So You Think You Can Dance 6 – Top 14 Results – VIDEO

Channing Cooke and Kevin Hunte are eliminatedVIDEO

Tonight’s results weren’t surprising on any level.   Even the bottom 3 tonight–Mollee and Nathan, Channing and Victor and Karen and Kevin–were predictable.

Not surprised Channing and Kevin ultimately went home, either.   With 3 B-boys left, it was time for one to go home.   Bye-bye Kevin.   You were a competent dancer, but you didn’t have the personality.   Ditto Channing.   And, when Karen strutted out on stage to The Doors, dressed in black leather, that was all the reminder Nigel needed of Karen’s sexiness. Oh yeah, she’ll be dancing next week.

Next week, Karen and Victor pair up, and we find out who makes the Top 10….

Videos and Recap, after the JUMP…

Group routine by Wade and Amanda Robson – “Aha” by Imogene Heap – Really dug that. A great piece from Wade and Amanda. – VIDEO

Nigel says some of the less technically proficient dancers are stepping it up. Next week, the dancers will perform two routines.

First two couples: Ashleigh and Jakob and Karen and Kevin. Ashleigh and Jakob are SAFE, Karen and Kevin are in danger. Adam calls them “elegant and poised” – VIDEO

2nd three couples: Ellenore and Ryan are safe (Yay). Noelle and Russell are safe. Channing and Victor are in danger. No surprises so far… – VIDEO.

3rd two couples: Mollee and Nathan and Kathryn and Legacy Kathryn and Legacy are SAFE. Mollee and Nathan are in danger. Nigel is looking forward to Mollee and Nathan’s solos–he doesn’t believe they belong in the B3 this week. – VIDEO

Bollywood by Nakul! –   “Desi Girl” Dostana (Original Soundtrack) – Fantastic and fun. – VIDEO

Solos: Karen (“Break on Through” by the Doors), Kevin (“Freeze” by T. Pain feat. Chris Brown, ), Channing (“The Face” by RyanDan), Victor (“Baby’s Romance” by Chris Garneau) – VIDEO
Solos: Mollee (“Let Me Think About It – Radio Edit by Ida Corr vs. Eddie Le Grand), Nathan (“So Insane” by Discovery) – VIDEO

Nigel says he was pleased with a few of the solos, Mollee and Nathan in particular. (Nathan had the spin that would. not. end!)

Guitar sensation, Orianthi (She’s played for Carrie Underwood, Michael Jackson and Adam Lambert) performs “According to You”! – VIDEO

Elimination: – VIDEO

Girls: Nigel says the decision is unanimous, all are good enough to be in the Top 10. Nigel says Mollee now dances like a woman. She is SAFE. Nigels calls Karen a star, says Channing didn’t reveal her personality. Karen is SAFE. Channing Cooke is eliminated.

Boys: Again, the judges are unanimous. Nigel thinks Nathan learned “a hell of a lesson”. Nathan is SAFE. Nigel tells Kevin he looks uncomfortable in his routines. Says he’s got a long way to go. Victor is safe.   Kevin Hunte is eliminated


  • Ashleigh and Jakob
  • Ellenore and Ryan
  • Noelle and Russell
  • Kathryn and Legacy

In Danger

  • Karen and Kevin
  • Channing and Victor
  • Mollee and Nathan

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