Glee – Episode 10 – “Ballad” – VIDEO

UPDATE: Videos of all the musical numbers, after the jump…

OMG I LOVE GLEE!!! Even without the presence of the deliciously evil Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) this was another fantastic episode of Glee!

Rachel (Lea Michele) crushes on Mr. Shue, but gets over it after a lecture from the skeery girl who used to crush on Will.   Kurt (Chris Colfer) crushes on Finn (Cory Monteith) but he’s totally NOT over it.   Puck (Mark Salling) tells Mercedes (Amber Riley) that he’s really Quinn’s (Diana Agron) baby daddy.   And Finn sings the news of Quinn’s impending motherhood to her Glenn Beck-loving father, who promptly throws Quinn out of the house. Nice guy.   Now, when is Finn going to figure out that sex is required to get a girl pregnant? Sex Ed isn’t taught at McKinley High?

Loved the bittersweet scenes between Finn and Kurt.   Poor Kurt is marching straight into heartbreak. I don’t want to look.   And total lulz at Mrs. Shue putting the heartsick Rachel to work, cleaning and cooking for the Schuester household. There were some great musical numbers (after the jump!), including Finn’s heartfelt “I’ll Stand By You”, Rachel and Will’s hilarious “Endless Love” and the joyful final number, “Lean on Me”

  • “Endless Love” – Rachel and Will –   iTunes
  • “I’ll Stand By You” – Finn –   iTunes
  • “Crush” – RacheliTunes
  • “Don’t Stand So Close to Me/Young Girls” – Will –   iTunes
  • “Having My Baby” – Finn – iTunes
  • “Lean on Me” – Glee Cast – iTunes
  • More GLEE
  • Glee ‘ Season 1

Videos after the JUMP…

Endless Love – Rachel and Mr. Shue

Stand by Me – Finn

Having My Baby – Finn

“Don’t Stand So Close To Me/Young Girl” – Mr. Shue

Lean on Me – Glee Cast

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  1. “I love the days wear I dont wear underwear….FULL commando!”

  2. ‘I love the days wear I dont wear underwear’ ¦.FULL commando!’ 

    so funny!!!!

  3. Kurt is the best character on this show. I so wish that they would of made the crush plot line about him and Finn instead of Rachel and Will.

  4. OMG, the look on Emma’s face as well as Rachel’s at the end of that mashup made me LOL IRL. Awesome.

  5. this show is so fucking good

    every scene is an lol moment

    and i agree about kurt being the best character. him and mercedes

  6. Wow. BAHAHA. He actually SANG that to their faces…! I’m dying here.

  7. What the heck is Mercedes talking about to Puck? He should back off? He’s the baby’s father! Finn is being roped into something that’s not his fault! Wow, talk about messed up priorities.


    LMAO, that’s what he said? I couldn’t figure out what the last word was, but I didn’t want to rewind. Hysterical!

  9. I honestly can’t stand anyone’s singing except for Rachel, Kurt and the black girl’s (can’t remember her name). However they mixed the DSSCTM and Young Girls really well.. like genius.

  10. Chris colfer and Dianna Agron were AMAZING in this episode. I think for this episode Dianna could get a emmy nom along with Jane lynch in the supporting actress comedy now that 3 of the yearly nominees(the emmy’s praticly nominate the same people every year) won’t get a nom this year (Amy poehler, Kristin Chenoweth, Vanessa Williams)

    now if only a miracle could happen and Chris colfer can get a emmy nom/win I will be so,so happy.

  11. Pepper: Hey Barbara Streisand!!


    really good episode. Got to go and download some of the songs. I’m sort of glad they didn’t show Kurt singing “I honestly love you” to Finn — I don’t know if I could’ve handled the look on Finn’s face–he obviously knows something is up.

  12. Finn is nice and all, but two solos in one episode?! WTF. I want to hear someone else sing for a change. I think I’ve had enough Rachel for the whole season as well. (even though I know she’ll probably get loads more solos)

    Loved the episode though. Kurt is hilarious. And not enough Puck!!

