Simon Cowell Talks Season 9 With FOX News

This brief interview with Simon Cowell aired on FOX News at 10 last night. Simon says the auditions are his favorite part of the competition, but we knew that already.

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At the end there’s a clip of Ellen DeGeneres discussing the type of judge she’ll be–compassionate yet honest. And, oh yeah. Simon is mean!

Video after the JUMP..

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  1. Simon’s favorite part is the auditions…really? Listening for hours on hours to bad singers…that’s his favorite part?!?!

    It will be interesting to see what a Paula-less Simon looks like.

    My favorite part has always been Hollywood Week. I am hoping there’s a big throwdown between Simon and Ellen (please oh please)

  2. Auditions usually always seem to drag on but I think it will be more entertaining with different guest judges. New people, with different personalities and different perspectives.

    And I liked that they showed Jesse Barry at the end. She seems like she is talented and possibly one to watch?

  3. It will be interesting to see what a Paula-less Simon looks like.

    Yeah, true. He liked to have a “fool” to work off, someone for whom he could roll his eyes at their hopelessness. But I don’t really see Kara or Ellen being so willing to be portrayed as the stupid one to Simon’s all-knowing truth teller. I wonder how that ego and superior attitude comes off without Paula to contrast and soften it?

  4. I know Jesse Barry–she was my daughter’s best friend in middle school. She has a band, plays locally and is quite popular around here. What a nice surprise seeing she’s getting some early pimpage. She was also featured in one of the AI9 promos.

  5. “It will be interesting to see what a Paula-less Simone will look like.”

    Like someone who will sit beside clean shaven judges of any gender!
    If he asks for sharpies….just say NO!!
    Hah, Ellen thinks she can control him. We shall see?

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