Portland, Oregon AI Live! Show – John’s Recap

John met the Idols before and after the show read his take on the show and his encounters with the Idols…Stay tuned for photos…

Keeping in mind Im a Cook fan…

Chickezie ‘ opened the show with lots of energy. Didnt particularly like the song choices. Very humble meeting fans at the buses.

Ramiele ‘ OMG, much better live than on idol. A little awkward on stage. No show for the morning signing and didnt sign long after the show. She is even tinier in person. Amazing that voice comes out of that body.

Michael Johns ‘ Great set list. A little too much ego for my taste. Spent a lot of time signing autographs before and after show.

Kristy Lee ‘ was very excited to be in her home town. Good performance. Quite beautiful in person. Very organized and accommodating in the autographing and picture taking. Really knows how to get through the line. Had the extended family out by the buses after the show.

Carly ‘ OMG. Bring Me to Life (Evanescence) ‘ just an unbelievable performance. She is so much better live. The nicest person in the autograph sessions. Absolutely no Diva in her. Very motherly. Beautiful! Brooke, Kristy and Carly got security to reorganize the cattle guards to accommodate more fans. They even helped move the cattle guards. Later, she helped locate a little girl that got lost from her mother. Her personality didnt come across on tv. She nothing but class.

Brooke ‘ I didnt really like her set but who cares she so nice in person. Spent hours signing autographs and taking pictures with the fans before and after the show. Even did a cartwheel for us. Gorgeous in person.

Jason ‘ Jason is just Jason ‘ no phoniness here. Loved his set and he sang great. Fans love him. Spent hours signing autographs before and after.

Syesha ‘ the girl can sing but she is such a DIVA! I just cant get past it. Some guy handed her a note during one of her songs and she like …What am I supposed to do with this? No show for the morning signing but came out after and was very nice.

Archie ‘ Opened the set with Angels. Actually despite what others have said, I think the Josh Groban song was the best. It seemed like he was having trouble with the high notes in Apologize. He so young. Nothing but good things will come with more experience and figuring out where his niche is. He was out for hours at both autograph sessions. Seemed very happy to be there. No sign of Dadchuleta and Im now finally convinced that whole episode was blown way out of proportion. He looks like a happy kid.

DC ‘ OMG, he is such a rock star! (yes, Im biased).Totally left everything on the stage. Really knows how to work the crowd. Picked up the note that Syesha left on a chair when he was getting a drink between songs. Said something like, …hmm a note from Robert, I dont think this is for me?. Rocked out Hero. Have way through a showstopping performance of Billie Jean, he poured a bottle of water over his head and shook it like a real rock star. It seems like he changes up the songs a little every time he sings them ‘ theyre always fresh. No showed the morning autograph signings (some of us were there from 10am-6:30p waiting) but came out after the show and got through the whole crowd by midnight. (probably 500+). Said he lost bad to MJ in a game of golf on Thursday.

The whole experience from start to finish was a blast.

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