Reed Grimm – American Idol 11 Preview (VIDEO)

Reed Grimm. WGWGPDWB alert!

That means white guy with guitar, piano, drums, who beatboxes. I can’t tell if this is Nigel Lythgoe’s dream contestant or his worst nightmare. I think Reed doesn’t have necessarily the best voice, but he seems very talented, and could make it far on that and his goofy personality. He kind of reminds me of a Blake Lewis/Casey Abrams hybrid.

Steven Tyler is a fan. He mentions Reed in a recent interview with TV Guide:

“We’ve got another Casey [Abrams], a drummer who started off playing the drums and singing. We’ve got a couple of massive talents there.”

Here’s a new article about Reed, triggered by the spoiler list at the TwinCities.Com.

Watch some of Reed’s performances below:

I wanna sex you up cover

Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good to You cover

Original song