So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 – Top 14 Performance – VIDEO

For the second week in a row, the judges speculate on which two dancers are in trouble this week.   All three judges name checked Karen and Kevin.   And I wonder if this is an attempt at reverse psychology by the judges.   Karen, in particular, has been a judges darling for weeks.

Also, am I the only one who found Nigel telling Karen he only found her interesting when she was sexy a little creepy? And wow, I wonder if young Nathan is going to be able to handle the stress of the competition, particularly with the judges piling on him every week…

Recap and videos after the JUMP…

Childhood photos tonight! Including from the judges… What, no photos of Cat? Boo.

Ashleigh and Jakob ‘ Hip Hop ‘ Napoleon and Tabitha – “Whatcha Say” by Jason Derulo – Whatever negatvie feelings I had about Ashleigh are gone. This chick is f*cking fierce. And Jakob is a beautiful dancer. Great routine from Nappytabs, so much emotion. Wow. Nigel says, “Jakob, every single week you are challenged by the choreo, and come up to scratch…you will continue to grow into the top 10. Ashleigh…you have grown at a much faster pace than I ever imagined…really supurb.” Mary says, “Ashleigh, you are a star tonight…I can’t believe…how believable your passion was in this dance.” Adam says, “Jakob, your a sure bet for the top 10, Ashleigh, I was one of the guys who didn’t believe in you…convincing, gripping, awesome to see how much you’ve changed. – 1-888-836-7601VIDEO

Karen and Kevin ‘ Broadway ‘ Spencer Liff – “If My Friends Could See Me Now” Sweet Charity New Broadway Cast – The guy has just been given some bad news–the gal cheers him up. Kevin can’t wait for the jazz hands! Kevin is very stuff. Could he look more uncomfortable? Karen is better. Nigel congratulates the new choreography. He says, “Karen, this is the first time you’ve asked to dance without being sexual…I didn’t enjoy your performance like I usually do…you needed to bring the personality…Kevin, you brought even less. The pair of you didn’t have the chemistry. It’s a disappointment.” Mary says, “It needed to be so much more…but it didn’t really get into it…Kevin, you weren’t really connecting…this is just a bump in the road.” Adam says, “Karen, I liked watching you not having to pull out the tigers everytime…yes a bump, but good for the show. – 1-888-836-7602VIDEO

Noelle and Russell ‘ Fox Trot ‘ Eddie Simon – – “Baby (You’ve Got What it Takes)” by Michael Buble with Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings – The pair were supposed to Fox Trot the first week, but Noell was injured. I don’t know…the judges are raving, but I’m not enjoying this much. Russell looks a little stiff to me. Noell is fairing much better. Maybe I just loved last week’s Afro dance so much, I’m disappointed. Nigel says, “You vastly improved in two weeks–your carriage is much better…Russell, you are a grow every week. Noelle, you are not content in his shadow, you are successful…” Mary says, “Russell, practice makes perfect…wow…you didn’t look worried…I just love this guy…Noelle, you are absolutely gorgeous, smooth, elegant.” Adam says, “The key thing to underline was joy…an extraordinary amount of confidence…you understood your task, you met it…fantastic.” – 1-888-836-7603VIDEO

Channing and Victor ‘ Jazz ‘ Tyce Diorio – “Blackbird” by Bobby McFerrin – Channing hit Victor in the face, and he had to get stitches. Tyce says the dance is about “two curious eclectic blackbirds, come out to play.” I agree with Adam, the weirdo McFerrin shtick took me out of the routine. But, once I blocked it out, I liked. I also agree with Nigel and Mary, that these two dancers are very good, but need to have a star moment if they are going to stick around. Nigel says, “Victor, I’m not watching you grow much higher every week, I’m seeing some other boys beginning to spike…but you are a superb dancer.” Mary says, “I just loved it…I thought you guys brought it to live…Victor, you haven’t had that star moment. Channing, you been strong all the way along…you did just let it go. Very good. Adam says, “You are finding your way into the show…you are loosening up and letting go…your lines were beautiful. The song kept me out of feeling for the dancers a little, Victor…you gotta find a way to totally let yourself go. 1-888-836-7604VIDEO

Kathryn and Legacy ‘ Paso ‘ Tony Meredith – Paso Doble – “Pursuit” by Ka Cirque du Soleil – The last lift was a little shaky, but that was mostly sensational. When I heard they got the Paso, I figured Legacy would kill it. He did. Adam is drooling over shirtless Legacy! Nigel says, “Wow, the maturity…was absolutely fantastic…you brought it all. Legacy, every time I see you, you are practicing…it’s going to push you into the top 10.” Mary says, “Katharine, you played that just right, you were just that little vixen out there. Legacy, you are just crazy again this week…you are growing more than we ever anticipated.” Adam says, “Kathryn, you killed it…your carriage was just were fabulous. Legacy, your stamina is just spectacular, you are growing so much…you are going to get through to the top 10…you are no longer a break dancer, you are a dancer.” – 1-888-836-7605VIDEO

Next, an update on Nigel’s Dizzyfeet foundation.

Ellenore and Ryan ‘ Contemporary ‘ Travis Wall – “Your Ex-Lover is Dead” by Stars – Ah, the pair get to redeem themselves from their horrible hip hop routine last week by dancing a Travis Wall contemporary. And boy, are they. An absolutely beautiful routine. I have high hopes for Ellenore, she showed such promise in Vegas. I’ll be sad if she doesn’t make the top 10. Nigel says, “I think you’ve cemented your place again for next week…my favorite routine of the night…lifts…you just flow through the movement. Ellenore…you are one of the sharpest tools in the box…you fully take on the character…tonight they will understand you are a brilliant dancer and brilliant performer. Ryan, you are the best ballroom dancer that’s ever done contemporary.” Mary says, “Ellenore, you are the perfect blend of being absolutely gorgeous…star quality moments. Ryan…timing was perfection…it was magical…you are an inspiration for ballroom dancers.” Mary begins to cry. Adam says, “SYTYCD has just kicked IN just now…” Adam says he finally had that “moment” this season. – 1-888-836-7606VIDEO

Mollee and Nathan ‘ Pop Jazz ‘ Laurieann Gibson – “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga – After last week’s trainwreck salsa, these two have a lot to prove. With a routine that’s in their wheelhouse, they make a comeback. Nathan isn’t quite living up to his original promise. Mollee, I think, is too young for this competition. After the judges semi-lecture Nathan, he begins to cry. I wonder if he’s going to be able to handle the pressure. Nigel says, “I can only compliment you both on how you both dug so much deeper. Mollee you are one of the most committed dancers I’ve ever met…you have the talent to be a great professional. Nathan, you are possibly one of the most talented young men…I’m going to stay on your back…you have got to grow…you have got to start taking this seriously.” Mary says, “It’s so good to have the dream team back again…it was intense from both of you. Molly, you were just perfection tonight.” Adam calls out Nathan for assuming things would be easy, then Nathan begins to cry. Adam tells them both they have to work harder. – 1-888-836-7607VIDEO

Ending thoughts: The judges think Karen and Kevin are in trouble this week.

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