So You Think You Can Dance Top 14 Spoilers: Update

Spoilers for tonight’s show via Television Without Pity by way of poster at Idol Forums who attended yesterday’s taping.

  • Brandon and Jeannette – Cha Cha by Jean Marc – Said Mia loved him, and that it was amazing.
  • Kayla and Kupono – Jazz by Sonya – Vampire theme, judges loved it.
  • Evan and Randi – Broadway – Judges were dissapointed in Evan, ouch.
  • Jason and Caitlin – Pop Jazz by Brian Friedman   – Caitlin is an alien trying to impregnate the last human; Mary thought it was ‘wtf’ .
  • Phillip and Jeanine – Hip Hop by Napoleon and Tabitha – Song was love lockdown and they were chained at the ankles, said it was awesome.
  • Melissa and Ade – Pas De Duex   – To Romeo & Juliet’ ¦I’m thinking she meant the Two Households monologue that they used on SYTYCDAU but I’m not sure.
  • Karla and Vitolio – Quickstep by Jean Marc – Said Karla did a quick change in the middle (that’s a magic trick where they change clothes really fast) and said that it was entertaining.
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  1. i’m glad Philip gets to do hip hop again! Poor Jason and Caitlin, I think they are in the bottom. I dont think the idea behind the dance helped them at all.

    Are they picking genres out of a hat or is it all picked by producers?

    Evan= broadway
    Philip= Hip hop
    Jeanette= cha cha
    Melissa= pas de deux

    I think it makes for a more entertaining show when the contestants get the genre they are best at. (like the first show)

  2. How can there be spoilers if the show is not until tomorrow. I thought these shows were live. Color me confused. Not happy to hear that they were disappointed in Evan. I hope this is false info.

  3. This season has been such a ZzZzZz. Hope it starts to pick up soon.

  4. The performance shows are pretaped. Only the results shows are live – and even then, the group dance and guest musical performance are pretaped. IDF and TWOP are very accurate with their spoilers, so I’d be really surprised if they’re wrong.

  5. Poor Caitlin. She is struggling on the show with lifeless performances and now she gets stuck with probably the weirdest dance theme ever? Looks like yet another example this season of the dancers being blamed for HORRIBLE choreography.

    Caitlin is a sure a cutey, but even as her fan, I have to say her dancing has been robotic and more like gymnastics than dance.

  6. I agree that these don’t seem random.

    I’m just shocked that they were disappointed in Evan. Were the expectations unrealistic or did he not fit the particular routine’s style well? Wow… I can’t imagine… maybe he toned it down so that he wouldn’t outperform Randi and it bit him in the @ss? The judges get fickle like that. (I like Randi too- don’t take it the wrong way)

    As far as it being a ZzZzZz…. Yes and No. I really think it’s because they are leaning towards the slow/smooth Hip Hop (for the most part). In past seasons the Hip Hop always seemed to get the party going. And we lost the only real ballroom guy to keep ballroom going. But it sounds like Brandon may step in finally.

    We haven’t had any Krumping yet have we? Now that would be a test for Melissa.

  7. No, no Krumping yet. I’d like to see Melissa given something further outside her genre, she’s had it too easy so far.
    The Brian Friedman routine sounds um, interesting LOL and didn’t NappyTabs choreograph something in a previous season where the dancers were tied together, or am I thinking of something else?

  8. I expect I’m going to like Brian Friedman’s Jazz piece – but will most of American? Sadly, no. We all saw what happen to Kayla/Max the last time they did a Friedman piece. Poor Jason/Caitlin can’t catch a break. I really do like them a lot – they are for sure gone this week, or next.

    Hmm. The judges criticizing Evan? I have noticed them slowly de-pimping him lately. He’s shorter than most of the girl dancers, so I think they want him out around top 10 – but the only problem is he has a strong fanbase. It’s going to be interested to see if him and Randi land in the bottom three.

    Melissa is definitely the TCO as of right now – her and Ade have had the easiest ride to the top 12 compared to the others. I hoping we have a shock tomorrow night and see them in the bottom. Hee.

    Phillip and Jeannie getting NappyTabs again? Okayyy, try not to make it that obvious. We all know poor Phillip can’t dance anything other than HH.

    I’m not a fan of either Karla or Vitolio but you definitely have to feel for them. Seriously, the quickstep? Even if it’s the best QS they had on the show – it really doesn’t matter because they’re in the bottom 3 no matter what.

    Kayla/Kupono getting a Sonya piece? What a shocker. I hate the tongue bath they give Kayla each week. She’s not even that good. TPAM obviously want Kayla in the top 10.

    Brandon/Jeannette – blah blah blah. I really don’t care for them, but I will say I think Brandon is great – besides Jason/Caitlin he hasn’t gotten his chance to shine with a contemporary piece.

  9. I’m just shocked that they were disappointed in Evan. Were the expectations unrealistic or did he not fit the particular routine’s style well?

    I think they are prejudiced against Evan because he’s short. From the TWP spoiler forum, his height is mentioned by Mia again. That judge Adam mentioned it the very first week they danced if you remember.

    So they gave Melissa ballet?? I thought Kayla was the Chosen one, I take that back now. lol I guess we will have a ballet winner this year.

    I’m glad Mia seems to have liked Brandon. I’m excited to see their cha cha.

  10. Wow, disappointed in Evan. He’s been getting such rave reviews so far and in a genre he should excel at. Makes me wonder what happened there

    I love Brian’s routines, personally. I just hope it isn’t wasted on Caitlin and Jason.

    As for Caitlin and Jason, sigh. I don’t care for Caitlin at all. I’d take Kayla over Caitlin because Kayla’s quality of dance is so much better. I like Jason a lot though, and not to blame Caitlin but the man needs a better partner, and better routines.

    And I love Melissa and Ade as a pairing, but they really do need to be doing something that isn’t as much in their wheelhouse. While I’m sure its fantastic and I love it, the joy of this show is seeing how they handle other forms of dance that aren’t their own. I want to see Melissa do some Hip Hop, not Phillip, AGAIN.

  11. I agree that they are potentially de-pimping Evan because of concerns about his height and how he would partner with other girls. However, who tagged him as “broadway” dancer to begin with? When I first saw him dance I thought he was more akin to a 50s musical dancer (which maybe they are one in the same). Anyway, I reserve judgment on his failing to live up to the judges expectations until after I’ve seen the routine. From the TWOP spoilers, the routine appears to be a “Fosse-esque” number. I’m not sure Evan is this type of dancer. I’ll still vote for him because I’m sure his “failure” can not compare to Phillip’s dismal tango.

  12. I think they are prejudiced against Evan because he’s short.

    And if that, indeed, is the case, why did they bother putting him through to the top 20 in the first place? Did they think he would grow in the interim? I don’t get it. I might feel better if he actually does perform badly and the comments are justified.

    I’m going on record right now and saying that I am SO tired of the Melissa-pimping. I don’t even think she’s really that likable, especially compared with the likes of Janette, Jeanine, and Randi (all of whom have proven that in addition to being likable, they are excellent dancers). Yet she keeps getting dances they know she will excel at. Color me confused about that one.

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