Los Angeles, California AI Live! Show – carlystattooedhusband’s Recap

I’ll have a San Jose re-cap coming up in a bit, but in the meantime, check out this account from Monday Night’s LA Idol show…

The whole night was amazing. The concert was 100 times better than last year, everything from the streamers to the t-shirts thrown out to the format. I can honestly say that the top 10 sounded even better live than on the show, and that the concert is definitely worth buying tickets to.

Before the show, my group and I waited outside. Not only did we see the Idols, but we ran into Jeanette McCurdy from iCarly. :) I was overwhelmed when I met the two Davids. During the show, we also sat near Carly husband and Chikezie parents.

While we were waiting for the show to begin, a Pop-Tart taught us cheesy dance moves. There was also a show ‹host, Corey.

Here how the show went:

They showed a video montage about how the idols got to where they were ¦ …163 people made it to Hollywood week and only 60 made it through ¦ blah blah blah. The American Idol theme song played and the audience went nuts.

Corey came over the speakers, …Number 10- Chikezie. Chikezie came out first and set the standards high for the rest of the top 10. His …I Believe to my Soul was very energetic and the crowd went wild. He then told us that his parents were in the audience and sang a version of …Act a Fool. I felt like he should have not been voted off so soon, even if his fashion choices werent the greatest. …Caught Up was great, too. His …So High was soulful yet not boring at all.

…Number 9- Ramiele Malubay. Sorry Rami, but I did feel like you needed some work on your first song, …I Want You Back. It was very shrieky and you lost your breath at times. The next two songs, …Love Will Lead You Back, and …If I Never See Your Face Again, needed just a little extra push. Despite her ‹just okay singing styles, she did look cute and her and the audience had a lot of fun.

…Number 8- Michael Johns. Geez. The crowd could have made you deaf as he rose up from the top of the stairs singing a medley of Queen …We Will Rock You and …We Are the Champions. Im sorry, and I know girls think differently, but I felt that this was the right time for him to go. He was a very bad speaker and was only there to impress the ladies. He even said so himself when he introduced his blues arrangement …It All Wrong but It All Right. Bleh. All three songs were just okay, including …Dream On.

…Number 7- Kristy Lee Cook. Although no one knew some of her songs, Kristy definitely knew how to perform like a true rockstar and could believably sell out concerts. She threw out T-Shirts and knew how to work the stage. Her songs were, …Im Through Squeezing the Love Out of You, …God Bless the USA, and …Cowgirl.
Before singing her second song she gave a brief speech to thank the people who have defended and are defending our country this very moment.

…Number 6- Carly Hennesy *cough* I mean- Smithson. Her husband was in the audience so nobody dare boo her. XD The fan was way too much while she was singing …Bring Me Back To Life. The fan kept blowing her lips and cheeks in funny directions. Her next song, …Crazy On You, she sung on the show. Her final song was …I Drove All Night.

…Number 5- Brooke White. What a joy to have on the tour. Her songs, …Let it Be, …1 2 3 4 ³, and …Yellow were perfect choices for her voice. Im glad she didnt choose some Billboard Hot 100 crap that didnt even fit her voice, like many people did. Brooke was very good.

Chikezie through Brooke sang …(Pride) In the Name of Love while clips from Idol Gives Back played on the jumbo-tron.

…Number 4- Jason Castro. Two words- bo. ring. Jason looked like he had just woken up, sounded like he hadnt rehearsed, and had the stage presence of a mouse. His …Somewhere Over the Rainbow was hard to hear. …Crazy was my personal favorite, and I went to buy a program during …Daydream because he was so boring.

…Number 3- Syesha Mercado. Felt a little fake for me. I dont know, maybe that just her. Songs were …Umbrella, …If I Aint Got You, and …Listen. Crowd went nuts as she introduced Archie.

…Number 2- David Archuleta. That kid got a voice! Dang! He rose through the stage and played …Angels. Smoke made it uneasy to see. …Apologize was popular, as usual. During …Stand by Me the girls in the crowd went into ultra fantard mode. …When You Say You Love Me was the most boring of the bunch but one of the better vocals in the show.

…David Cook! Eh ¦ He sounded better on the show. He tried too hard to beat Michael Johns. ;) …Hello was just okay for him. …Time of my Life made me want to barf when he sang about magic rainbows. He filmed the audience with his video camera for about 30 seconds ¦ that was a waste of time. …Dont Want to Miss a Thing was next, and these two Russian ladies in front of me sang along. …My Hero was a mess. Oh well. He went off the stage for about 2 minutes and half the people left. He came back and performed …Billie Jean.

The top 10 sang …Dont Stop the Music. Streamers fell. The end. D:

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