So You Think You Can Dance – Season 5 – Top 8 Results – VIDEO

Janette Manrara is eliminated! (Bullcrap!)
Jason Glover is eliminated – VIDEO
(the end got cut off–I’ll have a new version cut by morning)

Man, I was so sure Janette was going to take the whole thing.   She deserved to win.   Week in and week out, she tackled every dance style thrown at her with skill, style and personality. What a shame.   Yeah. I’m going to blame her demise on the cancer dance.   That highly manipulative piece of work–and the over-the-top crying and rending of garments that occurred afterward caused peeps to dive for their phones.   It had little to do with Melissa and Ade and everything to do with the emotional pull of that piece.   Sure the pair danced it well, but that routine was bigger than the both of them.

So Nigel, hope that Emmy you’re surely going to win next year was worth losing your favorite dancer.

Maybe I’m overstating it a bit. Kayla and Jeanine both did some of their best best dancing of   the season last night, that also contributed to Janette’s demise.

It was sad to see Jason leave, only because he’d been really finding his confidence the last couple of weeks.   But Brandon and Ade are both better dancers than he is, so I’m OK with his elimination this week.

Evan is the thing that can’t be stopped.   I’m of two minds about him.   I really enjoy his solos and some of routines–the butt dance (heh) with Randi, for instance was really entertaining–but he’s struggled with certain styles (latin, for realz) and I don’t think he’s better than either Ade or Brandon.   But, at this point, resistance is futile.   It looks like Evan will be in the final, and could even win it all.

The Katie Holmes routine everyone was buzzing about sure was a let down.   She’s not much of a singer/dancer, and her lip syncing sucks, but she does serve the function of bringing money and connections to Nigels’s Dizzyfeet Foundation. So there’s that.   Finally, I really enjoyed watching the reprises of the Emmy-winning dances.   Good stuff. SYTYCD rules, y’all.

UPDATE: I was reading on SYTYCDism that this year’s finale will be held at the Kodak theater!

Right now, my two favorite dancers are Brandon and Jeanine. I hope they make it to the finals.

It’s the 100th episode of So You Think You Can Dance. Yay!

Group Dance: “One” from A Chorus Line (Original Broadway Cast)   – Dancers dressed in white tails and top hats, Broadway jazz hands! Nope, not Tyce…choreographed by Mia Michaels… VIDEO

First, it’s a little nostalgia chat with the judges.   Lots of graduates are sitting in the audience tonight. Mary’s getting weepy talking about the show.   More about the cancer dance from Nigel.   Nigel got a call from breast cancer survivor, Olivia Newton John, who was very touched. – VIDEO

Next is a highlight reel from the past 5 seasons. – VIDEO

After the break, highlights from last night. Zz. C’mon, bring on the dancing!

Elimination time…the girls are lined up.   Melissa is first…of course, she is SAFE.   Kayla is next…she is in danger.   Janette is next…and she is in the bottom 2 for the very first time. Jeanine is safe. – VIDEO

  • The Hummingbird and the Flower featuring Jamie and Hok, choreographed by Wade Robson. – VIDEO

Guys results: Ade and Jason take the stage.   Ade is SAFE and Jason is in the bottom. Evan and Brandon take the stage.   Brandon is in the bottom Evan is SAFE–he covers his face in shock at the news. – VIDEO

  • The Bench, featuring   Travis and Heidi, choreographed by Mia MichaelsVIDEO

Solos: Kayla, Jason, Janette and BrandonVIDEO

  • Ramalama featuring a slew of SYTYCD alums and choreographer Wade RobsonVIDEO

After the break, a taped segment featuring Katie Holmes talking about the DizzyFeet foundation with Cat Deeley, after it’s the Tyce DiOrio choreographed Judy Garland tribute everyone’s been talking about. Mrs Tom Cruise dances and sings. Well, that was completely underwhelming.   Judy Garland’s son, Joey Luft is in the audience. – VIDEO

Which girl will go home?   Janette is going home! That is some f**ked up sh*t right there. Nigel says Janette was his favorite and he wanted her to win. He said it ruined the 100th celebration for him. “America got it wrong, ” he says. Well, Nigel, that’s why the manipulative dances, like the cancer dance are a bad idea.   Don’t blame America, Nigel. Blame yourself   – VIDEO

The guys are next.   Brandon is safe. Jason is going home. Aw. Jason is crying. Streamers fall from the air, and we’re out.


  • Melissa  
  • Jeanine
  • Ade
  • Evan


  • Kayla
  • Janette
  • Jason
  • Brandon
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