Sales – Week Ending 04/26/2019

HDD Building chart for this week is not yet available, so let’s look at some other numbers.

HDD reports a flat year for Sony. Streaming revenues for Sony’s 2018 fiscal year were $2B with overall revenues at $3.85B.

Taylor Swift has a new song out today. In a departure from past songs, this song is about her, her reputation and how you should take her as she is. To prevent any confusion, it is called “ME!”.

Taylor’s last album was successful, but not up to her usual stratospheric heights. So, in the opening of the video for “ME!” she blows up the snake that was the emblem for her last more edgier album into a bunch of butterflies. Radio friendly Taylor is back. “ME!” hit iTunes like a tonne of bricks and easily dominated the chart. The third most possible song’s pop bars are 0.0693. Thanks for playing, Blake. The video was released 9 hours ago and already has 29M views. The song has earned its exclamation point. “ME!” features Brendon Urie, lead singer of Panic! at the Disco. If Avengers wasn’t happening this week, “ME!” is all the entertainment industry would talk about next week. It’s a definite ear-wormy jam.

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