  13. Quinn’s scene with her dad was kind of heart-wrenching. I never had to deal with teenage pregnancy, but I’m a BIG Daddy’s girl and was always fearful of letting him down when I was younger (and still am, to some extent). So even without sharing her actual situation, I still identified with her feelings. Dianna Agron did a great job there. Pretty impressive.

    Sarah Drew’s (Suzy Pepper) conversation with Rachel was all kinds of awesome. “2 years of intense psychotherapy and an esophagus transplant” OMGLOL.

    Mercedes – preach it sista! She sounded GREAT on “Lean on Me.”

    Can’t wait for next week! That episode should be awesome. :)

    ETA: I’m trying to make myself wait until the next soundtrack comes out on December 8 to buy any more songs. But it’s reaaaaaally tough tonight, especially since they only gave us like 10 seconds of Rachel singing “Crush.” And the “Don’t Stand So Close To Me”/”Young Girl” mashup was all kinds of awesome. I want those two plus “Lean on Me.” And “Proud Mary” from last week.

  14. My favorite line of the episode, is where Finn’s in the bathroom talking to Kurt and says “I got to go, they’ll think im pooping”


  15. Every song was just all kinds of awesome. My favorite (having personal meaning) was Don’t Stand So Close to Me/Young Girls.

    I am not so sure I agree with Mercedes advice to Puck. But in the end it will turn out for the best, right?

    Quinn is just a little bit more tolerable this week. Her parents would drive me crazy if I knew them in real life.

  16. This episode is definitely one of my favorites!! So much great stuff!! I know this sounds mean but I can’t wait for all the Quinn crap to be over, I’m sorta sick of all the sympathy poured on her all the time. Given the situation she’s obviously not an angel. Anyway….loved the Will mash up and espeically the look on Emma’s and Rachel’s faces….so freakin funny!

  17. My Wednesday night treat after SYTYCD!

    I am wondering if they will have Quinn actually give birth to her baby. Then what?

    I also loved Emma and Rachel reaction to Mr. Shue’s great singing.

  18. OMG, Sarah Pepper is Kitty Romano on Mad Men. I didn’t even recognize her! Fantastic performance tonight!!! (I actually just read a long interview with Matt Weiner, the creator of Mad Men, where he talked about this actress who actually made the *huge* faux pas of admitting to him that she’d never watched the show before auditioning for the part, but her audition was so spot on, he gave it to her anyway. She’s something else.)

    Loved tonight’s episode. So love Finn and his mom. And Kurt and Artie FTMFW!

  19. Okay for some reason I “don’t have permission to edit” my own comment, but I have to add that it was so great to have Emma back tonight. LOVE her!

  20. Ok ok ok I FREAKIN love tonight’s episode!! Kurt was super adorable tonight!! his bromance with Finn is epic lmao i wish they woulda had them singing that duet together <3 these episodes just keep getting better and better! i predict they're gonna sweep the emmy's. Im already gonna predict that the woman who plays Sue will win an emmy.

  21. May I reenforce how freaking fantastic Artie’s voice is? He and Mercedes together tonight was made of awesome.

    ETA: Sarah Pepper for the win.

  22. I have tried valiantly not to like this show – figured it was some kind of High School Musical wannabe – but each week MJ posts clips and eventually I watched a few and the music started to hook me – and then last week I watched my first full episode and was amazed.

    Has it always been this good? I’m sure I watched bits the first few weeks and wasn’t overly impressed. I could use a bit less Finn and Rachel – more Kurt and I’d love to find out who the rest of the Glee club members are – “Other Asian? is that an inside joke?”.

    Thanks MJ for letting me know how great this show was.

  23. “Your lashing out at me is fantastically compelling and inappropriate” LOL!!! Kurt is amazing!

  24. Is there somewhere online where I can see the whole episode? My DVR didn’t record it last night and I really want to see it.

  25. Has it always been this good?

    Pretty much!

