Matt Giraud – “Let’s Get It On” – HaymanLoft Nashville – VIDEO

Another performance from Matt Giraud’s fabulous HaymanLoft sessions in Nashville last month.

Watch Cooper, Osnes & Munoz Sin...
Watch Cooper, Osnes & Munoz Sing Irving Berlin!

After the jump, Matt lets loose on Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get it On.”


Also from the HaymanLoft: John Hiatt’s “Have a Little Faith in Me” and James Taylor’s “Steamroller” right HERE.

Video after the JUMP…

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  1. Um so yeah, I always thought this performance was underrated on Idol. But wow, if he never had nerves on the show, i think he may have done alot better. This is an amazing rendition.

  2. This song was one of my favorite of his performances on Idol, was even better on Ellen (complete with Ellen climbing on the piano!), and just wow on this one! That night at Hayman Loft must have been so amazing. I think he should spend as much time as possible in Nashville because he has hooked up with some major writing talent and they seem to really appreciate him. And if these performances are any indication, he seems to draw a lot of energy and inspiration from that. Go Matt!

  3. During Idol 8, Myself and my partner held out faint hope that Matt would take the #3 spot followed by Allison then Anoop or Danny for 5th and the rest could scramble. we also disagreed for the title I was for Adam and she prefered Kris, but we were both all about loving Mattie! I am so happy that he is sounding so great live! COME ON, Take a chance on this soulful banger, and get this guy a record deal. His studio recordings were so goood!!!

  4. I love Matt! I am going to Nashville on January 6th- I wish I knew if he was performing then. I would love to go see him live.

  5. Matt was awesome here! Matt & Anoop were my favorites coming out of Hollywood week and were tied for my 2nd favorite (Kris was #1) the rest of the season. I hope that both Matt and Anoop get record deals and are able to make the type of music that they like.

  6. This is Matt’s forte. He is a lounge singer and a wonderful one. I just don’t understand why singer’s aren’t just happy with the niche they do best…..Matt would kill in a tourist town and could rake in the bucks with a great piano show. I just don’t feel he has the vibe to be a recording star.

  7. Tess, Matt’s studio recordings are pretty amazing, too. I think right now Matt should record new music and tour with it and these covers that he just kills. It will get his name out there at a time when he can still leverage AI. He said a few weeks ago he plans to release an EP and go back on the road. This seems to be a lower risk strategy than a full CD, which based on watching the other S8 Idols seems to be a pretty hard sell in the current music environment even with a major studio behind you. Yes, he could make a decent living in a stationary show, but I think he can do better, and now is the time to do it.

  8. I think Matt is on the right path and is doing exactly what he needs to be doing at this point. For all his fun lovin’ ways Matt has good instincts and common sense which will serve him well. The boy is workin’ it!

    All the best, Matty.

  9. Matt is as cute and funny as can be……we all remember his Bubbletweets. Seriously though, he could stand some vocal coaching. He is still too pitchy and needs to control the falsetto. He needs an album that will sound smooth and this song was allover the place. I have taken vocal lessons and I sing. I hear he has some good people working with him, so I hope it all comes together. Good luck Mattie!!

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