Paula Abdul Star Search Deal is Dead

No Deal for Paula?

According to the Daily Beast, a deal for Paula Abdul to host and judge on a re-booted Star Search on ABC appears to be dead.  And since Paula isn’t  part of the package, the project itself is probably now also dead.

The Daily Beast reports that “ABC had made a rich offer to Abdul. Her decision to pass is said to have stunned network executives.”

However, the Hollywood Reporter claims that Paula passed because the deal was less than the 5m offered to her by American Idol last year.  And, ABC wasn’t willing to up the price in order to launch a new untested reality show into a crowded market.

The Daily Beast wonders if Simon Cowell “swooped in” to claim Paula for his new Fox show, X Factor, which will start in the fall 2011.

The Beast reports that FOX executives would rather not work with the high-maintenance Paula, and are still miffed over hers snub of a generous offer to continue on American Idol.

Either way, it looks like the Star Search deal is dead in the water.  My guess is that we will see Paula on X Factor come fall 2011..

via Daily Beast and Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Paula and Cheryl Cole? I don’t know about that. I think Paula is vastly overestimating her value, and it seems like she is making more enemies than friends with her crazy demands.

  2. Oh, thank goodness Star Search should not be revived under any circumstances. Glad Paula took a pass on that. I too think she will wind up back with Simon again. They complement each other. I miss Paula, so I guess I am gonna be watching Simon’s idol killer, or Simon’s Folly, I don’t know which.

  3. i still don’t understand why she didn’t stick it out on idol. i mean that’s about as good as it’s going to get for her. and 5mil is still a hefty paycheck.

  4. I’m not missing Paula at all on Idol so hope Simon doesn’t pick her as a judge for his show. If he does that he may as well get Randy too. Blech.

  5. I agree that Paula is overestimating her value. She really isn’t even that great of a judge. I really hope she doesn’t come back in X-Factor… the judging panel on AI this year is so much better without her.

  6. I sooo don’t miss Paula. Ellen is so much better, industry experience or not. I totally agree she’s over-estimating her worth. Besides, even if she goes to X-Factor, she could have still earned 5 million this year. Heck, she could give it to charity if she doesn’t need it.

  7. Eh, I think she’s an idiot with an overinflated sense of self-worth. I’m glad she turned it down, because having 3 singing/talent shows on TV would just be terribly trite. And I’m another one who isn’t missing her at all.
    I can’t go so far as to wish her ill, but… I can be happy when things don’t go her way, lol.

  8. Xfactor doesn’t start until the Fall of 2011? That gives Alex Lambert plenty of time to work on his performance skills. He will only be 21. He did say he was going to take singing lessons. :)

  9. Simon tends to take some people under his wing, so I have feeling he is going to take care of Paula, if not on X-factor, than on some other project of his…..but at this time, I pretty much expect him to bring her in on the X-factor project with him. Simon luvs his little “Pauler”

  10. Well, I for one am missing Paula this year. Without her, the enthusiasm and fun on the judging panel is gone. I will love to see her and Simon together again. Hope that works out.

  11. I think Paula is over-rating herself and the more time she’s out of the spotlight, the less her star shines. If Simon takes her on, I hope he can afford her.

  12. Oh, poor Paula. Only 5 million? Seriously?

    She better jump at one of these offers before people stop caring about her. Idol is better off without her.

  13. Every time I scroll past this particular headline it always gives me a jolt. Even though I know what it says, my brain thinks it says “Paula’s Star is Dead”, lol. Could be true, y’all. One can only get away with being a diva if one is truly irreplaceable, and Paula is so not. Plus, she’s getting older every year, and if she stays out of the lime light too long, holding out for the perfect deal, who’s going to want her then? That’s not me, that just a fact of life in Hollywood, and she’s got to know it, so I don’t know why she insists on cutting her nose off to spite her face. Seems stupid to me. *shrug*

  14. bjames, $5 million seems a lot until you compare, just for hosting the show, Seacrest got $21.5m, plus an added $21.5 spread over the next 3 yrs.

    Star Search would’ve been a bad move. I’d like to see her on X-Factor to see how she does mentoring contestants.

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