Nashville Star – Episode 5 – Recap

Pearl Heart

Tommy Stanley and Pearl Heart are eliminated tonight.

I’m watching the tail end of American Gladiators while I’m waiting for Nashville Star. WTF!?!

Two contestants are going to be eliminated tonight. In other words, the network is cutting episodes because this show’s ratings are dire.

Melissa Lawson and Tommy Stanley are asked to step forward. One of them is the top voter, and will be performing. The other, will be eliminated. It better be Tommy who is going home…

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Tommy Stanley is tonight’s first elimination. I’m glad all that patriotic crap from last week didn’t save his ass, because he really really sucked. – VIDEO.

Melissa Lawson – “Danny’s Song” by Loggins and Messina – John says the weight she’s lost (70 lbs) proves she has the mental toughness needed to win the contest. Melissa is the best vocalist out of this entire group. Really, only her looks will keep her from winning this thing. The judges don’t have much to say. Jeff loves to hear her sing. Jewel thinks she started too low, and John reminds her not to let the nerves kick in. – VIDEO

Laura and Sofie – “Walking After Midnight” by Patsy Cline – The teens are having a fight! Bitch fight! Jeff is trying to patch it up. They come out holding hands. Ugh, it’s still high school teen night talent show. Wow pitchy and amateurish. Terrible. John says, “If I was your big brother, I’d pack up your stuff myself myself…you aren’t ready for this.” Then he chastises them for being crybabies. Jewel thinks they should be sent home too, “You need time to develop, ” she says. The girls talk back to the judges, “The fight made us stronger, ” they said. But it didn’t make you not suck, girls. – VIDEO

Gabe Garcia – “Somebody Like You” by Keith Urban – Inexplicably, Gabe took some dance lessons. He’s a country singer, he doesn’t need dance lessons. He’s the second best singer on this show, I guess the judges don’t feel he “sparkles” enough or something, but tell that to Carrie Underwood! He can sing, I think that’s enough. Jeff tells him he’s a 10 tonight. John tells him he’s good in Spanish…or something. Jewel says, “Good job, I want to keep stepping you up, I want to keep you in this thing ’til the end.” – VIDEO

Shawn Mayer – “The First Cut is the Deepest” by Cat Stevens/Rod Stewart – Shawn isn’t hitting it off with John, so she’s switched to Jeff as a mentor. Shawn accompanies herself on guitar. Not bad actually. The gal can sing, she just needs someone to help her reign in some of her worst impulses. She delivers a restrained performance, that seems to mostly please her new mentor. Jewel congratulates her for sticking up for herself. John says, basically, that it’s not very good. – VIDEO

Coffey – “Proud Mary” by Creedence Clearwater Revival – Coffey plans to “take it to the next level.” He doesn’t, really. He stumbles over the words, he’s jumping all over the stage like a bundle of nerves. Gah. Jeff says “I still think we got a lot of hype from those pipes…you’ve come a long way.” John thinks his stage antics are a distraction. Jewel sticks up for him. She says, “He’s taking my notes.” That’s a ringing endorsement. – VIDEO

Pearl Heart and Ashlee Hewitt are left. One of them will be eliminated tonight.

Ashlee Hewitt – “Take the Money and Run” by Steve Miller Band – John suggests that she sing a song she’s never heard before. Wow, I don’t believe this performance for a minute. What a terrible suggestion. Ashlee has had some good performances in this competition, this is not one of them. This girl should never ever ever try to rock out. Jewel thinks she has a lot of potential, but had a slow start. Jeff flat out didn’t like it. He says she should just be herself. John tells her, self-servingly, that she pulled it off wonderfully, and that she WILL be in the finals of Nashville Star. – VIDEO

Billy Ray Cyrus just made a horrible and horribly dated hanging chad joke about the voting.

Pearl Heart – “Ain’t Going Down ’til the Sun Comes Up” by Garth Brooks – The girls play guitar in what’s supposed to be some sort of scary risk. The lyrics which are many and fast seem like a bigger risk, but they actually handle it pretty well. It doesn’t matter, because they are probably being eliminated tonight. John says it was their best performance. Jewel says they outperform and out work Laura and Sophie, and can’t believe that they aren’t in the Bottom 2 instead. I agree. – VIDEO

Pearl Heart is eliminated, to scattered boos. The goodbyes are real awkward! Bye Pearl Heart, yes it should have been Laura and Sophie. Or, that horrible Coffey. – VIDEO

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