Season 7 Final 2 Song Spoilers!

Keep watching for updates…

Caffiend made it into rehearsal…I’ll be hearing from her…

Here’s what we have so far:

Song Spoilers:

Personal song choices

  • David Archuleta will reprise …Imagine
  • David Cook will perform a new song, U2 …I Still Havent Found What Im Looking For.

If Cookie arranges his song well and sings the hell out of it, it could be the performance of the night. Archie is has already had his moment with this song. Lightening doesn’t often strike twice.

The Davids picked their own coronation song from the 10 most popular songs in the list of 20 that were available for online voting.

  • David Archuleta“Here I Am” rumor, waiting for confirmation – This is a by-the-numbers coronation song. Stick a bunch of typical words and phrases into a software program, and it could spit out this song.
  • David Cook“No Turning Back” rumor, waiting for confirmation – Better than “Here I Am” but still pretty lame, as far as pop rock goes.

Archie probably has the advantage in this round. David can sing the hell out of a big sappy ballad. He’ll be all cute and earnest with his arm-reach thingy as he belts out “Here I am”. Folks who love the big sappy ballads will go nuts. For Cookie, turning a mediocre pop-rock song into a moment is going to be a tall order.

Clive Davis chose a song for the Davids. There are rumors swirling about, but there are no clear choices yet.

  • David Archuleta – “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me” by Elton John is a choice I keep hearing, but this is still a rumor. Bad for Archie if it’s true. It’s been done to death.
  • David Cook – No rumors yet…

I’ll be posting info as it becomes available. Caffiend is attending tonight’s dress rehearsal. I should have the complete rundown by 7 pm ET…

ETA: Access Hollywood is reporting that Adam Cook will be in the audience tonight. He’s David’s older brother who is stricken with brain cancer. He traveled to the live show on a donated medic plane. Groups have been trying to raise the money to get Adam back out to Hollywood for the finale.

More For Wednesday:

  • David Cook and Mariah Carey will duet on “Always Be my Baby”
  • David Archuleta and Neil Diamond will duet on “America” (this is still a rumor)
  • While many of the ex-Idols have been invited back for the finale, many in the Top 24 have not
  • Seal will perform, according to the FOX report.
  • Donna Summer and ZZ Top are performing according to this. Yay?
  • “Other rumors include a performance by the Jonas Brothers and perhaps a gift from his pop holiness, Kanye West. We’ll see…” From here.
  • Jason Castro has a clue for one of the guest stars, he says that one was known as “codename Virgin Airlines”
  • Uhm.   The biggest star in the world is George Michael. WTF?
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