Megan’s American Idol Live 2012 Detroit MI – RECAP

I know if I don’t sit down immediately to write this, I’ll go to sleep with thoughts of idols in my head.

First of all, thank you mj for running this contest. I would not have been able to attend this show if I had not won tickets. I really wanted to take my mom because this was one of her favorite seasons. Thanks to you I was able to do this!

This was my 2nd idol show with my mom (first was season 9) and we had a BLAST. I’ll go through the show song by song, so don’t read if you don’t want to know what they sing.

The show started off with a group performance (all but Phillip) doing Sing by My Chemical Romance. Lights were dimmed. Girls screamed like crazy for Colton. I don’t recall anyone standing out, we were just trying to figure out who was who- because they are all MUCH smaller than they appear on tv. Vocally it was fantastic, but since that sing starts off slow the crowd was bummin’.

Deandre was the first soloist with “Master Blaster”. I think I embarrassed my mom by screaming so loud. I will admit to loving the bundles out of Deandre. He’s too precious. And that was one of my top performances this season. He sounded live just like he did on tv- and had some killer dance moves. He had the crowd up and dancing along with him. The hard part of his performance was the laser light show going on the stage. I don’t remember that being an issue for tours past, but it was way distracting.

Mom’s thoughts: Great moves. Sexy.

Skylar and Hollie were next for a duet of Carrie Underwood’s “Undo It”. They both looked fabulous and their voices blended very well together. They had fun with it. Crowd loved it too.

Up came Erika with a gorgeous, flawless performance of “Glitter in the Air” by Pink. I have been praying and hoping all summer that she’d perform this song on tour . I would encourage people to go JUST TO HEAR THIS. Erika is so underrated but this performance was easily one of the most moving of the night (the most moving for me). Her voice is crazy powerful and the emotion she put into it was chilling. Definitely one of my favorite moments of the night. I really hope something good happens for her career.

Mom’s Thoughts: Looked great. Sounded fantastic. Enthusiasm oozing in group numbers.

Then there was kind of a random group number of Colton, Joshua, Hollie and Erika with Moves like Jaggar. If any number gets cut from tour I think this will be the one. Not that it wasn’t good, but Hollie and Joshua both looked a little nervous at first and there was no standout moment. I kept watching Hollie’s face to see her smile, and eventually she did and got into it. Erika was the most into it from what I could tell. That song just doesn’t relay any amazing vocals.

Heejun came on stage with “Green Light”. I had been wondering what song he’d choose and was happy with that one. He sounded much, much better than I imagined he would. And- the best part- he rapped. And was GOOD! I was laughing too hard out of shock to really catch the words but he was great.

Mom’s Thoughts: Much more talented than I thought. Great rapper. Enthusiastic.

Then there was magic. And by magic I mean Heejun, Jessica, and Deandre sang “Party Rock Anthem” and by sang I mean sang, rapped, and shuffled. It was one of the most entertaining numbers I’ve seen on an idol tour (been going since season 6). There were bright colors, animal prints, a whole lot of dancing and shaking. Hilarious and entertaining.

The boys– minus Phillip- took the stage for “Everybody Talks” by Neon Trees. It was good, Joshua stood out to me but he’s also my favorite so that is probably why.  But they looked good and had high energy. Again, the crowd loves Colton.

So then Elise took the stage. And here’s my thing with Elise. She, Erika and Joshua were my faves this season. But I was more the “one and only” and “Vienna” fan of elise- not so much “whole lotta love”. She started with “Whole Lotta Love” tonight. And yeah, her voice is crazy unique and she does things to the song that are unheard of, but there were times when I cringed with the screaming. BUT THEN, she did “Rumor Has It” with Erika and Deandre backing her up, and THERE was the Elise I love. That was another favorite moment for me. It’s hard to explain but she changed up the song to a way that fit her, that made me a little scared of her because she was so damn passionate. I hope someone captured that on video because I want to watch it again and again.

Mom’s Thoughts: Screechy. Sounded okay in group numbers and great duet with Phillip.

After Elise came the Colton Dixon show. Now I know Colton was a “shocking” elimination and he is a fan favorite, but I didn’t understand why he got three solo’s when people eliminated after him got two. He started with “Meant to Live” which was good. Then his new song that he was able to premiere- I liked the song itself. I liked the piano aspect to it. And Colton sure knows how to work that stage. He’s also pretty humble. His last song was “Piano Man” and in my opinion it was his strongest. And, I tell you, the Detroit crowd loved them some Colton.

Mom’s Thoughts: Crowd favorite. Great personality. Loved Piano Man.

First half ended with the Top 9 doing a mashup of “Just The Way You Are” and “What Makes You Beautiful”. It was pretty adorable and their voices sounded good together. They were all wearing neon clothing and there was a giant beach ball on the screen behind them. I have to say, Elise did look a little out of place. It’s just not her style to be skipping around the stage singing pop songs. But, regardless she sounded really strong during her parts of the songs. And once again I noticed Erika having a good time. Colton too. And there were some Jollie moments in there.


