the public’s eye- maybe not some of the people who have other favs, lol… but it would make 25 million people see the Adam that only us crazys keep seeing in interviews, and I am sure it’ll do wonders to boost his album&single sales…

    And so- I’m not expecting it, because it seems like a long-shot, but if it happens, then I say yay!!

  222. I see 1st shift has reported in….good morning all. :)

    mr….I think everybody here so far agrees with your opinion on the mentoring. I’m not getting my hopes up either, it’s a loooong shot for sure. But…Idol will do anything in their power to keep ratings up, so who knows. It sure would create a huge conversational buzz that week leading up to the show, so who knows.

    I would love to see him mentor with Crystal. I wonder if he’d tell her to continue what she’s doing presentation wise, or advise her to step out of her box a little bit.

  223. Sorry I’m getting to the party late… Damn the family computer concept – daughter had laptop ALL NIGHT doing a school assignment! I was going through some serious glitter crack withdrawal. Anyway, Smeggs, I’ve been thinking about your spork creations, and read somewhere in this thread that you’re looking for suggestions. I was thinking that an homage to AI8 would be cool: Mad World Spork, Ring of Fire Spork, Born to Be Wild, etc.

    BTW, how did we get the idea that Adam would mentor? Hope it’s true :)

  224. TexasWannaHoldEm:
    04/06/2010 at 8:55 am
    Sorry I’m getting to the party late

    Never too late for an Adam party Texas…we’ve vowed to keep his threads alive until the next new one comes along, so you’re just in time!! :)

    Regarding the mentoring…..

    04/05/2010 at 9:02 pm
    Woah, if true, this is big. girlygirl just posted on the Headlines thread that this DJ in Iowa says that he got an email from RCA saying that Adam is going to be the mentor next week on AI, giving the “I’ve been there” point of view, and then perform on the results show.

    We’re taking it with a grain of salt, but who knows…..

  225. Hi Cher, Just got your question. I live about 40 miles north of Tampa, it’s a little further to St. Pete which is where Trop field is. I really am not familiar with that area very much as I usually hit Clearwater for beach time. But it is mega tourist area so you should have no trouble finding lodging. I am rethinking going to this since you say it is so cheap and can move closer after the game. I did not want to be stuck in a nosebleed seat. Also, I have a lot of major life changes coming and I am not even sure where I will be come Sept. If a ticket is only $26 I may go for it because it is not such a big investment. I will try to keep in touch to see about getting together.

  226. Re the Details photo:

    “tls62- Upon seeing that pic, all I thought was “so now BB’s considering being a gynacologist…”

    New material for sweet dreams :)

  227. If Adam is a mentor or whatever next week, yikes…the boards are gonna be something. I was very firm in the he shouldn’t mentor camp, but I like what you guys have to say. I just don’t think he’s successful enough yet, but he would give a great perspective for the contestants from someone who’s been in their shoes, with probably more pressure than other contestants.

  228. Re Adam mentoring, the judges keep harping on this season’s contestants to “create a moment”. Well, I would venture to say there has never been a contestant on Idol who has created more moments than Adam. So, in that regard, I think he would be a very capable mentor.

  229. wow, you guys are going strong! Welcome, libralady – so glad to have another floridian, and close by no less. I live in rock creek, fyi.
    Cher, thanks so much for the offer and the info. We can’t ride because as I mentioned, have to go to New Port Richey to clean out warehouse (ugh!) LOVE the pics you all have been posting.
    Question: Why on earth would RCA tell a DJ in Iowa about the mentoring?
    Planet Fierce: I did not know that Hard Rock has so many venues, that’s great news. Been there a few times, and it is a big complex, would be just perfect and I agree, would probably sell out.
    And, tour date would probably be shortly after Tampa.
    Another question: With several things already booked, like that Kiis concert in LA, the one in Boston, the one at Devil Rays, why isn’t Adamofficial showing any of this?

  230. Thanks for the info Cher. I’ve been chatting with my hubby about going to the game with me for he does like baseball (though being an original New Yorker those are not his favorite teams) and for us it’s only a car ride. He’s come with me to two Idol shows and the FS concert (gambling). He likes Adam but I don’t know how many more concerts he’ll go to. I plan on going to as many as I can!!!

  231. Ok not sure if ppl are still here but I have decided to keep this thread as the default Adam thread cuz I don’t wanna get mixed up with any of the fan war stuff kinda brewing in the Nis Adam mentoring thread”

    So as an incentive here is Bendy Adam :)

    Also I have mentione before how Adam has been making me more tech savy. Well I found out this last week how to copy url’s, download pictures, and cut and paste all on my phone. Hehehe which will make my posting stuff while I’m at work so much easier than hand typeing those links in like I have been doing lol

  232. I agree smeggs… I like the idea of this thread as a safe haven from the fan warring going on in the “is Adam mentoring” thread. Although since the Remix thread has now gone up, perhaps we’ll all move there.

    But before you leave… I have a technical question about posting, and if anybody is still here, this seems like a good place/time to ask it. I have tried to use the block quotes feature a few times without success. I seem to get it all messed up. Can someone please give me a tutorial in how to use the b-quote button? Thanks!

  233. Cwm
    2 ways to use bquote
    1-select the text you want to bquote when its highlighted hit dah button

    2-hit the button before you tpye what you want to quote then hit dah button a second time after the stuff you want quoted. It should look like this (with no spaces)

    blah blah blah

  234. Hahah it still works with spaces ok try this another way. At beging of text should say blockquote with after after text shout say blockquote with after

  235. Ok fine its being a pain just use the button lol the way I discribe who care what it looks like

  236. 1-select the text you want to bquote when its highlighted hit dah button

    Did it work? Yay it did! Oh I feel so accomplished now. No more highlighting my quotes lamely in italics. Thanks smeggs!

    By the way, I think it’s so charming that while the Idol blogosphere is exploding with the news that Adam is going to mentor AI next week, he sweetly and innocently tweets that he’s getting over his jetlag and finally got a good night’s sleep last night. LOL Gotta love him!

  237. Smegs,I’m going to check back here after work to see if anyone is still here. that other blog is blowing up!!!!lol

  238. cher
    we all moved to the EP remix thread if you came back here
    See you over there

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