So You Think You Can Dance 12 Top 4 Power List

Who’s it gonna be? Is the race already won? Is it neck-and-neck? A three-legged race? Anyone’s game?

4) Virgil- I think Virgil is exciting, but he’s not the most exciting dancer remaining. I wasn’t the only one not blown away by his contemporary routine last week, which was a little overpraised. There’s a reason he’s the last man standing, and he deserves to be. He’s done solid work all season. But there’s a reason three girls are in the finale. I can’t help but believe deep in my soul that a girl is winning this season, no matter what.

3) Hailee– I would say her chances of winning are only marginally better than Virgil’s of upsetting the balance. I think if we’re going with “redemption arc” for any contestant, she’s really the only one who has ever been in danger. Somehow, Virgil, Jaja, and Gaby all three made it to the finale without any Bottom placement. Impressive. She’s the only one who can really “bounce back” from anything and be a dark horse at this point. I’m fairly certain she won’t win, but there’s a sliver of hope for Hailee fans.

2) Gaby- Gaby’s fans need a twelve step program to cope with grief. She had been fighting for so long to be the front runner, and right around the same time she’s actually there, the producers saddle her with an uninspired Broadway routine, and an OK jazz number. Meanwhile, the night belonged to Jaja. What once seemed like Gaby’s to lose, is now being put up for auction with a virtual 50/50 shot of it being either Team Street or Team Stage. Right now, I’m giving Jaja the edge because she has more momentum, but we still have another set of performances and anything could happen. At this point, it’s so close, it’s almost a coin flip.

1) Jaja- All that fan love has finally paid off, and Jaja pulled out of last week with arguably the strongest overall night. Her alzheimers routine was perfection, her hip hop was fun and memorable, and her solo was off the charts. She’s emerged as the real contender to take on Gaby, and going into next week she has a lot of steam to burn. Next week it’s all about the routines that Gaby and Jaja get. Can Jaja get so lucky two weeks in a row?

Join me Monday night for more DANCE (Still not renewed yet for another season).

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