Part 2 began with Jessica. I immediately was in shock. Her voice live is unreal. Don’t hate me Phillip fans, but the fact that she did not win with that voice is just crazy to me. Moving on..

Jess had three songs. First was Beyonce’s “Best Thing I Never Had” and it was good, with strong vocals, but basically a typical Jessica performance. But then came “How Come You Don’t Call Me” by Prince- this is when I was close to throwing my shoe or running up and down the aisles. SERIOUSLY? That voice comes out of that little half pint of a thing? Then she just decided to throw us all over the edge with “Proud Mary“- Deandre and Josh backing her up was hilarious because they all had this crazy energy bouncing off each other. I was never a big Jessica fan but I assure you I am now. If I ever met here I was just want to ask her if she is real.

Mom’s Thoughts Great voice. So much more stage presence! PROUD MARY WAS PHENOMENAL

Then little miss sassy Skylar countrified this show. Skylar had the most energy of any other Idol. She was bouncing up and down that stage running around, throwing her hands in the air and head banging. She did two rock country songs, (“Gunpowder and Lead“ and “Stay With Me“) and while she is great in that genre, I do wish she had mixed it up a little and done a slower song. However, her last note in Stay with Me had me on my feet. I didn’t know she had it in her, but she sure showed me.

Mom’s Thoughts: Super personality. Song choices too similar.

Next is Hollie, my mom’s favorite since auditions. (and my mom never likes girls best!) We were both excited for her. She started with “Rolling in the Deep”, a good choice because she can sing the hell out of it and the crowd loved it. Plus Elise and Erika did background vocals for her, and their subtle dance moves had me cracking up. Great performance, she nailed it. Mom even said “she sounds just like Adele”. Hollie’s second solo was a Demi Lovato song “Give Your Heart A Break”. I didn’t know the song too well but she made me like it. I think that’s the right route for her, the power pop ballad side. She was great- and so darn adorable.

Mom’s Thoughts: Favorite since auditions. Great vocals. Cute.

I was mentally preparing myself for Joshua. Let me tell you how much I love Joshua Ledet. When he sang “Man’s World” on the show I had to run around my block. I am obsessed and I’ll admit it. His voice is like crack to my ears. So what does he do? Performs my two favorite songs of his from the show. First was “Runaway Baby“ by Bruno Mars, and the energy was fabulous and crazy. Then was “Man’s World” and I think I died. Scratch that, I did die. Because there’s no way that voice came out of a human. I nearly knocked my mom over during that infamous “BUTITWOULDN’TBENOTHING” part. Let’s just say I texted my best friend and said “I think I just got pregnant by Joshua’s vocal chords”. He got a standing o for man’s world.

Joshua and Jessica did a duet of “I Knew You Were Waiting For Me.“  I know I’ve heard the song before but I wasn’t all too familiar with it- the power of those two voices worked really, really well. One of the best duets of the night!

Mom’s Thoughts: Superb. Other songs needed more Gospel. Great on duets.

So they showed the announcement of Phillip winning Idol and then he took the stage. I never supported Phillip during the season and could not wrap my head that he made it that far- no offense to him, but with all the powerhouse singers we had I just didn’t get it. But I’ll tell you something- I may have changed my mind a little tonight.

First he did “Superstition“ and while I love that song, I also know he’s sung it a million times. So my snotty little self was all “alright come on give me something new here”. And he did. Because then he did an acoustic version of “Nice and Slow” by Usher. And yeah, that was outstanding. Super good. I was intrigued by that performance.

Next he did a duet with Elise, the ever popular “Somebody I Used To Know”. Once they started singing together their voices blended well but at first Phillip seemed to really struggle with the high notes.

Then he wowed me again with “Volcano.” Of all his Idol performances that was one I loved. It was gorgeous on stage- he seemed vulnerable and emotional. Plus Jessica was his backup singer and the parts where she came in blended great together.

Phillips set ended with “Home“ and that song has begun to grow on me. Deandre and Colton backed him up, and his guitar skills plus raspy vocals made it a great performance.

Mom’s Thoughts: 2nd crowd favorite. Has something special and unique. Talented guitarist. “Superstition“ was outstanding.

The show closed with two high energy songs. Girls performed “Raise Your Glass“,  Boys performed “Glad You Came.“ Then the girls came out and they all finished the night with “Glad You Came.“  It was cute, at the very end they sang “we’re glad you came” and pointed to the audience. And by the way, once again during the group number I noticed Erika’s energy. She and Deandre were partnered up and they were so fun!

Overall, a great night. If you enjoyed this season, go, because it was very entertaining and they ALL did a great job. Every single one! If I had to narrow it down to three favorite moments they would be: . Joshua “It’s A Man’s Man’s World”; Elise “Rumor Has It” and Erika “Glitter in the Air”. With a very close tie to Jessica’s “How Come You Don’t Call Me”.

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