Allison Iraheta – 2RSLVJ Preview – VIDEO

Check out a preview of Allison Iraheta’s appearance on 2RSLVJ, from Spanish cable channel HolaMun2.

'Almost An Evening' Video F...
'Almost An Evening' Video Feature - In Rehearsals

Allison hilariously deals with topics such as Spanks, the therapeutic qualities of chocolate, her techniques for picking up guys, and American Idol.

Her interview premiers on HolaMun2 today (April 3). Check out the repeat schedule HERE. via Alliholics.

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  1. Allison should have her own comedy/variety show, she really does have great comedic skills and is naturally funny.

  2. THis was funny, particularly her technique for picking up guys …. and why she’s never been on a date.

    I want her boots! What was with the camera jumping around on her hands, boots, etc. while she was talking?

  3. Allison said she’s never been on a date.

    Well then. Time to legally stalk her. I might want to wait until April 27, her birthday, so that she’s 18. But that is the day the biggest video game of my LIFE comes out (I’m lame too, Allison). Allison knows the video game (she tweeted something to the effect of “Having hair like Blanka from Street Fighter ain’t cool”).

    Is my crush on her plainly obvious?

    …..Okay, back to reality and less creeper mode.

    The thing she does with her eye is hilarious to me. I can see why it’s gross >_>.

    LOL. I was watching her say “First thing I do in the morning”…. and I accidentally clicked on the red bar, and it cut right to when she was saying “Yeah, Spanks”. Perfect timing, but I need to get my mind out of the gutter *giggle*.

    No personality my ass, Simon. She’s amazing.

  4. I am sure she was referring to Spanx, as in the body shaper, not to spank (or being spanked :-) ).
    Hard to believe that she has never been in a date. What is wrong in Downey? Are there that many girls that nobody has asked Allison out?
    Maybe her parents don’t let her. I can believe that.
    Maybe she just doesn’t want to give details, so she just says she hasn’t.

  5. She was asked why has she never been on a date and she said “ask my mom”, I think her parents are strict. You’d also have to get her definition of a date. Maybe she has been out with guys but doesn’t consider it a date, who knows. She’s hilarious though, no doubt about that…no personality Simon? Right.

  6. I think you are right about her parents. I just hope turning 18, being out of high school, and making money, doesn’t turn into a girls-gone-wild situation. She seems pretty grounded.

  7. I’m a bit curious and somewhat “scared” of that situation as well. She seems grounded but she also seems a little devilish, so I guess we’ll see.

  8. HeH! The fact that she admires Pink,to me, means that she is not a
    stupid girl and probably won’t be,with thanks to her protective
    parents…I think.
    She will have better skills than those girls like britany or lindsy, the famous stupid girls. I know I just really love that pink
    came up with stupid girls and talked about it on Ellen’s show!
    I say 19 is plenty soon enough to have carte blanche with el
    hermanos. Ok, I can hear the stones coming my way….18 then!

  9. I’m pretty sure she’s not a stupid girl. So far she’s been really good with keeping her private life private and I don’t see that changing, that right there tells me she’s not stupid ;)

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