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Check out Lindsay’s (@idolnonsense) lengthy recap of last night’s American Idol Live concert in Detroit Michigan. You can watch her videos at

Let me start off by saying this is the fifth Idol concert I have been to (I previously attended season 4, 5, 8, and 10) and I can say that personally, this was the best one yet. My perspective of the show came from the 5th row on the floor and all opinions are mine. :)

After a continuous loop of music videos and appearances from season 10 contestants (James, Stefano, Haley, and Casey) on the video screen, the lights finally dimmed and Ryan Seacrest’s face popped up. “THIS…is the American Idols Live tour”. Oh yeah baby. Let’s get this show started.

The opening introduction was really cool and intense. It was clear from the beginning that the favorites of the night would be Colton, Josh, and Phillip.

The first performance was the Top 10 minus Phillip singing Sing by My Chemical Romance. Right away they all sounded really good together. They were standing behind mic stands with a little bit of choreography. I thought it was a good way to start off the show.

After that performance ended, Skylar and Colton took to center stage to welcome us to the show. It was one of the few times of the night that any of the contestants talked (it was mainly just performance after performance). Skylar then introduced “our good friend – DEANDRE!”

I was SO excited. DeAndre was one of my favorites this season and one that I was really looking forward to on tour. Let me tell you, he did not disappoint. His voice is incredible and I was happy that he was able to sneak in a little bit of his falsetto in his performance of Master Blaster. He had the crowd on their feet and dancing, and it was impossible not to when he was up there. He’s a natural performer.

After DeAndre, Hollie and Skylar came out for Undo It. I was pleasantly surprised to see them so early on in the show. Their voices sounded really good together and it was a very fun performance. You can tell those two have a good time with each other and it comes across when they perform. All I could think about when it was over was that I felt bad for whoever had to follow DeAndre and Hollie and Skylar’s performances.

Erika was up next with Glitter In The Air, one of the few slow tempo songs of the night. I wasn’t surprised at all when she absolutely KILLED the song. Her voice is amazing. During the middle of her performance, the crowd erupted in random cheers. She was captivating and it’s really a shame that she didn’t place higher than 10th.

Hollie, Joshua, Colton, and Erika came out with Moves Like Jagger after Erika’s solo. Yes, this song is overplayed and done to death, but it was so fun watching them perform it. Again, you could see how much fun they were having. I loved the interaction between all of them and it really had the crowd moving.

Heejun was after them and performed Green Light by John Legend. What a PERFECT song choice for him. Bravo to whoever made that decision. He had so much confidence and stage presence, it was ridiculous! And the best part? HE RAPPED. He definitely made a good impression on the crowd after that.

And then came what might have been my absolute favorite part of the night – Party Rock Anthem. Heejun brought out Jessica and DeAndre to perform this number and it was insanely good. I would have NEVER thought for those three to perform this. They were dancing up a storm. Jessica and Heejun rapped. Need I say more? These kids are freaking talented.

Heejun and DeAndre stayed on stage and were joined by Colton and Joshua for a performance of Everybody Talks by Neon Trees. I admit, I didn’t recognize the song, but they did a really good job performing it. This was probably the least stand out performance of the night. It was great, but nothing special.

And then all of a sudden, the music for Whole Lotta Love begins and it’s time for Elise! At this point, the crowd (at least from where I was at) hadn’t sat down and Elise just kept that tempo up. Her voice is so special and her stage presence and performance ability is in another league. She really brought the house down and the crowd was totally feeling it.

After the amazingness that was Whole Lotta Love, Erika and DeAndre came out to do background vocals for Rumor Has It. This was a great song choice for her. And again, her vocals were just perfect. My favorite part was toward the end when she got down on her knees and the spotlight was on her. DeAndre and Erika stepped away from the mics and bowed their heads while she sang the part, and it was a really special moment.

Once Elise was done, Colton came out for his three song set. I’m still confused as to why he got so many solos, but anyways. The first song he did was Meant To Live by Switchfoot. The song suited his voice perfectly. After Meant To Live, he introduced his original song called Never Gone. It was a little difficult to understand the lyrics becaus  of the volume of the microphone and the band, but it sounds like it’s going to be a hit song. I can definitely imagine it being on radio right now and I think his fanbase is going to be really pleased with it. He then ended his set with Piano Man, which was one of my favorite performances from him on the show. He did another great job with it. You could tell he was in his comfort zone throughout his whole set.

The entire top 10 (minus Phillip) then appeared on the stage in bright neon clothes singing Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars. They were all sitting on the steps in a triangle formation. They then segued into What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. Two words to describe this little medley: cute and fun. It was like they were going out for a day at the beach. So many colors! So many shorts! They all stuck together in a group and glided and skipped to both parts of the stage together. It was a great way to end the first half!

After intermission, Jessica’s picture and name came up on the big screen. I wasn’t expecting to see her so soon! She came out in a beautiful, glittery dress singing Best Thing I Never Had by Beyonce. Her voice…wow. I have no words. When she stood at the end of the catwalk, there was a wind machine that gave a really pretty effect to the performance. Then she brought out two of her best friends, as she said it, DeAndre and Joshua, to sing background vocals on How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore by Prince. Wow wow wow. I kept looking at my mom and saying, “Is this girl real?” Her voice does things that are not humanly possible.

And then came another highlight of the night, Proud Mary. Jessica, Joshua, and DeAndre NAILED the dancing. It was so fun to watch them put so much effort into it! Those three should form a band or something, it just came so natural to them. I felt out of breath by the end of the performance just watching it. I was so bummed when it came to an end!