    Well, the first few episodes were more cartoony and broad humor. Some complained that it was funny but that the characters were stereotypes: the gay kid! the black diva! the lunky football captain!

    It’s gotten more emotional as it went, so that a character like Quinn, the pregnant kid, was originally presented as simply a snooty cheerleader but has been deepened to the point where I was sniffing when her dad coldly tossed she and the football boyfriend (Finn) out of the house. :-(

    I love you, show!

  26. Is there somewhere online where I can see the whole episode? My DVR didn’t record it last night and I really want to see it.


  27. OH MY goshhhhhh – I LOVE this show, my 12 and 13 year old sit and I watch it together every wednesday, we are so sad when it ends! Dallas says MOM – its over??? It is just so good and full of wonderful music, old songs and new. It is so funny to hear my kids singing, ‘dont stand to close to me and I try to sing YOUNG girl get outta my mind, my love for you is way outta line – ohhhh fun fun fun

  28. ETA: Sarah Pepper for the win.

    LOL – “I’m a cautionary tale” I cracked up loudly after that one.

    I love TV stereotypes. It never fails that when they’re trying to portray upper middle class parents with unrealistic expectations – those people are always boozing it up. I LMAO off at the fact that the bulk of America thinks people in the 40% tax bracket spend all of their time chugging vodka gimlets.

    I’m not sure why that amuses me so. It just does.

  29. Mercedes to Finn, as she’s leading him into the choir room just before “Lean on Me”: “Open Your Eyes”.

    Double meaning FTW!

  30. This was my favorite episode yet.

    Loved Finn’s mom. Cried when he broke down in her arms.

    Loved loved loved Kurt – everything about him was gold in this episode.

    Loved Mr. Shue’s mashup – now I’ve got a crush on him.

    Just enough of the crazy wife to entertain without making me want to slash my wrists.

    Loved Endless Love – they did a great job.

    My favorite line was “Yes – it means I’m very young and you have a hard time standing close to me.”

    Loved when they were picking partners out of the hat and Asian Girl got ‘Other Asian’.

  31. Well, well well…SpenserJ (wasltp) it is good to see you. So no gimlets for you? I did not get the idea that Quinn’s parents were super high tax bracket people…I just got the idea they were the pretentious cold fish type people. Most top tax bracket people I know would never think of watching Glenn Beck.

    That Artie can sing……his boy band was actually quite good.

  32. Looking at the house and its furnishings, I did get the idea that they were upper middle class. This segment made me so angry. That will be the day ‘some’ husband tells me I must disown my daughter because she is pregnant! And the comparisons to the older sister was cruel.

    Yes, there are people like this in real life.

  33. Finally saw this. Genius episode. Dianna Agron really impressed me. She sold some pretty weak dialogue like the rent was due!

    Agreed about the stereotype, SpenserJ, but other than the booze I’ve totally met those people. Skeery.

    I have to say, Charlotte Ross was once a beautiful woman. Way to young for that kind of plastic surgery. Especially with the crap job they did. Ouch.

    I’d rather see Finn with Kurt, but they’re clearly not going there with his character. Kurt should at least secretly hook up with a football player. It’d be more realistic than you might think.

    Love the whole cast, and I’m so glad Ryan Murphy seems to be honing in on the stories.

    I just wish this show would stop making me cry. Damn you, Ryan Murphy!!!

  34. I am starting to wonder if Kurt is going to be the
    “never been kissed” gay character. The type of
    always tragically in love and more tragically always
    unrequited…ala Will and Grace.

    And while I may at times prefer this to the only
    sexual and barely romantic “gay” of Queer as
    Folk(lore) I would like to see a 100% gay and
    in the words of “Data” Fully Functional one on

    Finally, who better than Kurt. Because he is so
    damned mature and so loving and so ready.

    Please FOX let Kurt not on be out to his dad.
    But let’s be “out” of the TV box and give him
    a full, teen, touching romance with reciprocation.



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