Raelynn ‘No Racism’ in Country, While Mickey Guyton Endures Racist Troll

Look, country music singer and white chick Raelynn, declares there is NO RACISM in country music! Because she’s never seen it!

This quote comes from an interview The Voice season 2 singer conducted at a recent Turning Point USA conference for the The Spillover with Alex Clark. Turning Point is a right wing organization that recruits college students to conservative causes. They promote Donald Trump, even supporting his claims that Democrats stole the presidential election from him (FACT CHECK: No)

“First of all, country music is not racist,” Raelyn insisted in the interview. “Personally, I’ve never seen that. We have artists of all colors…I just never experienced that.” OK then. You’ve never seen it, therefore it does not exist.

The full interview, by a Turning Point podcaster, is really…something

The clip is tightly edited. To be fair, I listened to the entire 30+ minute podcast. I’m not going to link it here. But for the curious, do a search for “The Spillover with Alex Clark” on Apple or Spotify, etc. 

The host has a lot to say about Nashville, and it’s obvious she knows nothing about the business. She questions Raelynn assuming artists are all under onerous contracts that don’t allow them to speak their mind. The host frames a conversation about “cancel culture” as if the right NEVER cancels people. 

Meanwhile there are plenty of conservative country artists who are outspoken about their views, and aren’t “canceled.” It’s the liberal country stars who have to watch what they say lest they end up like the Chicks, banned from country radio and stages forever.

Raelynn responded to a question about Morgan Wallen

The clip above is in response to a question about her fellow The Voice singer, Morgan Wallen, who was temporarily dropped by country radio, touring companies, award shows and more after he was caught using the N word

The host asked how Raelynn felt about Morgan admitting that his high chart numbers after the video surfaced meant that country music has a racism problem. There is no racism in country music, Raelynn answered. What’s more, “Morgan’s a really good human deep down and he made a mistake.”

The host also insinuated that there is no sexism in country music, which Raelynn pretty much shuts down, insisting what we all know: Female country artists have to fight to get country airplay. Although, she does say it’s gotten easier lately. Also, the right is courting Raylynn at the moment after she wrote a song about how her mother considered aborting her. She recently did an interview with the notorious right wing provocateur, Candace Owens.

tldr: The host comes off worse than Raelynn, asking dumb, ill-informed, idiotic, and leading questions. To her credit, Raelynn didn’t always take the bait. Still, she’s awfully naive if she believes there is no racism in country music. 

No racism in country music Raelynn? Let’s examine Exhibit A, Mickey Guyton dealing with racist trolls on her social media


Meanwhile, on Saturday, American Idol alum and country singer Mickey Guyton, who is Black, posted a racist tweet from a country music fan. “Started off 2022 with a good ole batch of racism. I show you this so you guys continue the fight for equality and love and acceptance.”

The racist troll, whose tweet is still up, by the way, writes “We don’t want your kind in country music! All you people talks about is your g– d— race and skin color! Don’t you effers have Rap, Hip Hop and R&B? GOTTA RUIN AND DESTROY S— WITH YOUR WOKE BS! JUST LIKE Y’ALL DID WITH MTV!! Get the F OUT OF OUR COUNTRY MUSIC!!!!

So…yeah Raelynn. There is no racism in country music.


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A post shared by Mickey Guyton (@mickeyguyton)

Underneath the post, a bunch of fellow artists shared supportive comments

  • Jimmie Allen: Oh you know… just another Saturday for us. That fact that he took time out of his day to write this while having a video game have his profile pic. He’s a joke. Love sis.
  • desz: You are SO VALUABLE and LOVED!! Please continue to shine and be the light that guides the path!!!
  • Cassadee Pope: And they say it with their handle in plain sight. You’ve got Quest Love processing his support on here so that means Mickey-18383292049430, Idiotic Internet Racist Troll.
  • Kree Harrison: And the profile pic is just the cherry on top of this vanilla ice cream Saturday.
  • Maren Morris: You are loved.
  • Keisha Renee: So much love for you my sister! You k ow how I feel that’s why I had to bow out gracefully cuz my mouth would get me in more trouble! Ppl are ignorant!! Keep shinning!
  • Tyler Hubbard: If only this person was educated on the history of country music. I’m sorry you have to see this BS. Rise above and keep crushing it. You are loved.

And Morgan Wallen’s rehabilitation is complete. The Grand Ole Opry invited him into the circle.

Also on Saturday, Morgan Wallen’s redemption came full circle, so to speak, as the Grand Ole Opry invited him to perform “Flower Shops” on stage with Ernest. Morgan, who completed the requisite apology tour, is back on country radio, back on tour, and probably the Awards shows will invite him back next year.

The bottom line: Nervous corporations forced Morgan to sit out for awhile. But his fans NEVER abandoned him. For instance, he got a huge round of applause at the CMA Awards when his name came up. “Morgan did nothing wrong” vibes are strong among many of his fans. The question of racism in country music is real.

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