Skylar opened up her mini set with Gunpowder and Lead. It was a tough act to follow Jessica’s Proud Mary, but Skylar definitely held her own. That girl was born to perform. I would so pay money to see her headline her own concert. After the Miranda Lambert song, she sang Stay With Me. Just when you thought she couldn’t match her energy from the show, she goes and proves you wrong. It’s really like she has electricity running through her body, or she has something in her that she just needs to get out and does so by completely losing it during her performances. So. much. fun. And the note she hit at the end of Stay With Me was CRAZY.

Hollie’s set began with Rolling in the Deep. This was definitely one of her best performances on the show, and she did just as good with it at the concert on Friday. My ONLY complaint was that she didn’t start it acapella like she did on the show. That part gives me goosebumps every time! Nevertheless, she sounded absolutely incredible. Her voice is so smooth. I couldn’t believe this tiny girl’s voice could fill up the entire arena the way it did. After Rolling in the Deep, she sang Give Your Heart A Break by Demi Lovato. This is EXACTLY the kind of music she needs to do after the tour. It was such a natural fit for her. She really has come such a long way since auditioning for season 10 and it was so nice to witness that change right in front of me.

I was sad when Hollie’s set ended, but then Joshua appeared at the top of the stage and began his set. The crowd was INTO it. He started off with Runaway Baby (one of my favorites from him on the show) with Erika and Elise as the background vocals. It was fantastic.

Before his next song, he said he was dedicating it to a young girl that he met before the show. He said he didn’t know where she was in the crowd, but that this song was for her. He sang two words of It’s A Man’s World, and the crowd went nuts. His talent is unreal. Fortunately, they were able to get the girl toward the front of the stage (with assistance, since she had trouble walking) and while Joshua was performing, we all got his attention so he knew she was there. He then looked at her while he was singing, and it was such a special moment. There’s no way Joshua is 20 years old. He is so beyond his years that it’s not even real.

I was SO excited when Jessica came out for the next song. Wearing the dress she wore for the original number on the show, the two began their duet for I Knew You Were Waiting For Me. What can I say about this performance other than the fact that it was perfect? I would love to hear more songs from those two together in the future.

When Joshua was done, I looked at my mom and said, “Wait…Phillip is the only one left. OH MY – “ and before I could finish, the clip of his winning moment came up on the big screen. The crowd started cheering instantly, and I got goosebumps right away. He opened up with Superstition and he looked so happy. He was honestly smiling the entire time he performed. I can’t believe he had a five hour surgery just a few weeks ago. He definitely got to jam out on the guitar, and the crowd was loving it.After Superstition, he came down the stage and gave his jacket to a crew member. He started talking to the crowd, but I couldn’t really understand what he was saying. While he was adjusting his mic stand, he said “Forgive me, I’m a little nervous.” You wouldn’t be able to tell during his performances, but anytime he tried talking to the crowd, you could definitely tell he was nervous. And let me tell you, it was absolutely adorable. This guy just wants to sing music and his passion for it is impossible to not be touched by.

I couldn’t believe it when he started doing an acoustic version of Nice and Slow. Seriously, all of my dreams, wishes, and prayers were coming true. This was the moment I really, truly fell in love with him on the show. Jennifer Lopez said it best…the dude is sexy.

He then lost the guitar and began singing Somebody That I Used To Know. The background video was the same trippy one that it was on the show. This one was more true to the Gotye original than it was to their performance on the show. Phillip sang a few verses before Elise came out, compared to the show when it was an equal duet. At one point I wasn’t even sure she was going to come out. But she did, and it was beautiful. They are truly musical soulmates and their chemistry is impossible to ignore.

He then sat back down with his guitar and began Volcano. All of a sudden, Jessica appeared on the stage behind him. The lights were dimmed, but you could see her silhouette. When she began to sing the background vocals, the performance just got that much more beautiful. This was definitely the most moving and stunning performance of the night. It was like watching a story unfold on stage. Whoever’s idea it was to have Jessica in the back for this, I want to give them a standing ovation or a pat on the back or a cookie or something. I’ve used the term “special moment” a couple of times in this review, but this was truly special.

I didn’t want Volcano to ever end, but alas, it did. Phillip then brought DeAndre and Colton on stage to do backup vocals for Home. While he was singing, I looked around at the crowd and noticed just about everyone clapping and singing along. In that moment, just by the small sample size at Joe Louis Arena, it was clear that people felt a connection to him.

After his set ended, Elise and Erika took to the top of the stage to perform Raise Your Glass. They were joined by Skylar and Hollie and then Jessica. They all looked and sounded great together. The girls then left the stage and Colton came out singing Glad You Came by The Wanted. He was joined by the rest of the boys and then Phillip. While they were at the front of the stage, the girls appeared at the top of the stage and began walking down. The boys all walked over to a girl (Phillip and Jessica, Hollie and Colton, Skylar and Joshua, Erika and DeAndre, and Elise and Heejun) and performed with them. After the song ended, Ryan came back on the screen to introduce the top 10 for the final time. They all came out one by one in order of their elimination. Phillip and Jessica thanked us for coming out, they sang a few more lines of Glad You Came, and then it was over.

Overall, this was a fantastic concert. I don’t think we’ll see a season as talented as this one, from top to bottom, ever again. It was the most fun I have ever had at an Idol show and I would definitely pay to see it again. I think they’re only going to get even better as the tour progresses and I can’t wait to continue following along!

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