So You Think You Can Dance – Charleston, SC Washington, DC – Auditions

I didn’t mention Cat Deely in my last recap. She’s so efficient an unobtrusive, it’s easy to blow by her. I don’t mean that in a negative way. She keeps the action moving in a likable and friendly way and has a nice rapport with the contestants.

The guest judge for Charleston is Tyce Diorio.

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Charleston, SC Day One

  • Sheila Kaiser 18 – Atlanta GA – Video – She’s studying engineering in Georgia, and her parents are also engineers. Inbetween all those science and math classes, she must have fit in a bunch of dance classes. She has a very sweet, open face and a very fluid style. She goes straight to Vegas.
  • Erin Mansour 30 – Greenville, SC and John Tabakian 23 – Charleston SC – Video – She and her partner are ballroom dancers. Erin insists that her partner is awesome, but he’s not. Nigel tells John that he needs to be more masculine. “I tried, ” says John meekly. “The only place this is going to go is home, I’m afraid, ” says Nigel.
  • Jeremiah Hughes 19 – Toronto CA – Video – Jeremiah babbles on about spiritual divinity–WTF did he just say? I have no idea. He’s not a perfect dancer, but he’s got some awesome jumps. After some constructive criticism, Nigel tells him he’s one of the most exciting dancers he’s seen this season. He goes straight to Vegas.
  • Syiddah King 25 – Charleston SC – Video – Syiddah refuses to call whatever it is she just did on the stage “dancing”. She stomps off the stage mad after getting into an argument with Nigel.
  • Shamika Robinson 28 – Wingate NC – Video – Also stomping away mad–Shamika, after a routine that consists of writhing around the stage for a bit. She’s engaged and is planning to move her wedding up if she makes it to Vegas. When Nigel tells her not to bother changing her plans, she lays on the you-all-don’t-know-what-you-are-talking-about deal. Delusional!
  • Anthony and Antwain Hart 20 – Linden, NC – Video – These guys are identical twins. Anthony auditions first, and he’s average. Antwain auditions, and he’s miles beyond his brother. When Anthony is brought back to dance with his brother, somehow he raises his game. Both move on to choreography.
  • Choreography – Day One – Video – The twins, Anthony and Antwain, plus 18 other dancers move on to Vegas.

Charleston, SC – Day Two

  • Abigail Thurman 18 – Acworth GA – Video – Abigail wants to find out if she can dance. Guess what. She can’t! The producers go to the trouble of doing a little backstory on her. She teaches kids how to swim, and we see her as she works with the kids. When the judges tell her she sucks, she takes it with very good humor.
  • BJ Harris 23 – Brooklyn NY – Video – BJ’s co-workers raised the money to send BJ to Charleston for the auditions. He flew for the best time. His hip-hop style has lots of great moves and a sense of humor. Mary says that he’s got some moves that she’s never seen before. He moves on to choreography.
  • Courtney Galiano 19 – Dix Hills, NY – Video – Her grandparents attend the auditions, and they couldn’t be prouder! Courtney has a very strong, fluid style, and the judges love it. “Beautiful face, beautiful body…there were some nice elements…” says Tyce. Courtney is sent straight to Vegas.
  • Jason Looney 21 – Charleston SC – Video – Erm. Transvestite with a beard. Lovely! The producers are shocked, shocked! How dare Jason waste their time while so many accomplished dancers wait in the wings! Nevertheless, Jason’s phony ass still winds up on my TV!
  • Claire Calloway 20 – Huntsville, AL – Video – Claire was a contestant Season 2, but was sent home early because of a foot injury. Nigel promised her she’d go straight through to Vegas if she came back the following year. She gets pregnant instead. Two years later she’s back, but the time out she took to have a baby shows in her half assed routine. The judges explain it’s now two years later, and a different ball game. They send her to choreography with no promises. Afterward, in an interview, she seems very upset that she wasn’t cut a break. Hey, that’s showbiz, honey.
  • Choreography – Day Two – Video – BJ blows the choreography round. He’s sent on his way. He’s pretty bummed out. Claire is sent on to Vegas. Seventeen more dancers are also on their way to Vegas.

Dan Karaty is the guest judge in Washington.
Washington DC – Day One

  • Megan Campbell 18 – Muncie IN – Video – She’s a very strong, angular dancer. She says she never auditioned for anything in her life. Her aunt is there to support her and Nigel calls her up front for a big kiss, after he sends her straight to Vegas. Ohh, Lucky Auntie! /sarcasm.
  • Derrick Bradley 23, Holley NY – Video – Derrick is a returnee from last year. It takes 5 minutes to retell this dude’s story of hapless dancing and major delusions. Zzz.
  • Markus Shields 23, Grand Rapids MI – Video – Markus’s mom died when he was 12, and he dedicates his audition to her. He dances to Elliott Yamin’s “Wait for You.” Markus’s dance moves are effortless, but he’s very serious, indeed. He says he messed up, but the judges didn’t notice. Nigel says he’s got great musicality, and that his only mistake was to behave as if he messed up. He’s sent through to choreography.
  • Markus Smith 25, Hyattsville MD – Deonna Ball 23, Washington DC – Video – DC Swing is the official dance of Washington DC and Markus and Deonna are the best DC Swing dancers in the city. It’s the jitterbug with lots of hand movements. The perform a very clever routine, and are passed on to choreography.
  • Choreography – Day 1 – Video – The DC Swing dancers, Markus Smith and Deonna Ball don’t make it through choreography. Markus Shields moves on to Vegas. Nine other dancers advance to Vegas.

Washington DC – Day 2

  • Brandon Bryant 18, Miami FL – Video – Brandon audition 3 years ago, but he was only 15. His mom made him fess up. Now that he’s 18, he’s auditioning again. Brandon is an incredibly strong and graceful dancer. At one point, he does a jump that has him practically suspended in mid-air. Mary is very impressed. Nigel says he’s made for dancing, and that he’s one of the best he’s seen. He’s sent straight to Vegas.
  • Phucdat Ngyuen 25, Jessup MD – Video – Phucdat does some very amusing street dancing. His street name is the “Atomic Goofball”. The judges are impressed enough with his moves to send him on to choreography.
  • Mariya Priymak 26, Houston TX – Video – Mariya, who dances really badly with ribbons, is just a lead-in to the next audition.
  • Anthony Bryan 23, New York, NY – Video – Juliard graduate, Anthony, auditioned season one with a ribbon routine that Nigel called feminine. Anthony is back and to prove his macho, he’s wearing camouflage. It’s a pretty dumb idea, and although his routine is extremely competant and professional, the judges humiliate him further by sending him on to coreography, rather than straight to Vegas.
  • Choreography – Day 2 – VideoPhucdat Nguyen can’t hack the choreography, and doesn’t move on. Anthony Bryan does not move on to Vegas. Although his technique is flawless, the judges say he lacks personality. Phucdat takes his rejection well. Anthony, on the other hand, storms out of auditioned, extremely pissed. What a drama queen! Actually, I can’t quite figure out why he didn’t advance, he is a very good dancer. Nine more people advance to Vegas.
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