Monday Morning Mediabase Update: Jan 30-Feb 5

Kelly Clarkson didn’t just impress on the football field today, she also made a huge impression on the charts this week. Her second single from her 5th album achieved top 10 on HAC and top 20 on Pop. That gives her two songs in the top 8 on HAC and the song is top 25 in three formats. Her duet with Jason Aldean finally went recurrent after being released well over a year ago.

Daughtry achieved top 15 in AC with their debut single off of their third album. “Crawling Back To You” is top 15 in 2 formats and top 50 in 3. Also going top 15 is Jennifer Hudson with “I Got This” (same title as her book) on UAC. Her new single “Think Like a Man” goes for adds this week.

Finally, Casey James has made the long climb up to top 30 on Country. “Let’s Not Call it a Night” is his debut single and top 30 is a big deal on Country. He should pick up a lot of countdown spins next weekend which will give the song a bit of a turbo boost.

Note: Top 40 are after recurrents were removed. Top 50 are before. AllAccess was late in updating.

Adam Lambert:
“Better Than I know Myself”: ^32 HAC (37)

Casey James:
“Let’s Don’t Call it a Night”: ^29 Country (32)

Clay Aiken:
“Bring Back My Love”: ^36 AC (35)

“Crawling Back To You”: 7 HAC (6), ^15 AC (16), ^46 Pop (44)

James Durbin:
“Love Me Bad”: ^47 HAC (44)

Jennifer Hudson:
“I Got This”: ^14 UAC (17)
“Think Like A Man”: ^45 UAC (42)

Kelly Clarkson:
“Mr. Know It All”: 6 HAC (5), ^5 AC (5)
“Stronger”: ^8 HAC (15); ^16 Pop (21), ^24 AC (28)

Lauren Alaina:
“Georgia Peaches”: ^34 Country (36)

“Waiting for Tomorrow”: 5 CAC (4)

Ruben Studdard:
“June 28th (I’m Single)”: ^24 UAC (24)

Scotty McCreery:
“The Trouble With Girls”: ^18 Country (19)

Note: Numbers indicate position on the chart while numbers in brackets indicate the position on the chart the previous week. The “^” (aka “a bullet”) indicates that a song gained spins since last week

Adds listed on AllAccess: None
Feb 7: Urban: Jennifer Hudson: Think Like a Man

This is the daily numbers thread for Monday. Stats collected on Sunday evening.

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